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The holocaust2
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The holocaust2


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Published in: Spiritual
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  • 1. THE HOLOCAUSTMakhubu. N.E
  • 2.  The Holocaust was the mass murder of the Jews. The Holocaust was one of the most horrific events of the 20thcentury.• “The Holocaust is generally regardedas the systematic slaughter of not only 6 millionJews, (two-thirds of the total European Jewishpopulation), the primary victims, but also 5 millionothers, approximately 11 million individuals wipedoff the Earth by the Nazi regime and itscollaborators. “
  • 3. WHY DID THE HOLOCAUST HAPPEN? There was really no reasonfor the Holocaust tohappen. It happenedbecause of racism towardsJews. The Holocaust happenedbecause the Nazis hatedthe Jews so much and theythought they were betterthan the Jews.Jewish Symbol
  • 4. WHERE THE HOLOCAUST HAPPENED.The Holocausthappened inGermany andother countriesthat the Naziswere in controlof.
  • 5. The Holocaust began inlate 1938 and ended in1945, during World WarII.
  • 6.  “The Holocaust began with Hitlers rise topower in January of 1933 and ended on VE Day(May 8, 1945). During this time, more than 6million Jews and millions of other groups thatcaught the negative attention of Nazi Germany.While all the murders were devastating to nativepopulations, none were so devastating than theJews. During this period, 5,000 Jewishcommunities were wiped out and the total thatdied represented 1/3 of all Jewish people aliveat that time.”
  • 7. GHETTOS First used in Poland when Nazi’s invaded in 1939 Areas where Jews were forced to live in certain cities.Comparable to prisons Everyone was put to work for the Nazis Largest was Warsaw (380,000) Many people died from the labor, conditions, and disease.
  • 8. A gas chamber is an apparatus for killing,consisting of a sealed chamber into whicha poisonous or asphyxiant gas isintroduced. The most commonly usedpoisonous agent is hydrogen cyanide;carbon dioxide and carbon monoxidehave also been used.Gas chambers have also been used foranimal euthanasia, using carbon dioxideas the lethal agent. Sometimes a boxfilled with anaesthetic gas is used toanaesthetize small animals for surgery oreuthanasia.
  • 9. CONCENTRATION CAMPS First Camp was Dachau (1933) Originally used to torture political opponents Became slave labor camps Each prisoner was tattooed a number Worked 12-14 hour shifts Workers would be worked to death Famous Camps: Dachau and Auschwitz Over 15,000 Camps
  • 10. DEATH SQUADS Open, public killings of Jews Mainly occurred once Germany invaded the USSR. Coordinated between SS (German Secret Police) and the local populations Estimated at least 2.2 million people were killed this way