2008, Jan 14 Ian Hughes Metaverses And Virtual Worlds


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All things metaverse and virtual world related. An evolved presentation delivered to lots of people in 06/07/08
Mostly the slides are talking points.
Elements refer to my presence as epredator online in a web 2.0 world

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2008, Jan 14 Ian Hughes Metaverses And Virtual Worlds

  1. Metaverses and Virtual Ian Hughes Worlds in Business Metaverse Evangelist IBM Innovate Quick CIO Office
  2. Metaverses are about people Policy on instant message, voip, social software, external blogs, public speaking, press?
  3. Metaverses are about user created content Just like a wiki, blog, flickr, mashups…. What do you do about those already?
  4. Metaverses are about online persona Just like all online systems Select a username? epredator potato Reputation counts
  5. Intraverses – Virtual Worlds inside the firewall Benefit from the communication boost but in private Allow for legal, HR, Patent discussions IP ownership not an issue Interfacing to internal systems and services - SOA
  6. The Virtual World Guidelines Written by the community for the community Guidelines NOT Rules IBM’s experience made public Treat it as a new country Learn and observe the customs Connect and talk with fellow (fill in own company here) Act with integrity It’s the internet, so beware and be broad minded
  7. Was Eightbar the right thing to do? •Just get in world and start exploring •Act as IBMers not as IBM •Have a banner or flag to rally around (eightbar) •Share, internally and externally, blog, flickr, youtube (eightbar.com) •Treat every interaction and every person as important http://www.eightbar.com This is the spirit of Web 2.0 Web 2 is Web Do. Has to be done with sense and responsibility balanced with personal risk and exploration
  8. You want an ROI on internal communication? 330,000 employees 3 telecons a week each 5 minutes dead time at the start of each call. That’s 330000 x 15 minutes = 4950000 minutes of dead time PER WEEK! You can check the maths its an average but we could be losing 9.4 years a week into dead telephone beeping time.
  9. More Applications •Simulation •Visualisation •Business process modelling •Workflow optimisation •Rehearsal and roleplay
  10. Metaverse examples – Wimbledon Extending the real life experience Both Data and staffed 12 hours a day
  11. Metaverse examples - Wimbledon The same IBM messages as in Real Life Giving the same tour as customers get
  12. Metaverse examples - Retail Its not just 3d shops You can extend the real world You can have experts(people) on hand
  13. Metaverse examples - Visualization Genes, Software Architectures, skill maps Data visualized and navigated together by people
  14. Metaverse examples – Side effects Understanding social networks visually through being there. A visual circle of friends
  15. Real life house/virtual house/data …..
  16. What is next? Real object from virtual Merging Real and Virtual- assets Augmented Reality Local manufacture with 3d printers
  17. The internet/Web •A website is ‘owned’ and maintained by a company •Interaction with the browser tends not to change the data (except profiles and shopping baskets) •Many browsers may hit one site but it is not a joint experience •Sites do not interact
  18. The internet/Web 2.0 (Part of Web 2.0 Trends) •A website is provided as a base. •Users create their own content, both in the browser and outside it. •Many browsers may hit one site but it is not a joint experience •Sites may interact as news feeds or with web services •Wikis, Blogs, Mashups, Spaces
  19. An internet Metaverse •A website/virtual land is provided as a base. •Users create their own content with the browser. •Many browsers may hit one site presence allows for interaction •Sites interact because they are virtual land neighbours •Data is 3d coords, textures, state, presence, currency, animations etc.