Scaling Outreach (without looking like an idiot)


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Eppie Vojt's presentation from Searchlove Boston on scaling outreach and link building.

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  • Great presentation. Wish I could have been at Searchlove to hear it. There wasn't a video as well was there? I feel like I'm missing some important points when you get to the Screaming Frog part.
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Scaling Outreach (without looking like an idiot)

  1. Scaling outreachwithout looking like an idiot
  2. I obviously know a thing or !two about looking like an idiot.!Eppie vojtDirector, SEORed Ventures@eppievojt
  3. Dirty wordScale hasn’t always been a
  4. This...
  5. ...Became this
  6. ...not this
  7. ...and definitely not this
  8. Scaling != creating a lesser version
  9. Scaling != producing something different
  10. Who did thisWe’re the ones
  11. ...and this Earned a special email label!!
  12. ...and this
  13. So hardBecause building lots of real links is
  14. Word.
  15. Barrier of entryBut that means there’s a higher
  16. 4 simple principles to scaling outreach
  17. Improve efficiencyCreate or use tools that
  18. Improve effectivenessTrack everything to
  19. Deskill laborCompartmentalize tasks to
  20. Fully automatedRepetitive, low intelligence tasks should be
  21. 1 simple principle to happier employees
  22. Eliminate or automate what they hate
  23. Identifying performance levers
  24. Links = (ES)(OR)(RR)(AR)(CAR)(PR)Emails Sent! Open Rate! Response !Rate!AgreementRate!ContentAcceptanceRate!PublicationRate!
  25. Emails Sent = (PF)(CIR)(RvR)(QR)ProspectsFound!Relevancy !Rate!Qualification!Rate!Contact InfoRate!
  26. Emails Sent = (PF)(CIR)(RvR)(QR)ProspectsFound!Relevancy !Rate!Qualification!Rate!Contact InfoRate!
  27. End of the internetProspecting beyond the
  28. Turn google against itselfadvanced search operators + scrapers
  29. Done For you
  30. ~*-intitle:inurl:intext:site:filetype:related:Do it yourself
  31. =IF(B5="Yes",ImportXML(B3,"//h3[@class=r]/a/@href"),"")  
  32. Think laterally(or let Google do it)
  33. Done For youUbersuggestGoogle Adwords Keyword Tool
  34. Semi-dIYOver 1,000 followers... so you know it’s good!!hAp://­‐more-­‐guest-­‐post-­‐opportuniOes/  
  35. Semi-dIYHold CTRL (option on Mac)while dragging down!
  36. DIY: Recursive Tilde Negative Match
  37. Do it yourself
  38. Be everywhere your competitors areusing OSE, Majestic, Ahrefs and Screaming Frog
  39. Download link profile
  40. Follow the trailof prolific link builders
  41. 1. Identify a top blog that accepts guest posts2. Check to see if wp makes it easy for us to find all guest posts3. Check to see if there’s an author bio footprint4. Scrape all of the links5. Pull down each “prolific poster’s” link profile6. Run link profiles through link detective or screaming frog
  42. Emails Sent = (PF)(CIR)(RvR)(QR)ProspectsFound!Relevancy !Rate!Qualification!Rate!Contact InfoRate!
  43. Hidden in plain sightFind contact information that’s
  44. Contact me: sneaky [at] so sneaky (dot) com
  45. Obfuscated emailsScrape all of the
  46. Mechanical turk itWhen all else fails...
  47. Emails Sent = (PF)(CIR)(RvR)(QR)ProspectsFound!Relevancy !Rate!Qualification!Rate!Contact InfoRate!
  48. Quality Red flagsAutomatically findhAp://­‐markeOng-­‐ebook/spam-­‐words.aspx  
  49. //a[not(@rel)  or  not(contains(@rel,"nofollow"))]/ancestor::*[contains(@id|@class,"advert")  or  contains(@id|@class,"sponsor")  or  (@id|@class="ads")]  Obvious paid LinksAutomatically find
  50. spam keywordsAutomatically find+  Custom  Filters  
  51. Links = (ES)(OR)(RR)(AR)(CAR)(PR)Emails Sent! Open Rate! Response !Rate!AgreementRate!ContentAcceptanceRate!PublicationRate!
  52. Speed & trackingMail merge for better
  53. Links = (ES)(OR)(RR)(AR)(CAR)(PR)Emails Sent! Open Rate! Response !Rate!AgreementRate!ContentAcceptanceRate!PublicationRate!
  54. Outreach campaignsDissecting real world
  55. We did a few things right
  56. 1. We picked a popular, relevant topic: The NCAA Tournament2. We built a super attractive asset3. We made it easily sharable4. We added a charitable element5. We built a strong target prospect list & pursued them aggressively6. We brought in a top outreach vendor to augment our capacity
  57. We failed. hard
  58. Terrible planAvoid starting with a
  59. A few weeks later
  60. 1. We targeted another popular sporting event2. We built a super attractive asset3. We made it easily sharable4. We took a unique angle5. We built a strong target prospect list & pursued them aggressively6. We handled all of the outreach ourselves
  61. We made it rain links
  62. If you’ve enjoyed this presentationI’m eppie vojt@eppievojt
  63. If not...I’m ian howells@ianhowells
  64. Questions?@eppievojt