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  • We all have our standard, conventional ways of doing business. As we jump into the technology future we have expanded to a more web based way of doing PI business. A bonus is that besides sending the usual suspects our press releases photos etc. We can now have them automatically posted to our website, our twitter page and our Facebook page. This enhances our exposure 10 fold while still maintaining our conventional mailing lists to the media both local and regional.News writers are on our subscriber list so they get the messages instantaneously.
  • Listen, Brand, Broadcast, Promote, EngageWho can use it whenWhat can we use it for and when for what reasons we can’t use it (political statements)
  • This is our twitter page. It is not used as much as Facebook probably because we have not built up the followers as much as we have on Facebook. We are following just a few folks but you can see that the FEMA site consistently tweets and for us right now overwhelms the page.
  • This is our Facebook page. We have well over 200 friends on this form of social media. Yes, you may have noticed that I said friends, not fans. I shall elaborate on the topic in a couple of slides. This is where we have been most successful in our social media program. Being linked to the newspaper sometimes we find out about stuff that is going on too.
  • Even if information is repeated in several locations, we are and will continue to inform folks of what is going on who may not be near a radio or TV or newspaper.
  • Not all our duty officers feel comfortable doing this, unfortunately.
  • This is the majority of our use. Tips throughout the year, occasional watch outs, drills, exercises etc.
  • FURLOUGH:Not only were we dealing with our work forces’ comings and goings in Japan and the ship’s avail, but also were hit (as were all of you) with the communication challenges associated with the potential government shutdown. Along with our internal communication tools, Facebook and our website were again a means to communicate with personnel without NMCI computers (4,500+); our work force TDY and overseas; and family members who were already stressed with the events in Japan.Leading up to the approval to release information, we were answering questions with what information we could use (not much) that were coming in on Facebook. This at least let people know we would get them information as soon as we received somethingPosted updates from Captain WhitneyPosted Fact Sheets provided by NAVSEAUsed the Discussions tab on Facebook to collect and update information on FAQs as they came in We reached out to our employees to let them know if they had questions to post and we would work on getting an answer


  • 1. Crisis Communication
    Susan May, Public Information Officer
    Kitsap County Emergency Management
  • 2. Virtual Communication System
    Web based
    Directly to public
    Automatically populates
    S Y S T E M
  • 3.   Kitsap County Social Media Strategy and Policies (April 2010)
    What is it?
    Why do it?
    Some history
    What is out there?
    The “5” levels of engagement
    Comment and Use
    Record retention
  • 4. The KCDEM Twitter Page
    Used to update the community on current events and upcoming exercises
    Used to follow updates from other local, state and federal organizations
  • 5. The KCDEM Facebook Page
  • 6. Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami
    KCDEM staffer logged on to the Facebook page and posted updates from home before leaving for work
    Issued phone numbers to public about finding information on loved ones
    Continuously updated public on unfolding events in order to assist in managing mis-information
  • 7. July 20, 2011 Gas Leak Forces Road Closures and Evacuations
    KCDEM posted road closure and evacuation information within
    20 minutes of the leak being reported
    Continuous updates were posted throughout the event
    KCDEM marked the roads on Google Earth and posted the
    picture of closed roads to avoid confusion
  • 8. Valentines Day Storm
    KCDEM Duty Officer updates public from home and was able to “chat” with community
    Gathered information from Facebook friends on power outages and damage
  • 9. KCDEM Uses Social Media to Advise the Public About Exercises
  • 10. Communications
    Facebook Stats – March 10 – April 8
    Compared to the previous month
    Getting It Done
    • Likes 384 percent
    • 11. Monthly active users 109 percent
    We had more than 691,000 views, an increase of 61 percent with post feedback up 176 percent
  • 12. Using Facebook as a Personal Page VS Business Page
    • Personal Page allows user to invite friends whereas the business page requires people to subscribe, or “Like” your page
    • 13. Personal page permits chat so you can get instant updates without cluttering up your page with postings
  • Using Facebook as a Personal Page VS Business Page
    • Against Facebook policy
    • 14. Tough to get the name you want! Are we Emergency Management, Kitsap Democrats, Kitsap Demolition?
    • 15. No control over advertising that appears on your page (ie. The Naked Winery ad)
  • HootSuite
    Allows posting single message to multiple sites
    Follow community postings on multiple sites in one place
  • 16. Questions?