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Epiplex500 enables automated capture of IT driven business processes executed by ‘Subject Matter Experts’ using the widest range of applications, including all major ERP products such as SAP, Oracle, IFS, Infor, Epicor, Microsoft and dozens of others and also from a wide range of other packaged and custom developed applications.

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Learning, Knowledge Transfer & Documentation Solution

  1. 1. Product Datasheet
  2. 2. Epiplex500 Enterprise - Product DatasheetEpiplex500 Enterprise offers advanced process capture, process documentation,simulation and eLearning to enable IT and business units to implement businesstransformations with minimized risk, better user adoption, faster time to competency,continuous process improvement and higher ROI. Epiplex500 Enterprise captures or records business processes from BENEFITS Mainstream Windows, Java, Green screen, IE browser based  Reduce the time, cost & applications, Enterprise applications such as SAP, Oracle, MATLAB, and effort to create and PeopleSoft to name a few, CAD (CATIA, UGNX, etc.), Citrix & .NET + transfer content with - applications. The capture of an SME’s procedural knowledge and best accurate & comprehensive capture of practices is automatic and can be reused collaboratively by multiple a wide array of authors in diverse geographies, editing quickly and efficiently in applications; reusable response to varying business processes. content; faster change & feedback incorporating A single authoring session can be used to generate automated features, and documentation, interactive & media-rich simulations, & eLearning in performance tracking & multiple languages to meet the localization needs of users in different reporting countries. The accuracy, width and depth of the process capture reduce  Save travel cost to client errors and loss in translation of process knowledge, preventing rework locations as SMEs capture and saving time and costs. processes and send content back to content Track & report key performance metrics such as average score, pass/fail developers in offshore rates, number of attempts, time taken for the different simulation sites modes, and also obtain feedback from end users on the simulations,  Prevent knowledge using EpiTracker in Epiplex500. Reports - within a specified time period, leakage during transfer by a certain content type, and for different groups of users – can be generated; exported to Microsoft Excel or printed. The tracked results  Slash costs & time can also be exported to a SCORM compliant LMS. Such analytics provide associated with creating an effective means for monitoring & analyzing end user performance. content in multiple languages Epiplex500 Enterprise is licensed to provide multiple concurrent, portable and perpetual licenses for all software and server components.  Prevent knowledge leakage during transfer The roles of a Subject Matter Expert (SME) and a content developer have been recognized to be disparate, thereby forming the basis of  Slash costs & time providing separate licenses to each, Capture license to the former & associated with creating Developer license to the latter. End user licenses for Epiplex500 content in multiple generated simulations and documents are free and unlimited. languages Internally optimize the usage of Epiplex500 licenses using Epiplex500 License Management System (ELMS) which provides multiple useful reports including license availability and activity. © Epiplex500 Page 2 of 9 2010
  3. 3. Epiplex500 Enterprise - Product Datasheet FEATURES Capture a wide range of Collaborate Optimize the usage of Track & report key + applications to produce asynchronously to Epiplex500 licenses performance metrics documents, simulations, author content. Check- within your enterprise and export to a SCORM- eLearning in multiple in, check-out & version using ELMS compliant LMS using languages using a single control files. Obtain EpiTracker authoring session. automatic alerts & integrate legacy content (Single files) Epiplex500 Enterprise Workflow All trademarks and logos are property of their respective owners © Epiplex500 Page 3 of 9 2010
  4. 4. Epiplex500 Enterprise - Product Datasheet FEATURES 1. Capture: Shadow actions performed on a wide Outputs range of applications converting the sequence of 6. Technical Documents (Software documentation + events into step-by- step instructions with and manuals, User guides, System procedure screenshots. guides, Sign-off documents, Task ‘cue’ cards) 2. Store: Store capture files to reuse them later. o Microsoft Word (.doc) o Acrobat Reader (.pdf) 3. Develop & Edit: Review, compile, sort & o Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt) sequence the steps. Add annotations - callouts o Microsoft Excel (.xls) (help bubbles), sticky notes & audio/video o XML (.xml) – DocBook Compliant elements. o Web documents (HTML) o 4. Enterprise Repository Management Server Classroom Training Resources (ERMS): Web-based application facilitates the o Training slides, management and distribution of content created o Job aids by multiple authors – even if they happen to be o Task ‘Cue’ cards in diverse geographical locations. Capture files o Training manuals can be collaboratively modified or edited quickly and efficiently in response to rapidly varying 7. Simulations (Audio-Visual) & eLearning (Playback, business processes. ERMS also manages different Practice and Test modes) versions of files & integrates Legacy, external o Web based (DHTML)- SCORM® Compliant content. Keeps users informed, of any changes o Flash Movie (.swf)- SCORM® Compliant made to content of their interest, by automatic o Workflow based (DHTML) alerts. 8. EpiTracker: EpiTracker is a tracking & reporting 5. Publish: Documents & Interactive Simulations system for monitoring user competency. It tracks and industry-compliant eLearning. Simulations & reports the usage of simulations (epiLearns), comprise the following modes: assessments & presentations by end users Show: Lets the learner observe the on- screen (content users). Presentations are an assembly interactions as a series of annotated images in a of Epiplex500 generated & other 3rd party simulation. content organized sequentially and presented in Guide: Interactive practice mode; learner a browser. Reports - within a specified time performs the process, provides feedback when period, by a certain content type (epiLearns, the learner does a step incorrectly. assessments & presentations), and for different Test: Assessment mode; tests the understanding groups of users – can be generated & exported to of the learner on the process. It evaluates the Microsoft Excel or printed. The tracked results learner by giving a score. can also be exported to a SCORM compliant LMS. This information is a very useful source for RELATED PRODUCTS monitoring & analyzing end user performance. EPSS 500 EPSS 500 Gateway – Electronic Performance This tracking & reporting system is an Support System indispensable need for enterprises seeking to EpiDOCX –Automated Documentation Tool adopt a holistic approach to accelerating productivity. © Epiplex500 Page 4 of 9 2010
  5. 5. Epiplex500 Enterprise - Product Datasheet Types of Documents: Based on the extent of detail, there are 3 types of Document types: Individual - each step is described with a snapshot, meant for beginners Consolidated - the steps on a single screen are shown with a consolidated image, meant for advanced users High-level – shows the different screens visited with description, meant for experts who use it for lengthy procedures Languages supported: The UI of Epiplex500 is available in English, Japanese and Korean. Epiplex500 Enterprise outputs can be obtained in 23 languages – English, Bahasa, Chinese, French, German, Thai, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Turkish, Czech, Hungarian, Hindi, Kannada, including the right-to-left Arabic and Hebrew scripts. Who use Epiplex500 Enterprise?CUSTOMER USES  Standardize business processes  Create & distribute process knowledge rapidlyProcess Managers  Decrease time to competency & performance  Ensure process compliance  Decrease costs & timelines of projects involving enterprise applicationsBusiness Unit Heads  Improve employee productivity  Improve time to operational efficiency  Reduce dependence on external providers with a solution that gives themBusiness Transformation greater control & simple tools to change business processesGroups  Decrease time & costs of business transformation projects  Create rapid documentation & distribution of process changeChange or Transition  Capture the processes from the client and sign-offManagers  Immediate productivity, rapid adoption of new process reduce risks of non- compliance  Create process & application documentation and rollout trainingIT heads &  Create support & on-boarding manuals, installation guides, user guidesImplementation  Reduce error rates and ensure implementation successManagers  Reduce Help Desk CallsProject Steering  Track suggest changes in during the Project development processCommittee Members  Reduce Post-implementation risks © Epiplex500 Page 5 of 9 2010
  6. 6. Epiplex500 Enterprise - Product Datasheet Features & Benefits Capture Capture Wide Spectrum of Applications Capture on mainstream Windows Java, Green screen, IE browser based applications, Enterprise applications such as SAP, Oracle, MATLAB, and PeopleSoft to name a few, CAD (CATIA, UGNX, etc.), Citrix & .NET applications. Capture applications robustly & accurately Decrease post capture effort for publication-ready content. Reduce the turnaround time for content development. All menu selections, mouse movements and events, typing, drop down lists and other controls are comprehensively captured. Also select the specific region in which you want to capture using the ‘Custom size’ capture option. Employ Templates for Sentence description Automatically generate step descriptions (sentences) for captured steps. Edit, format or create new templates to suit the organization’s consistent style and standard. New sentence formats can be created in different languages as well. Capture Full Motion of objects Enable the SME to record screen actions in the form of a full motion movie. Useful when objects in motion have to be captured and simulated. Typically used in engineering design applications (CAD/CAM) training where 3D objects are used. Record / Attach Audio Record or attach audio files (WAV, MP3, and WMA) to any step of the business process. Use Aliases Some applications do not support capture of objects names like Text Boxes, Dropdown List Boxes, Check Boxes, and Buttons etc. or may not have names for some objects. In such cases, an alias names can be defined which automatically get applied to the object in all future captures on the application. Mask Images Post capture sensitive information can be masked thereby preventing the flow of information into the published content. Secure & Mask Text Post capture any field can be marked as secured and the text can be masked. Once marked as secure, all future captures of that field will be treated as a secure control. Permits securing of sensitive information like password fields and Social Security Number in published content. © Epiplex500 Page 6 of 9 2010
  7. 7. Epiplex500 Enterprise - Product Datasheet Develop & Edit Preview each Process Step as an epiLearn Get a feel of the output immediately using this feature. View the changes made to a process step then and there without having to generate the complete epiLearn. Attach Audio / Video Audio and video files can be attached to the steps of a simulation output. Enable the transfer of the tacit knowledge of the developer to the end users. Use Annotations Provide instructional feedback in the form of hints, tips, encouragement to end users through the various annotations types– Callouts, Sticky notes, Rollovers, etc. Spell Check Check spelling in files with options to check either step-by-step in a process or the complete process. Generate Template based Outputs The simulation and document outputs are template based. Epiplex500 provides various templates along with the product installation. New custom templates can be developed through an editor. Organizations can develop and publish content in accordance with their corporate standards, themes and layouts. Password Protect PDF Secure your PDFs with a password preventing unauthorized people from sharing, viewing, printing or altering them. Document control & rights management is crucial when dealing with sensitive content. Enterprise Repository Management System (ERMS) ERMS is the web-based collaborative content management and distribution system with the following features: Control different versions of files Enable different users – authors, reviewers & publishers- to modify/edit capture files several times without overwriting the original content. Eliminate the difficulty in tracking different versions submitted by the users. Integrate Legacy & External Content with Epiplex500 Content Legacy, External and Epiplex500 generated content can be ‘Checked in’ and ‘Checked out’ of ERMS. Single files of Legacy and External content are supported. © Epiplex500 Page 7 of 9 2010
  8. 8. Epiplex500 Enterprise - Product Datasheet Provide multiple level role based access to users The 3 types of Users – Administrator, Repository Manager & End User – have different domains of tasks/functions. Store Content in a Central Repository Store content in a common location for sharing, facilitating Collaborative authoring, Content management & Authoring development workflows in different geographical locations. Send Automatic Alerts E-mail alerts, sent to Users of a Group when items of interest are ‘Checked in’, modified or edited, notify them regarding any changes made. This provides visibility on the status of the development work. EpiTracker EpiTracker is a tracking & reporting system for monitoring user competency. Create users & content groups. Set preferences or parameters for the information that needs to be tracked for the different content types used by end users. Apply common filters to all generated reports and display key performance metrics including:  Users with results more/less than a specified score  Users who have passed/failed (obtained more than a certain pass score)  Users who have passed/failed  Reports within a specific period of time Export or pass the tracked results to a SCORM compliant LMS. Epiplex500 License Management System (ELMS) The ELMS is the license management system, for organizations, to optimize & effectively use their Epiplex500 licenses. Create users and assign them to groups. Allocate Epiplex500 licenses to groups. Manage them by assigning for specific lengths of time to certain groups. Save you the hassle of deactivating licenses as those which lapse the allotted days will be automatically deactivated and made available for further use by another user. Optimize & plan the usage of licenses with the useful License utilization, availability & allocation reports, obtained daily, weekly or monthly and can be exported to Excel or even printed. © Epiplex500 Page 8 of 9 2010
  9. 9. Epiplex500 Enterprise - Product DatasheetContact UsCall +91 80 4178 5001 to speak to an Epiplex500 representative or write to us at info@epiplex500.comAbout EpianceEpiance is the leading provider of enterprise software that helps companies manage their IT driven businessprocess transformations successfully. Our products deliver a combination of learning, performance support andprocess improvement capabilities that de-risk business change and increase productivity. Epiance can be foundon the web at www.epiplex500.com.This document is a copyright of Epiance Software Pvt. Ltd. and all rights are reserved. It is submitted under strict commercialconfidentiality. No part of this document may be reproduced or disclosed in any form, conventional or electronic, for any reason to anythird party without prior written consent from the authors. © Epiplex500 Page 9 of 9 2010