Employing students to promote e-portfolio use- A win win scenario


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Jude Comfort

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Employing students to promote e-portfolio use- A win win scenario

  1. 1. Jude Comfort and Hannah Jago Curtin University Perth, Western Australia J.Comfort@curtin.edu.auePortfolios Australia Conference, October 2011
  2. 2.  Curtin’s iPortfolio trialled in 2009, implemented more in 2010 iPortfolio online space for students/staff to allow for self-assessment of learning achievements and professional competencies, sharing and feedback mechanisms and a showcase of achievements 2011 wider use including to several large units Notably Foundations in Professional Health Practice (cohort 1700 in semester 1, 2011) where some assessment tasks used iPortfolio In Health now integrated into several units and courses across all faculties and as of April 2011 there were 27,000 iPortfolio account holders
  3. 3.  Number of strategies provide support. Core has been iPortfolio Student Support Officers Curtin students who get paid as casual employees to provide support Have become first port of call technical assistance and feedback to users Part of an ‘earn as you learn’ initiative Uses principles of peer team approach
  4. 4.  Staffing lunchtime shop front help desk 2 hours each teaching day Respond to emails to iportfolio@curtin.edu.au Provide assistance to lecturing staff in practical aspects of using iPortfolio with a class Deliver promotional/introductory sessions to students and staff Running iPortfolio Elluminate sessions (virtual classroom)
  5. 5. IPSSO help desk in actionBusy day –assignment duenext afternoon
  6. 6.  Recruitment semester 1 from Curtin student mentors through simple EOI Interview process Short training session run by iPortfolio Officer Semester 2 EOI to large first year health science class cohort On the job training by first year ‘experienced’ IPSSOs
  7. 7. 2011 Semester 1 2011Semester 2 (13 weeks data – full (11 weeks data) semester)In-person 159 44consultationsEmail queries 140 66Staffing 4 commenced 3 continued 3 continued 2 new first year recruitedHours worked Generally 2 IPSSOs for Generally 2 IPSSOs 2 hours weekdays for 2 hours weekdaysApprox cost $7,000 $6,000(admin + salary)
  8. 8. Other Editing tasks Connection issues Assessment tasks Deleting itemsIntroduction to iPort NavigationUploading evidence 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 percent
  9. 9.  Small well qualified cohort of iPortfolio student helpers Provide student perspective on using iPortfolio. Benefitting from many brains working on tech solutions Provide valuable feedback to information technology team responsible for the technical aspects of the system Feedback on issues lecturers may need to know in setting assessment work Student/peer led support program Provides great ‘earn as you learn’ experience Connects students with Curtin services Students become our promotion staff
  10. 10.  ‘Very helpful, didn’t make me feel stupid for not understanding iPortfolio.’ ‘A very helpful experience – relaxed and not intimidating. Thanks for this service.’ ‘Very helpful and able to undo and fix my computing problems.’ ‘Thank goodness they are here to help as I was shown other computer things that will also make it easier for me.’
  11. 11.  Earning opportunity with connection to uni No need to travel to work Flexibility around study commitments using rostered approach Impressive addition to CV Students develop unique skill base of transferable skills e.g. customer service, IT, presentation skills Allows for fairly autonomous work environment Peer to peer learning & promoting peer led teams Positive working environment
  12. 12.  Advertising scheme to whole Curtin community Inconsistent workflow; busy times/quieter times often driven by assessment demands Being able to ascertain if problem is system wide or a specific individual portfolio Responding to wide variation in IT competency Ensuring peer training is adequate Finding the best place for them to be situated on campus
  13. 13.  Need ongoing recruitment to ensure continuity as some IPSSOs will graduate end of this year Need for ongoing training and updating (model will be to recruit new students semester 2 year 1 with hope to have them for 2.5 years) Ongoing funding/management resource commitment required As better trained Curtin community less demand for helpline then need to ensure other uses of IPSSOs
  14. 14.  Continuing with use of IPSSOs Using IPSSOs for wider range of iPortfolio promotion e.g. delivering Open Day events, running Elluminate sessions, producing instructional videos Looking at offering more advanced user sessions Need creative solutions to serving non Bentley based staff and students More tailored support for staff using iPortfolio in teaching
  15. 15. Email j.comfort@curtin.edu.auwww.iportfolio.curtin.edu.au