Enhancing employability of final year health promotion students using iportfolio


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Enhancing employability of final year health promotion students using iportfolio

  1. 1. Jude Comfort Curtin University Perth, Western Australia J.Comfort@curtin.edu.auePortfolios Australia Conference, October 2011
  2. 2.  Curtin developed electronic portfolio for students and staff Piloted second half of 2009, introduced whole University community February 2010 Approximately 27,000 iPortfolios developed since launch (note this does not indicate active portfolios) Used in formal assessment all faculties, notably health sciences Drive to evidence authentic learning - portfolios one approach Curtin University has invested heavily in this 2011 awards include: Winner, WA Information Technology and Telecommunications Award, Innovation Category, and highly commended, Innovations in Communications category, Australian Telecommunications Users Group (ATUG) Still some growing pains
  3. 3.  Professional Practice in Public Health final year work integrated learning unit Requires completion of a 100 hour placement as well as core lectures on transitioning to the workforce iPortfolio used for assessment tasks in this unit This encourages students to reflect on their learning and achievements over their entire course of study Also to report on placement experience Develops student‟s sense of how to present a comprehensive portfolio of evidence, including addressing Curtin University‟s graduate attributes, and extracurricular activities Preparation for professional employment
  4. 4. 1. Work in a professional role in a relevant workplace applying skills and knowledge appropriate to the discipline area2. Utilise written and oral communication effectively in the professional environment with technical and non- technical audiences3. Critically reflect on and evaluate their own performance in the workplace4. Work effectively with people of diverse indigenous and cultural backgrounds5. Demonstrate professional behaviour and skills independently, collaboratively and in an ethical manner in a professional environment
  5. 5. Assessment Tasks Worth % Due Outcome Assessed1. Resume assessment 10 Week 4 1, 32. Professional portfolio 20 Week 8 2, 3, 5 (iPortfolio)3. Professional placement 20 Week 13 1, 4, 5 assessment & feedback from workplace supervisor4. Placement reports and 50 Week 13 1, 2, 3 iPortfolio reflection TOTAL 100%
  6. 6.  Are asked to develop an iPortfolio to illustrate key competencies at both a university level and at a course/ professional level. Encouraged to use a range of mediums, including photographs, written work and videos. Also introduce themselves and their goals. Needed to include learning and reflection from their 100 hours professional placement Following are a few sample entries:
  7. 7. The About Metab includesbiographicalinformation andgoals. Providesclarification andinsight for bothstudent and
  8. 8. In the My Ratings tab, a star ratingsystem is used to self assessattainment of Curtin‟s GraduateAttributes. Evidence and criticalreflections justify the number ofstars awarded
  9. 9. The MyRatings tabcapturesstudentperceptionson how theircourse hascontributed toattainment ofCurtin‟sgraduatecompetencies.
  10. 10. Differentmateriality toshowattributes(text, scanneddocs etc).
  11. 11. My course allowsanother avenuefor coursereflection andevidence ofwork. Thisstudent did thisas a way ofrecordingcompetenciesfor each unitundertaken
  12. 12. My coursereflective pieceusing 3 minvideo
  13. 13.  Provides space to collect, reflect, showcase and share work over whole degree Allows for greater student creativity and innovation – diverse materiality/presentation options Enables peer feedback Ensures have an ePortfolio experience Students encouraged to take a holistic and personal view to tie together learning and development as an emerging health promotion professional Links to Curtin University graduate attributes
  14. 14.  Get to „know‟ students in a very different way than through traditional paper based essay work. Especially through the About Me tab. Tool for students to record/consolidate evidence to support course reflection and attainment of Curtin University graduate competencies Allows different mediums for evidence e.g. photographs, written work, videos, documents Reflection to better prepare students for presentation and interviews with prospective employers Based on evidence of learning as decided by student.
  15. 15.  My Ratings tab enables teaching team to consider opportunities for course refinement Storage of artefacts in one easily accessible place Encourages reflection on whole university course of study rather than individual units Potential to interrogate the concept of student reflection Helps close the loop between reflection and employability Provides opportunity to develop and evidence IT skills
  16. 16.  Resistance from some students (lot of work with unclear outcomes) Different levels of IT literacy skills within class Need to get staff on board – they may also feel intimidated by technology How to sell the idea of usefulness of iPortfolio especially post studies Integrating the iPortfolio across multiple years/units Better IT support required so that load is not taken on by teaching staff
  17. 17.  Student feedback in 2010 included following: “No need for IPortfolio assignment it is just information about who are you? Not related directly to the unit”. “REMOVE IPORTFOLIO as an assessment piece for third year students. I often found it difficult to recall on every single piece of experience I had from first year to third year. Having iPortfolio from first year to third year would be more practical and allow students to build a solid portfolio. I also believe it is not entirely useful, as most students (including myself) won‟t use it in the future as potential employers cannot view it unless they have an iPortfolio account themselves”.
  18. 18.  Need to refine marking rubrics Need to differentiate between technical skill level and reflection and evidence content Potential issues of collusion and plagiarism Need to interface with the Blackboard Grade Centre environment How to handle large cohorts of work especially with different sessional staff Can end up spending a lot of time reading whole portfolios
  19. 19. Some tensions with using iPortfolioDevelopmental space Achievement/ showcase space Public space Private spaceUse to support writing Invite potential job applications employers Proscriptive areas Allow for more creative and expectations and individual interpretation of use Know who the Don‟t know who the audience is audience is Driven by Self directed use assessable tasks How to use for Just summativeauthentic assessment assessment
  20. 20.  Continue to refine use in Pro Practice unit Do more to sell the benefits of iPortfolio as related to WIL All first year students in Faculty of Health Sciences introduced to iPortfolio – build on this base Embed use across range of units over whole course Tie in with specific professional competencies Research to build evidence-base of practice Potential industry tie in with accreditation discussions
  21. 21. Email j.comfort@curtin.edu.au www.iportfolio.curtin.edu.auThankyou to those students in Professional Practice in Public Health 383 and to those who gave permission to reproduce parts of their iPortfolio