Integrated Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL)


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Chris Munsch from Yorkshire Heart Centre spoke at the recent event 'Mobile learning: the real deal' about Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL). View the video of Chris's presentation here -

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  • Pt care at the top of Kirkpatricks could be exchanged for cardiothoracic educationAt each level:Participation…straightforward Satisfaction measured through an immediate post course questionnaire via email scoring the following on strongly agree to strongly disagree Faculty on this programme so far, have:  Been enthusiastic and stimulating Used techniques to challenge thought and stimulate discussion Provided sufficient direction and feedback Used a variety of teaching techniques Had the respect of the group Not intimidated or patronised Been sensitive and respectful of the dignity of individual learners Been aware when they were not understood Adapted to the needs of individuals without losing the interest and attention of others Maintained the focus of the group and knew when to terminate discussion Encouraged expression of views in conflict with their own Directed learners to useful additional material Every respondent scored “strongly agree” Learning happens measured through post course interviewsA sample of the participants were interviewed to assess learning and planned actionsChange in practice explored through action plans and reviewEg establishing wet labs – Alan B increase in quality and quantity of based work assessments for trainees motivation to tackle ongoing difficult situations - SashaAction plans arent enough as they dont allow for some of the “incidentals”. Some fantastic changes are made but not planned for eg Max setting up community of practice through Free Forums and sharing documents through gmail…also set up by MaxWill be looking at 6 months to a year Progress on action plans Any change in formal educational rolesPatient Care the proof of this pudding will be in the eating. However, some actions have already been executed:Incorporation of medical students into the cardiothoracic team- AlanPlans in place for human factors training for cardiothoracic surgeons MikeOpening of wet lab - Alan
  • Integrated Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL)

    1. 1. @HEAcademy@epictalkFor all the latest news about the event follow us on Twitter@epictalk @HEAacademy and use the hashtag #mRealDealIntegrated TechnologyEnhanced Learning (TEL)Chris MunschYorkshire Heart Centre
    2. 2. Better Training Better Care: identifying andsharing good practice in the use ofsimulation, e-learning and mobileapplications to improve training andeducation for doctors.
    3. 3. @HEAcademy@epictalk #mRealDeal
    4. 4. Medical training:the apprenticeship model• Experience• Responsibility• Relationship with ‘the boss’• Seemed like fun at the time• Patient safety?@HEAcademy@epictalk #mRealDeal
    5. 5. 50,000 hours of medical training“The acquisition of procedural skills requires manyhours of practice.”“Experience is the name everyone gives to theirmistakes.”“Learn from the mistakes of others – you will neverlive long enough to make them all yourself.”@HEAcademy@epictalk #mRealDeal
    6. 6. „Progress‟ in medical training(1994 – 2010)• Calman reforms• Modernising medical careers• Regulation of training• Hours in training (EWTD/New Deal)• Foundation Trusts• HEE/LETBs@HEAcademy@epictalk #mRealDeal
    7. 7. @HEAcademy@epictalk #mRealDeal
    8. 8. “Training surgeonsnow to ensure patientsafety in 20 yearstime.”Professor Sir John Temple’s Report@HEAcademy@epictalk #mRealDeal
    9. 9. BTBCTemple:The co-ordinated, integrated use of simulation can providea safe, controlled environment and accelerate learning.Where appropriate, skills and expertise should be learnt in asimulation environment and from other modern techniques,not on patients.Collins:Concerted efforts need to be made across the differentorganisations involved to co-invest in facilitating innovationsin the delivery of education and training.@HEAcademy@epictalk #mRealDeal
    10. 10. We can trainsurgeons likepilots!
    11. 11. @HEAcademy@epictalk #mRealDeal
    12. 12. 2011A framework fortechnology enhanced learning
    13. 13. The six core principles• Be patient-centred and service-driven• Be educationally coherent• Be innovative and evidence-based• Deliver high quality educational outcomes• Deliver value for money• Ensure equity of access and quality of provision@HEAcademy@epictalk #mRealDeal
    14. 14. What we want to see• Improvements to education and experience for trainees• Identified good practice in simulation, e-learning andmobile applications• Raised awareness and encourage greater uptake of theDH TEL framework• Shared resources and standardised approach ineducation and in curricula• Improvements to patient safety and experience.@HEAcademy@epictalk #mRealDeal
    15. 15. SimulationMobileapplicationsE-learningIntegrated technologyenhanced learning
    16. 16. What about the trainees:Practicing medicine in the age ofFacebook• Work-life balance• Assertive• Narcissistic• Conservative• Miserable• Adept with digital technologyJones RGeneration ME and Us, Medical Education43:219, 2009@HEAcademy@epictalk #mRealDeal
    17. 17. What we know• Trainees expect high-quality learning experiences• Integrated technology enhanced learning that is:o Flexibleo Responsiveo Activeo Problem-basedo ‘Just-in-time’o ‘Just-for-me’.• Personalisation, mobility, choice and sociability are key.@HEAcademy@epictalk #mRealDeal
    18. 18. Just in time!
    19. 19. What now?• Engaging with key partners and organisations to shareand showcase TEL good practice• Focused on simulation, e-learning and mobileapplications• Work will be delivered jointly with the Higher EducationAcademy (HEA)• Shared with appropriate partners across postgraduateand higher education and across the UK.@HEAcademy@epictalk #mRealDeal
    20. 20. TEL Group1. Technology EnhancedLearning (TEL) steering group3. Scoping and reviewsub-group6. Technology sub-group5. Education review, evaluationand regulation sub-group4. Students and traineessub-group2. Communications andengagement sub-group
    21. 21. Next steps• Bringing together our partners and key stakeholders• Agreeing on the governance• Taking forward the work:o Scoping and relationship buildingo Identifying good practiceo Showcasing the work and further engagement andcollaboration.@HEAcademy@epictalk #mRealDeal
    22. 22. Our vision• The widespread adoption of TEL• Ensure that blended learning becomes commonplace incurricula and in continuing professional development.@HEAcademy@epictalk #mRealDeal
    23. 23. PatientcareChange practiceLearning happensSatisfactionParticipationDoes it work?
    24. 24. Outcomes“HEE exists for one reason alone – toimprove the quality of care deliveredto patients.”• Success criteria• Improvements in safety• Improvements in experience• Improvements in clinicaloutcomes• Spreading innovation• The widespread adoption of TEL