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  • August 2006 - EPSCoR 2020: Strategic Priority 5: Develop “state strategic S&T business plans” for state EPSCoR Programs, consistent with state needs. Strategic Plan for EPSCoR 2020August 2009 -- Investing in the Future: NSF Cost Sharing Policies for a Robust Federal Research Enterprise - In this report, the National Science Board (Board) prescribes a set of recommendations with two primary objectives: (1) to allow, but narrowly circumscribe, the application of mandatory cost sharing requirements in NSF programs in which cost sharing is foundational to achieving programmatic goals, and (2) to prohibit voluntary committed cost sharing in NSF proposals and thus eliminate post-award tracking and reporting requirements associated with such cost sharing.
  • Jerry Odom

    1. 1. NAS PresentationState Strategy/Coordination Dr. Jerry Odom University of South Carolina SEPTEMBER 12, 2012 WASHINGTON, DC
    2. 2. EPSCoR COHORTS
    3. 3. ORGANIZATIONAL CHART Federal Agencies State Committee State Director & Administrator DOE NIH NSF Other(s)Advisory Board Advisory Board PI PI Advisory Board PI Research Steering RII Team I Committee HRD Advisory Board Co-I: Research Management Co-I: Outreach RII Team II Co-I: Bioinform. Advisory Board RII Team III
    4. 4. EPSCoR/IDeA State Committee Mark Sothmann, PhD (Chair) Bill Mahoney Joyce Ann Blackwell, PhD Prakash Nagarkatti, PhD Vice President for Academic Affairs President, Director and Vice President for Academic Affairs State EPSCoR/IDeA Director and Provost Chief Executive Officer South Carolina State University Vice President for Research Medical University of South Carolina SCRA University of South Carolina Steve Lanier, PhD Paul Deason, PhD Gerald Sonnenfeld, PhD Kelly Steinhilper Associate Provost for Research Deputy Director Vice President for Research Vice President,Medical University of South Carolina Savannah River Technology Center Clemson University Communications and Strategy South Carolina Technical College System
    5. 5. Strategy• Hire Outstanding Young Faculty with Outstanding Ideas• Provide Necessary Infrastructure• Excellent Start-up Packages
    6. 6. Goal: Develop State-wide Tissue Biofabrication Education & ResearchDoctoral Granting Research Universities Clemson University Medical University of South Carolina University of South CarolinaHistorically Black Colleges & Universities Claflin University South Carolina State University Voorhees CollegeOther Predominately Undergraduate Institutions Furman University University of South Carolina-BeaufortTwo Year Technical Colleges Denmark Technical College Greenville Technical College
    7. 7. State-wide work-force development:19 new PhDs recruited across institutions
    8. 8. 2011 Authorship Network Legend
    9. 9. State Appropriation• The SC Project For Organ Biofabrication has been provided a line item of $800,000 for each year of the project from the General Assembly of SC.• The Year 4 matching funds were appropriated on July 1, 2012.
    10. 10. August 2006October 2007 July 2008 July 2009 August 2009 July 2010October 2010 July 2011
    11. 11. Alignment with Strategic Plan Focus Areas – Research – Diversity – Workforce Development – Cyberinfrastructure – Outreach and Communication – Evaluation and Assessment – Sustainability – Management
    12. 12. Timeline
    13. 13. Developing a state-wide S&T plan K-12
    14. 14. • Endowed Chairs and Centers of Excellence Act - lottery funds to advance specific research areas• Research University Infrastructure Bond Act - infrastructure funds to encourage universities to partner with private sector• Innovation Centers Act - SCRA to establish three centers• Industry Partners Act - modified Innovation Centers Act for connection to CoEEs• Venture Capital Investment Act - funds and tax credits for seed capital for businesses
    15. 15. SmartStateTM CentersLegislators allocated $30M a year (FY02-FY08)Match from non-state sources requiredIndustry partnershipsAdvanced Tissue Biofabrication Endowed Chair (currently recruiting 3 approved)Regenerative Medicine Endowed Chair: Martin Morad (USC) Endowed Chair: Richard Swaja (MUSC) Endowed Chair: Xuejun Wen (Clemson)
    16. 16. State-wide Infrastructure Support Shared Biofabrication Bldg• Opened in November 2011• 100,000 sq. ft.• Houses classrooms, auditorium, imaging facilities, wet and dry labs
    17. 17. PurposeThe South Carolina S&T Plan provides aframework for making science, technology,engineering, and mathematics (STEM) researcha driving force for pursuit of higher education,developing new and enhancing existing high-technology businesses, and creating jobs.
    18. 18. VisionBy 2025, South Carolina will have advanced thecapacity and expertise in science, technology,engineering, and mathematics (STEM) to ensurecurrent and future economic growth in a globalcontext, to sustain a high quality of life, and to provideincreased opportunities for all of its citizens.
    19. 19. S&T Task Force Goals Growing Health, Science, and Technology Workforce Goal: South Carolina has an educated and engaged public that understands and participates in the state’s health, science and technology research enterprise Enhancing Education and OutreachGoal: Individuals having a STEM education from South Carolina are nationally and globally competitive in the health, science, and technology workforce Promoting Research & Development Goal: South Carolina university and college educational programs and researchmissions are aligned with the needs of technology-intensive industries within the state and globally. Stimulating Economic DevelopmentGoal: The business environment in South Carolina is attractive to both technology- intensive companies and talented technology-competent workers.
    20. 20. Major IndustriesAerospace Information TechnologyAutomotive Alternative EnergyHigh Performance Textiles TransportationTourism InsuranceChemical BiotechnologyNuclear EnergyAgricultureAdvanced Materials
    21. 21. Enabling InfrastructureSmartState Endowed ChairUniversities, Comprehensive Colleges and Technical CollegesInnovista, ICAR, CURI, IT-ology, SCRA, SC LaunchEnterprise Savannah River Site, Port of CharlestonProfessional Development School NetworkResearch Nanotechnology Advanced Materials Medicine Transportation Public Health Agriculture Energy