Twitter WWDC 2010 Meetup: OAuth Echo, xAuth, trim_users, and entities


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@raffi and @episod talk about recent Twitter API features like OAuth, xAuth, trim_users, and entities

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  • Twitter WWDC 2010 Meetup: OAuth Echo, xAuth, trim_users, and entities

    1. OAuth, trim_users, and entities @raffi and @episod TM June 9, 2010
    2. Let’s do xAuth. Username: tpFriendlyGiant Password: %&123!aZ+()456
    3. And the same application. Consumer Key: sGNxxnqgZRHUt6NunK3uw Consumer Secret: 5kEQypKe7lFHnufLtsocB1vAzO07xLFgp2Pc4sp2vk
    4. Each value first needs to be escaped in your POST body Password “%&123!aZ+()456” becomes: %25%26123%21aZ%2b%28%29456 Login remains: tpFriendlyGiant (new lines added for readability)
    5. Your POST body should look like.. x_auth_password=%25%26123%21aZ%2b %28%29456 &x_auth_mode=client_auth &x_auth_username=tpFriendlyGiant (new lines added for readability)
    6. Crossing now over to the OAuth side For this request, we’ll use the following request-specific variables: oauth_timestamp: 1276101652 oauth_nonce: WLxsobj4rhS2xmCbaAeT4aAkRfx4vSHX4OnYpTE77hA Request URL:
    7. Building our signature base string... POST& %2Faccess_token&oauth_consumer_key%3DsGNxxnqgZRHUt6NunK3uw %26oauth_nonce%3DWLxsobj4rhS2xmCbaAeT4aAkRfx4vSHX4OnYpTE77hA %26oauth_signature_method%3DHMAC-SHA1%26oauth_timestamp %3D1276101652%26oauth_version%3D1.0%26x_auth_mode %3Dclient_auth%26x_auth_password%3D%2525%2526123%2521aZ%252B %2528%2529456%26x_auth_username%3DtpFriendlyGiant
    8. Most important to see that this.. x_auth_password=%25%26123%21aZ%2b%28%29456 &x_auth_mode=client_auth &x_auth_username=tpFriendlyGiant Becomes that... %26x_auth_mode%3Dclient_auth%26x_auth_password%3D %2525%2526123%2521aZ%252B%2528%2529456%26x_auth_username %3DtpFriendlyGiant
    9. Build our HTTP Authentication header Our signing secret is “5kEQypKe7lFHnufLtsocB1vAzO07xLFgp2Pc4sp2vk&” OAuth oauth_nonce="WLxsobj4rhS2xmCbaAeT4aAkRfx4vSHX4OnYpTE77hA", oauth_signature_method="HMAC-SHA1", oauth_timestamp="1276101652", oauth_consumer_key="sGNxxnqgZRHUt6NunK3uw", oauth_signature="yUDBrcMMm6ghqBEKCFKVoJPIacU%3D", oauth_version="1.0" Note how it only contains OAuth parameters, not x_auth parameters.
    10. Now we’ve got the donuts all lined up...
    11. Send the request & take the access token from the response oauth_token=153814517- LktOAPmBRsNWfJHY2DUE9PfFaEX2EYgCkIsAemA P&oauth_token_secret=WDNVjV9nKuqJftNE7O 5KozKxUvECSE234N6HX0gwgM&user_id=153814 517&screen_name=tpFriendlyGiant&x_auth_ expires=0
    12. OAuth & xAuth are better with a friend. Need xAuth access? Send a detailed message to
    13. OAuth Echo
    14. OAuth Echo ‣ After “Basic Auth shutoff”, how do you use third party services? ‣ you may not have the user’s username / password ‣ the third party service couldn’t do anything with it anyway on the API ‣ OAuth Echo = delegation in identity verification ‣ Pass around information needed for an OAuth call to account/ verify_credentials ‣ usernames and passwords are secure ‣ can only be used once ‣ must be used within a particular time window (i.e. it is self expiring)
    15. OAuth Echo ‣ It’s really simple - to upload to TwitPic ‣ construct upload request to TwitPic (with the image) ‣ include X-Verify-Credentials-Authorization header - the OAuth Authorization header that TwitPic should send back to Twitter’s API ‣ include X-Auth-Service-Provider header and set it to the target Twitter API auth endpoint
    16. OAuth Echo ‣ X-Verify-Credentials-Authorization ‣ include X-Auth-Service-Provider header and set it to verify_credentials.json
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    22. <enti ties> <user _ment <user ions> _ment <id>8 ion e 19797 nd="1 <scre </id> 1" st en_na art=" me>ep 4"> <name isod< </use >Tayl /scre r_men or Si en_na </use tion> nglet me> r_men ary</ <urls tions name> Hey @episod, check out > > <url - itʼs #hot end=" 45" s <url> tart= http: "23"> <expa //dev nded_ .twit </url url/> ter.c </url > om</u s> rl> <hash tags> <hash tag e <text nd="5 >hot< 7" st </has /text art=" htag> > 53"> </has </ent htags ities > >
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