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Canela Digital Creds In English

  1. 1. Contents • What is Digital Communication? • What is Canela Digital? • Why choose Canela Digital?
  2. 2. What is Digital Communication?
  3. 3. What is Digital Communication? What is Digital Communication?  Digital Communication is the transmission of information and the interaction that takes place through electronic media, principally, webs, blogs, social media, forums and other Internet-based tools. Why is Digital Communication important?  What isn’t on the internet doesn’t get to the public. More people read the news online than in newspapers. People trust what they read in blogs and what is recommended by their peer group in social media sites. Why do I need to invest in Digital Communication?  If you’re not online you’re not being talked about. If you’re not being talked about then you’re not reaching your target audience. Companies that don’t adapt to this change risk being left behind by the competition.
  4. 4. What is Canela Digital?
  5. 5. What is Canela Digital? What is Canela Digital?  Canela Digital is a new department at Canela Public Relations dedicated specifically to Digital Communication strategies. Why has it been set up?  This department has been set up to provide clients with expertise on how to achieve the maximum impact for clients in the online space. What can it do for my company/brand?  With Canela Digital you will have at your disposal services and tools dedicated exclusively at ensuring that your message gets to the maximum number of people as possible online. What will it cost me?  Less than you think might think. Campaigns can vary and the trick to success is to get users to generate the content.
  6. 6. Canela Digital services  Digital media audit and strategy: An analysis of what is being said about your product/service/brand online followed by a strategy for how to participate in the conversation 2. Blogger outreach: Bloggers are the voice of the consumer on the internet. We help you to make positive relationships with them in a way which best serves their interests and your brand.  Social Media News Releases (SMNR): Press releases developed in a format that works best on the internet and is most useful for bloggers and online journalists.  Campaigns for social media sites including the creation of digital assets: ideas, recommendations and interactive collaterals designed to achieve maximum impact amongst your target audience.  Creation of webs and micro-sites: We write contents for and design specific sites with information in support of your communications objectives.
  7. 7. Why choose Canela Digital?
  8. 8. For our proven experience Digital media audit and strategy Blogger outreach Social media news releases Campaigns for social media sites Creation of digital assets Creation of webs and microsites
  9. 9. For our references “For the first time I see that a PR agency is using email “Of all Mio’s agencies in Europe Canela was able to show us properly, in the case of Canela PR instead of the importance of digital media without blinding us with saturating us with email they have created an online science. I like their common sense approach and their ability press room. Little by little agencies are learning good to deliver in this space has been proven through Geo-Xating techniques in the online space”. campaign which has created lots of noise in social media Manu Contreras, communities and continues to do so months after the launch.” Graham Sears, European PR Manager Mio Technology “We chose Canela because they were able to offer us creativity and expertise in both the on and offline space. “Canela PR has a highly professional team with the As soon as we launched we were all over the social ability to get the maximum from the digital space thanks media space thanks to their expertise.” to the passion, motivation and creativity that they Nick Marsh, dedicate to each one of their projects”. Head of Internatinal Marketing, InspirAction Fernando Ujaldón, Director of Communication “Bloggers have different communication needs from traditional media above all immediacy. This is something that Canela understands and have worked hard to provide a workable solution with their online press room. We get 24/7 access to the information we need about their clients in the format we need it in. Without doubt they are ahead of the curve. Carolina Denia, blogger ClipsetNet
  10. 10. For our team 100% “digital-oriented” Deborah Gray Xavi Balaguer Alexandra Cavero Founder & Manager Blogger Specialist Social Media Mistress After a long experience in Xavi is Canela’s technology Alex aka Little Jedi is our PR that started with faxing expert and resident IT geek. Social Media Mistress who news releases Deborah He is our specialist in spends more time in the Digital had the vision to dedicate technical things and speaks space than in reality. Canela’s resources to the same language as the IT When not Tweeting she can adapting to the Bloggers and buys his clothes be found creating FaceBook opportunities offered by from the same shops and groups, posting news in Digital media. Living proof gets his hair done at the Forums and humming along to that you can teach an old same hairdressers. the Stereophonics. dog new tricks.
  11. 11. Case study InspirAction Challenge  To launch a new NGO and recruit activists  Generate traffic for the InspirAction website.  Generate noise online about the organisation through social media sites used by the target audience. Response  Canela made an analysis of the social media sites used most by the target audience of InspirAction and established bespoke InspirAction profiles in the most relevant ones.  Canela makes daily (Twitter) and weekly updates (Facebook, Tuenti, My Space, YouTube) of news about the InspirAction brand using contents specifically adapted to this media.  Canela maintains a dialogue with InspirAction fans and followers responding to their enquiries. Results  Contents 100% updated always.  Increased visibility of InspirAction in the web.  One month after launch InspirAction has over 500 fans in Facebook and 300 followers in Twitter with numbers increasing every day.
  12. 12. Updating social media profiles Twitter Profile MySpace Profile Flickr Profile Digg Tuenti Profile Profile Facebook Profile YouTube Profile
  13. 13. Case study BingOlé Challenge  Create micro-sites to redirect traffic to the BingOlé web page.  Create and update on a fortnightly basis micro-site contents following different themes and focus. Response  Canela carried out a study of the sites and blogs from the competition and made recommendations on which themes would be appropriate to develop micro-sites and micro-site contents.  Canela developed quality contents for each sites using a wide variety of sources.  Every two weeks Canela develops new contents so that each micro-site has freshly updated contents. Results  Three differently themed micro-sites En, Crisisnogracias and  Contents updated every 15 days.  Over a 3 month period 18.000 visitors were re-directed to from these micro-sites.
  14. 14. Updating micro-site contents
  15. 15. Some Digital assets we’ve created to promote ourselves V i r al V i d e o s Canela making buzz online F l a s h G a m e and improving search Are you ready to play? Brand enegagement rankings Fun, transferable C h r i s t m a s w i d g e t A fun, downloadable, desktop appllication Audience engagement and branding Our interactive Advent calendar opportunities
  16. 16. To sum up Canela Digital offers...  A Department specialised in Digital Communication.  A team 100% focused in Digital Communication.  A wide arsenal of tools to help achieve your communication objectives online.  Solutions that fit the budget of each client.  Experience with clients from different sectors and different profiles.  Proven success in social media campaigns. IMAGINATION, PASSION and ENTHUSIASM for the Digital World
  17. 17. Thank you very much for your time For a more in depth presentation, please contact: Tel: +34 93 269 09 93