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Blending e portfolios into teacher delivery plans! 250912
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Blending e portfolios into teacher delivery plans! 250912

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Carole McCulloch

Carole McCulloch

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  • 1. BLENDING E-PORTFOLIOS INTOTEACHER DELIVERY PLANS!Facilitated discussion with Coach Carole
  • 2. E-PORTFOLIO FORUM: FOCUS GROUP Share:  Achievements in creating and maintaining your own e-portfolios  Experiences in assisting teachers to create their own e-portfolios Discuss:  Successful methods for implementing e-portfolios for teachers  Best practice in blending e-portfolios into teacher delivery plans
  • 3. VISION FOR E-PORTFOLIOS1. All teachers should create and maintain an e- portfolio for Reflective Practice2. E-portfolio process should be built into the delivery of all courses3. All students should design and build their own ongoing e-portfolios4. Students should use e-portfolios as Individual Learning Plans
  • 4. E-PORTFOLIO VIDEO CASE STUDIES https://sites.google.com/site/epcoplearnspace/hom e/e-portfolio-case-studies
  • 5. PD STRATEGIES FOR E-PORTFOLIOS Design and develop an E-portfolios Massive Open Online Course: EpCoP MOOC  Provide a pathway to undertaking further training in E-portfolios  Design and develop an elective for TAE on E- portfolios: Reflect and Connect  CHCORG428A Reflect on and improve own professional practice  Design and develop specific professional development opportunities for Managing E- portfolios  Mahoodle: the Moodle / Mahara connection
  • 6. RECENT PROJECT STRATEGIES: E-portfolio Video Case Studies (eWorks)  Recorded webinar and video exemplars for embedding e-portfolios in large organisations  Synthesising and showcasing the key recommendations, lessons learned and guidelines (see slides 7-9) E-portfolio Digital Capability Programs (Vanguard Visions)  Support for professionals in Mahara E-portfolios  Webinar support in Blackboard Collaborate
  • 7. TIPS FOR EFFECTIVE IMPLEMENTATION Get buy-in from key stakeholders in your organisation - managers, teachers and learners. Ensure that e-portfolios are included as part of the strategic direction of the organisation. Ensure that the choice of e-portfolio system will integrate well with other organisational systems. Support and fund strategic training of a group of e-portfolio champions Include e-portfolios in the ongoing professional development program for teachers and the induction process for learners. Rollout e-portfolios systematically across the organisation in a timely manner Embrace and promote the e-portfolio approach at all levels in the organisation Conduct regular and strategic reviews of the e-portfolio system and its impact on stakeholders.
  • 8. GUIDELINES FOR EMBEDDING E-PORTFOLIOS Be specific about the purpose of the e-portfolios for learners in courses and across all their learning experiences. Introduce e-portfolios in a range of subjects or courses and show teachers how best to integrate it into their delivery and assessment. Involve other key personnel in the process e.g. Careers, Library Emphasise the benefits of e-portfolios for reflecting on courses and supporting lifelong learning. Ensure that access to learner e-portfolios is made easy and engaging, as well as support learners through templates and clear instructions Use e-portfolios as Individual Learning Plans for learners Mentor teachers and learners in how to integrate e- portfolios into their key assessments. Use e-portfolios to provide a better connection between the classroom and the workplace. Use e-portfolios to provide greater personalisation and customisation, and to create optimum learning pathways
  • 9. BUSINESS CASE RECOMMENDATIONS Emphasise the cost benefits of using e-portfolios to all stakeholders eg saving of time Provide information to prospective employers about the e-portfolio approach at your organisation. Prepare a staged Action Plan that involves key stakeholders and requires regular reporting on progress. Ensure that the e-portfolio system provides security and privacy for learner content Enable portability of learner e-portfolios across the organisation and beyond. Create a Communications Plan and clearly identify who the stakeholders are in the e-portfolio implementation process. Ensure a clear liaison with teacher learning centres and management for consistent implementation and reporting. Enable a process of collecting data on e-portfolio usage and analyse for continual improvement. Promote the e-portfolio approach outside of the organisation as a marketing process. Build and maintain an integration between the workplace and the learning organisation via e-portfolios.
  • 10. TAKE-AWAY QUESTIONS What implementation process would work at your place? What strategies would initiate buy-in from your teachers? What benefits would engage and sustain your learner take up?