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ePractice workshop on Open Source Software, 7 April 2011-Panagiotis Rentzepopoulos, EUROPEAN DYNAMICS S.A.
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ePractice workshop on Open Source Software, 7 April 2011-Panagiotis Rentzepopoulos, EUROPEAN DYNAMICS S.A.


Presentation by Panagiotis Rentzepopoulos, EUROPEAN DYNAMICS S.A.

Presentation by Panagiotis Rentzepopoulos, EUROPEAN DYNAMICS S.A.

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  • IDABC: I nteroperable D elivery of European eGovernment Services to public A dministrations, B usinesses and C itizens ISA: I nteroperability S olutions for European Public A dministrations Need to re-use software: A solution to a given problem may already exist. Do not re-invent the wheel; reduce costly replication
  • Need to re-use software: A solution to a given problem may already exist. Do not re-invent the wheel; reduce costly replication
  • Partnering countries (not necessarily forges) include : Spain, France, Austria, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Finland, Germany The Free Knowledge Forge of the RedIRIS Community (Spain) Adullact (France) Software Repository of the Junta de Andalucía (Andalucía, Spain) Mancomún forge (Galicia, Spain) Morfeo Free Software Community Forge lafarge.cat (Catalonia, Spain) OpenSource Platform of the digital Austria (Austria) Technology Transfer Centre of the Spanish Ministry of Public Administration (Spain) Guadalinex forge (Andalucia, Spain) forja.linex.org (Extremadura, Spain) ASC – Ambiente di Sviluppe Cooperativo (Italy) COKS (Slovenia) Cenatic (Spain) Forxa Mancomun (Spain) Softwareboersen (Denmark) Friprog (Norway) Programverket (Sweden) Berlios (Germany) COSS (Finnland) Tosslab (Italy) LISoG (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
  • Equal legal value in many languages Intellectual property rights conformant with European law requirements Precise limitations of liability or warranty To be valid in all Member States, limitations of liability or warranty had to be precise, and not formulated “to the extend allowed by the law” as in most licences designed with the legal environment of the United States in mind.
  • http://www.osor.eu/communities/osor/osor-search-widget/


  • 1. OSOR.eu: Open Source for Public Administrations Dr. Panagiotis Rentzepopoulos OSOR.eu Consulting Team Open Source: Its place in a cross-border environment Brussels, 7 April 2011
  • 2. History
    • 2004: The EC launches the IDABC programme
    • 2005: PAs start to realise the benefits of joining efforts in tackling similar problems
    • 2006: The OSOR.eu project starts as initiative of the IDABC programme
    • 2007: EUPL is approved by EC
    • 2008: The OSOR.eu website is launched
    • 2010: OSOR.eu is part of the ISA programme
  • 3. In a nutshell
    • What is OSOR.eu?
    • A collaborative platform for public administrations to freely share open IT solutions , experiences and knowledge
    • Why OSOR.eu?
      • Especially targeted to PA
      • Re-use software
      • European level visibility
      • Under the umbrella of the European Commission
  • 4. In a nutshell
    • Objectives
      • Help spread good open source practices throughout PAs
      • Improve sharing and re-use of OSS
      • Provide legal advice and guidance for the use of OSS in PAs
      • EU Public License
    • Today
      • OSOR.eu repository with 200 projects
      • Federates several national and regional forges
      • Gives access to more than 2400 OSS projects
  • 5. Observatory and Repository
    • An Open Source Observatory
      • For decision makers and practitioners
      • Information platform with News, Studies, Communities …
      • Collaborative way of sharing knowledge
    • An Open Source Repository
      • For developers and end users
      • Upload/Download code and documentation
      • Collaborative environment with forums, wikis, versioning …
  • 6. OSOR.eu services
    • OSOR.eu – Observatory
      • Stay up to date with latest News, upcoming Events etc
      • Expert guidance for implementation of OSS in PAs
      • Search and retrieve
      • Participate in communities
      • Use collaboration services
      • Newsletter
    • OSOR.eu – Repository
      • Project hosting
      • Bug tracking
      • Document management
      • Version management
      • Project metrics
      • Virtual forges
  • 7. Sample federated forges … 49 La forja de Guadalinex 98 Forja de la junta de Extremadura 151 Morfeo Forge 220 Forxa de Mancomun.org 485 Adullact 725 Forja de RedIRIS
  • 8. The European Union Public License
    • EUPL
    • Version 1.0 in 2007, 1.1 in 2009
    • Public debates and consultation led to several improvements
    • Copyleft: derived works must be OSS
    • Compatible license list
    • complies with the European understanding of copyright, information to consumer, warranty and liability
    • Official version in 22 European languages
  • 9. Your project in OSOR.eu
    • 10 principles … among which:
      • Open Source Software
      • Produced by PA or are of particular use for PA
      • Licensed under a recognised OSS license
    • Register your project
      • Register your project; create links to your page
      • Host your project into the OSOR.eu forge
      • Create a virtual forge with your own projects
      • Join a federated national/regional forge
  • 10. Partnering with OSOR.eu
    • What?
      • Mutual exchange of banners, logos, and links
      • News/events publication
      • Display of OSOR embeddable search engine
    • Why? Mutual benefit in terms of exposure
    • Who?
      • PA that use/support/pioneer OSS
      • Other OSS Observatories/Repositories/Forges
      • OSS Communities that can be of interest for PA
    • How?
      • Contact us at OSOR.eu/contact-us
  • 11. Thank you for your attention
    • Panagiotis Rentzepopoulos
    • [email_address]
    • For more information visit http:// www.osor.eu
    • Or contact us at http:// www.osor.eu /contact-us