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Academies welcome day final
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Academies welcome day final


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  • 1. Bridgwater College Performing Arts Academies and Enrichment
    A level Welcome Days 2010
  • 2. Bridgwater College Performing Arts Academies and Enrichment
    Dance Academy
    Drama Academy
    Show Choir
    Rock Academy
    Bridgwater College Choir
    Bridgwater College Music Ensembles
    Music Centre (one-to-one lessons)
  • 3. Academy Expectations and Commitments
    Monday morning 9 – 11.15am A Block on timetable
    Attendance at all rehearsals and performances
    Occasional evening and weekend commitments
    Cost of performances are covered by the college but there is a small cost for rehearsal and performance wear and any residential
  • 4. Meet the Directors
    Dance Academy – Kate Golder
    Drama Academy – Philip Leigh
  • 5. Meet The Directors
    Show Choir – Kat Stevens
    Rock Academy – Luke Allen
  • 6. How To Apply And Auditions
    Complete the Application Form in the Academy brochure – you can apply for as many academies as you would like.
    Register your interest at the Fresher’s Fair in September
    Auditions on Monday 13th September
    Each audition is of slightly different format
    Dance/Drama/Show Choir – you will be involved in a workshop and no need to prepare any material previous to the audition
    Rock Academy – Prepare a piece (no longer than 4 minutes)
    You will be contacted via college email informing you if you have been successful in any of the auditions
  • 7. Dance Academy
    Dance with a dynamic, professional style dance company
    Perform at a wide range of regional venues
    Work with top-end visiting professional choreographers and companies
    Develop network links with dancers and companies in the region
    Gain technical and choreographic experience, and develop skills to help progression to dance schools and related HE courses
  • 8. Drama Academy
    Perform in many fully-staged plays
    Experience a wide variety of theatrical styles and genres
    Work with other motivated and talented performers
    Improve your performance skills and develop your confidence
    Increase your knowledge and experience of theatre repertoire
  • 9. Show Choir
    Perform in a wide range of concerts, including international tours
    Compete in high profile regional and national festivals and competitions
    Develop advanced vocal and movement skills
    Sing in a wide range of styles with unique harmonies and choreography
    Work with other motivated and talented vocalists from across the College
  • 10. Rock Academy
    Perform in many public rock gigs
    Learn from experienced musicians and mentors
    Tour and compete in rock competitions at a national level
    Work with other motivated talented musicians
    Increase your knowledge of repertoire and performance style
  • 11. Bridgwater College Choir
    Open-access to students on any course
    Rehearse Tuesday and Thursday 11.15 – 12.15
    No audition and membership is free!
    Variety of performance opportunities including high profile regional festivals and competitions and with full orchestra
    Sing a wide range of styles and genres
    Join over 100 other singers in this fantastic group
  • 12. Bridgwater College Music ensembles
    Open-access to students on any course
    Wednesday 1.15 – 4.30 (A Block on timetable)
    Membership is free, but you must own your own instrument (except piano/keyboard/drums)
    Take part in public concerts and festivals
    Work alongside other motivated talented musicians
  • 13. Music Centre (one-to-one lessons)
    Available to students on any course
    Competitive priced one-to-one tuition
    Highly experienced music lecturers
    Lessons organised to fit with your timetable
    Complete graded music exams, or learn purely for pleasure
    Apply through course enquiries or register your interest at fresher's fair in September
  • 14. What Next…
    Fill in an application form for the Academies at the back of the Performing Arts Academy brochure
    Register your interest in being a member of the College Choir (pink sheet) with one of the lecturers present today
    Register your interest in joining one of the Music Ensembles (blue sheet) with one of the lecturers present today
    Register your interest in having one-to-one music lessons from the Music Centre (green sheet) with one of the lecturers present today