SFIA And Mahara


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SFIA And Mahara

  1. 1. SFIA and Mahara Tools to Support CPD for the IT IndustryMargaret Granger/Asheley Jones ACSEducation | September 2012
  2. 2. Australian Computer Society - ACS www.acs.org.auProfessional Organisation of ICT ProfessionalsProvides a certification program CT – Certified Technician CP – Certified Practitioner Certification provides official recognition of your competencies to potential employers
  3. 3. ACSEducationThe Education arm of ACS Computer Professional Education Program - CPeP Professional Year Program- PY Diploma in IT Program – DITDelivered online using Moodle as the delivery platform
  4. 4. Skills Framework for the Information Age www.sfia.org.ukThe Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) provides acommon reference model for the identification of the skillsneeded to develop effective Information Systems (IS) makinguse of Information Communications Technologies (ICT).
  5. 5. Skills Levels
  6. 6. SFIA Skills Matrix – Generic Skills Skill Dimension Autonomy Supervision Problem / Discretion Accountability Influence Internal / External Leadership Industry Complexity Activity Environment Context Business Skills Technical Professionalism Communication
  7. 7. SFIA Skills Matrix – Technical Skills Strategy and Architecture Business Change Solution Development & Implementation Service Management Procurement & management Support Client Interface
  8. 8. Describing Skills using SFIA - AutonomyLevel 3Works under general supervision.Uses discretion in identifying and resolving complex problems and assignments.Usually receives specific instructions and has work reviewed at frequent milestones.Determines when issues should be escalated to a higher level.Level 4Works under general direction within a clear framework of accountability.Exercises substantial personal responsibility and autonomy.Plans own work to meet given objectives and processes.Level 5Works under broad direction.Is fully accountable for own technical work and/or project/supervisory responsibilities.Receives assignments in the form of objectives.Establishes own milestones and team objectives, and delegates responsibilities.Work is often self-initiated.
  9. 9. SFIA and ACSEducationCourse outcomes mapped to SFIAProfessional Practice module part of courses Students map skills to SFIA Students develop e-portfolio using Mahara Students in PY develop resume and job application within Mahara as part of course workExit CPEP with CP certificationExit DIT with CT certification
  10. 10. E-portfoliosDeveloped using Mahara as integral part of ProfessionalPractice module of CPEP and DITAs component of PY ProgramSkills are recorded in the Skills Artefacts of Mahara Generic skills within Work Skills artefact Technical skills within Academic Skills artefactNOTE: we do need to look at changing labels within Mahara here Can also be presented by using a text box
  11. 11. The Professional Year PY ProgramThis program is for former international students whohave graduated from a university within Australia andare seeking permanent residency.Includes a 12 week online program conducted by ACSEducation to include Mapping of current skills to SFIA Development of an e-portfolio in Mahara Writing and peer review of Job Application Development of Career Plan
  12. 12. Sample e-Portfolio
  13. 13. Using SFIA Descriptors
  14. 14. Career DevelopmentSFIA as a tool for planning career developmentStudents can: Map current skills to SFIA Identify skills gaps from SFIA matrix Plan career development Use Mahara to record this career development
  15. 15. Career Development
  16. 16. Student Feedback – PY Students “Being able to assessskills and plan for futureskill development using SFIA has been most valuable” “E-portfolio is good way to present our knowledge and skills. In my opinion Mahara “I like having a is very important tool place to plan and for anybody to monitor my present their career portfolio” development”
  17. 17. Advantages of the e-PortfolioAvailability ACS members have ongoing access to MaharaCareer Development Planning Can use this artefact to provide a career plan and follow progressCan use tool to develop customised Job Application forsharing or presenting to prospective employers
  18. 18. Future Developments - My SFIA
  19. 19. Future Developments - ACS PortfolioCustomisation of ACS Portfolio (Mahara) Relabelling of Skills Artefacts to reflect SFIA skills types Addition of customised drop-down boxes with SFIA skillsOffering of PD Workshops to encourage ACS membersto use these tools Face to face workshops in each State and Territory Use of webinars to provide wider footprint
  20. 20. Contacts and Further Information Asheley Jones Margaret Granger MACS CP MACS CPasheley.jones@acseducation.edu.au margaret.granger@acseducation.edu.au