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Troubleshooting and maintenance fundamentals

Troubleshooting and maintenance fundamentals






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Troubleshooting and maintenance fundamentals Troubleshooting and maintenance fundamentals Presentation Transcript

  • Troubleshooti ng and MaintenanceFundamentalsLearning objectives:1. Make a checklist for troubleshooting the pc2. List common problems and solutions
  • Common Trouble ChecklistProblems with computers can usually come from mistakes done by people. If the hardware and software was used previously, the problem may come from you or PEOPLEWARE! So, start checking fist to make sure hardware and software andeven people are all working before calling for a technician.
  • When troubleshooting your computer, have the following in mind and check it first before calling help. These are commonfaults which anyone of us could have done. Checking this will save you a lot of money and time too.
  • Is your computer plugged in? Sometimes, simple checking if the power cord is plugged to a power source or just tightening a loose cord will already do the trick of fixing the computer. Sometimes, the automatic voltage regulator (AVR) or uninterruptable power supple (UPS) or power strip/surge protector is just turned off.
  • Have you checked all the cords? Thepower cord may be working well but the monitor or keyboard of mouse cords are not well placed. Check it out too. Tighten its connection again.
  • How about other connections? Okay,the computer turns on, the monitor, keyboard and mouse works but you do not have network connection. Check out, if the Ethernet cable is plugged to its correct sockets or the modem/router or network switch is plugged correctly and turned on. You may have to unplug and re-plug this again to make sure and refresh the connection.
  • Unseated cards Yes,you may have Ethernet cables, routers, modems and switches working. Still there is no connection. Have you checked if the network card wiggles? It may have been unseated from its slot. You have to open the computer to properly seat it in the slot for it. Screw it in again on the proper position if needed.
  • Is the phone working with dial tone? Isthe phone jack working? Check out if an ordinary phone has dial tone to ensure that you are connected with a telephone service provider. If a dial tone is not available, then it is your telephone connection that has a problem.
  • Do you have ink toner on the printer? Youmay have just ran out of these supplies. Just put it in and the problem is solved.
  • Have you changed a configuration or installed some software or device lately? Ifso, check out your installation, this may be causing the fault. A simple uninstall and reinstall may be the solution unless this installation has destroyed a lot in your computer.
  • USB insertion does not work Simplyunplug and re-plug your USB device to the USB socket or another USB socket to verify whether the plug to the device is not working.
  • Boot sequence problem What is your setting for boot sequence? Is it from the hard disk, floppy disk or CD ROM? This may be the improper start of your computer. Check the settings for this to fix the problem.
  • Reboot The most common solution to all problems in the computer is rebooting. Most of the time, rebooting cures a lot of problems.
  • CommonProblems and Solutions
  • My monitor is blacked out Make sure the monitor is turned on. Try pressing the power button on the monitor again. Check to see if it’s in sleep mode. Wiggle the mouse around or press the enter key. If the green light is not on in front, check the power cord connecting the monitor into the outlet
  • My monitor is blacked out (cont.) If the green light is on, check the brightness level by using the buttons on the monitor. Check the cable connection from the monitor into the computer or the equipment that links your computer to the TV monitor If you still have some problems, call your help desk.
  • I don’t have any sound Check the cord in the back of the computer to see if the speakers are plugged into the computer. Plug in your speaker cable and then try adjusting the volume control (the speaker icon) on the task bar. Make sure it is not set to mute. Clicking on the sliding tab should make a sound.
  • I don’t have any sound (cont.) Some speakers have a power plug. Check to see if the power cord to the speakers is plugged in and the power light on the speakers is on. Double click on the volume icon on the task bar and the volume control box appears. Make sure the mute button at the bottom is not checked.
  • My machine is stuck and won’t do anything!  Holddown the ctrl key and the alt key at the same time and then tap on the delete key. You will be given a dialog box. Look and see if you see in parenthesis by the application you are working on the following words: If you see this, then click on the name of the application and then select END TASK from the choices in the box below. It may take a few minutes to comply. You may see another box saying the application isn’t responding. Click on END TASK and it will shit down that particular application.
  • My machine is stuck and won’t doanything! (cont.) If the ctrl-alt-del combination doesn’t work, then press the power button on your machine for a few seconds until the power is off. Wait until the green light on your monitor turns amber (usual setting when CPU is off) before turning it on again. This will take about 10-15 seconds. When you reboot, windows should be working well again.
  • More in-depth checking of peripherals
  • Keyboard(things to check when your keyboard doesn’t respond) If your machine when booting, gives off a constant beeping noise, it is telling you that your keyboard is not connected or not working. Check the plug to make sure it’s connected securely. Try unplugging it and re-plugging it again. If there is no response, check the indicator light on the keyboard. Is it on? Do the lights respond when you press the caps lock or the num lock key? If not, maybe your keyboard is broken. Is there a key stuck? Gently pry off the cover and clean it with alcohol. Make sure it is not connected to your machine when you are cleaning it.
  • Mouse If your mouse starts acting erratic, it could be an insufficient memory problem. Reboot and see if that corrects the problem. If your mouse will only move one way, either vertically or horizontally, your mouse may need cleaning. Optical mice need cleaning of its bottom every now and then.
  • Printer Check the cables first. Unplug and re-plug the printer into the computers. Be sure the power cable is plugged in and the outlet works. Check to make sure the correct printer is selected in the print dialog box. If you are on a network, you could be sending the output to a printer in someone else’s room
  • Printer (cont.) Can you print a test page directly from the printer with it unconnected to the computer? Each manufacturer has a special series of buttons to hold down for this self-test. Usually the series will be in the user’s manual Can you print from a different application? Does it only occur with a certain application or is it not working with anything? Reinstall the software. Delete the old drivers first.
  • A Dead PC First check the cable. Unplug it from the outlet. Re-plug in both sides and try booting it again. Check the wall outlet. Plug something else into the outlet see if it works. Turn the system off and wait 30 seconds and then try again. Reach behind the machine and see if you feel air blowing out of the power supply. If you do, then you know the machine is getting some power.
  • A Dead PC (cont.) Look at the keyboard for the indicator lights being lit up as the machine boots. Report observance to the technical help. Sometimes the monitor has something to do with the system acting up. Unplug the power cord from the monitor and the wall and re-plug it. Unplug the cable from the computer to the monitor and re- plug it into the monitor. Try rebooting. Listen to identify a beeping series if there is one, take note of the kind of beep and report it to the technician. Turn in all observations to the technician who will service the unit.
  • Networking First check to see if the cable connecting the network card into the network drop is connected to the drop and to the computer. Check the back of the computer to see of the network card light is on. Check to see if the site you are trying to pull up is at fault by typing in a common URL to see if it will make it out to that site. Check to see if anyone else’s machine is having problems. If everyone is, then it could be the entire office of household block having difficulties. Call the corresponding helpdesk to check the status of the internet
  • Networking (cont.) If the internet connection is off on a particular hallway only, a hub connection could be down or bad. If there is only one machine having problems and the light on the network card is not on, try plugging another machine that works into that drop. It could be that particular drop is bad, or plug the machine that doesn’t seem to work into a different drop to see if it would work there. Record all data and call technical assistance.
  • Problems with Internet If the browser says that the DNS cannot find your page, check if you have typed it incorrectly or if you clicked on a working link. If all is in order, try again as least twice. It may be that there is just a break in your connection for a while. If it does not work, then the DNS may be really be non-existent or not in operation. Sometimes instead of a DNS problem, you have a “Not Found” message. This may mean that the page may be missing or the link is not working. Try some other time or some other day. Try also the main homepage of the site. If you are diligent enough, you can email the webmaster of the said page and ask why the page is inactive.
  • Problems with Internet (cont.) There are times when you get surprised that the page you request loads very fast. Sometimes, the pages you request even load even if you are not connected to the internet. This can be a cached page and loads from memory. If you wonder why the page is not updated, try clicking on the reload button on your browser’s toolbar to make sure that you are getting the latest of this page from the website. If you cannot connect with the ISP, make sure your modem is switched and connected to a phone line. Check if the configuration is correct and the same as originally configured. If apparently connected, check if there is limited or no connectivity by right-clicking by right-clicking on the two networked computer picture on near the clock at the lower right portion of the screen.
  • Problems with Internet (cont.) Surfing takes a long time. Sometimes, there is a peak demand on the internet because there are too many users. This will slow down the connections since the requests come simultaneously and use a main pipe at the same time altogether. Slower modem speed can also be a cause of slow connection. Too many graphics on a website also takes time to load. Some features on the site do not show or function properly. There may be plugins, scripts or controls that are needed on the site. Some browsers have this be default. Sometimes, they have to be downloaded. Check if your browser supports this function.
  • Most Common ErrorCodes and Messages on the Internet
  • Error Message Meaning Solution400 – Bad Request The uniform resource Make sure the URL you locator (URL) is not typed is correct (each accepted or incorrect. letter or character The server may be non- whether upper or lower existent or you are not case including special allowed to access this characters, slashes, page. tildes and colons)401 – Unauthorized These are sites that If you have the requires authority to authority to access a enter. In the US, some site i.e. if you have a .gov sites will only allow password, then use it users coming from .gov carefully and correctly or .edu to access it. type it to gain access. Otherwise, no access Otherwise, do no will be granted. access it if you do not have any authority
  • Error Message Meaning Solution403 – Forbidden This page or Solution is the document is same as error password number 401 protected or your domain is not allowed access404 – Not found The server you are Verify the URL that contacting you typed (all cannot find the characters). Try document or again. If it does page you are not work, try other looking for. It may links on the site no longer exist or which are working you typed a just to check if the wrong URL links do work at all.
  • Error Message Meaning Solution550 – xxxxxx is not This means that Check alla known user you reached the characters to see site’s email server if you typed it but unfortunately correctly. Try also either the used is email address not connected finding tools to there or there is no verify if the email user under that address is correct. name.Bad File Request The form Try another requested is either browser to see if not supported by the problem is still your browser or there. Otherwise, there is an error send an email to the webmaster to notify him of this error.
  • Error Message Meaning SolutionCannot add form This error occurs The Save Assubmission to when a save command to savebookmark list request is issued a page may do and try to the trick instead of bookmark the bookmarking resulting form. This immediately. The means that even saved form can though it is a valid be opened again URL, it cannot by after it is saved reused to put in then you can add your bookmark list. it to your bookmark list.Connection The host server If you have arefused by host does not permit password, try your domain to retyping if slowly enter. It may be again checking password each character to protected too. try to enter the site.
  • Error Message Meaning SolutionFailed DNS lookup The URL you typed Retype the URL. is not valid and Try also reloading cannot be the page. If both resolved by the does not work, domain name then maybe the system. DNS really does not exist.File contains no The site does not Wait for a while asdata have webpages the page is being on it. This may also uploaded. Try show when you again if it does not access the site as work now, try it is being some other time. uploaded.
  • Error Message Meaning SolutionHelper Application Sound files, movie Sometimes, there willnot found clips, graphics, ZIP be a dialog box archive files, or any indicating that a other type of file you helper application is may be trying to needed for this file to download is not show up. Download supported by your this file to allow your browser browser to support this fileHost unavailable This may mean that Try clicking the the server is offline or reload button. If it down for doesn’t work, try maintenance again another time.Host Unknown The server you are Try clicking on the contacting is not reload button. connected or has Sometimes, there is a lost connection. The lapse in the internet URL typed may also connection. be incorrect
  • Error Message Meaning SolutionNetwork connection This is a generic Try clicking the Reloadwas refused by the message to say that button and hope youserver the limit of the can connect, If it is number of people not possible, then try allowed to connect again some other to a server is too busy time.NNTP server error NNTP (Network News Try clicking the Reload Transfer Protocol) is button on the toolbar. the predominant If it does not work, try protocol used by again some other computers (servers time. and clients) for managing the notes posted on newsgroups. An NNTP server is part of your ISP’s software, so if this error occurs, the software may be malfunctioning or the newsgroup does not exist
  • Error Message Meaning SolutionPermission denied The site may be Observe correct busy of FTP is not procedure for allowed when you uploading and are connected to downloading files. an FTP site for Keep trying to uploading or upload or downloading files download. Otherwise, contact the site’s webmaster to report this problemToo many You may need to Try clicking theconnections – try wait for your turn Reload button onagain later. since the limit of the toolbar. If it the number of does not work, try connections to again some other this server has time. been exceeded
  • Error Message Meaning SolutionToo many users Webmasters may Keep trying. Try have set the clicking the number of users to Reload button on a website. It may the toolbar. If it have reached the does not work, try limit. again some other time.Unable to locate The site is either The internet mayhost or server down or under have an maintenance. intermittent Connection to this problem. Check server may have your internet been lost too connection too and try again. Check also if you have typed a correct URL
  • Error Message Meaning SolutionViewer not found This file type Try getting the cannot be viewed viewer or try with your browser loading the file using another browserYou can’t log on This is for Try again toas an anonymous connection to connect. Makeuser and FTP server. sure you have the Anonymous correct username access is not and password. allowed as indicated.