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Runway 2.0 Designer Profile


These are the Designer Bios from some students in the Senior Project class. Up to date RUNWAY 2.0 blog posts here: http://bscrunway.wordpress.com/

These are the Designer Bios from some students in the Senior Project class. Up to date RUNWAY 2.0 blog posts here: http://bscrunway.wordpress.com/

Published in Education , Business , Lifestyle
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    • Name: Meaghan Rea
    • Areas Of interest: knitting, sewing, being a crafty bitch.
    • Inspirations: DIY-ers, my parents (the hippies), recycling, hand crafts
    • Designers / Heroes: My dad is my hero.
    • Parents, thank you for dealing with me, supporting me, inspiring me, funding me, and loving me. Sister, thank you for indulging me, even when I go overboard. Friends, thank you for putting up with mood swings when I’m stressed out and for all of your time helping me with everything. Mark, thank you for being my rock. I love and appreciate all of you.
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    • Name: Crystal Robbins
    • Area Of interest: Fashion Design in the area of womenswear.
    • Inspirations: pastels, metallics, black & white accents, graffiti, and a variety of texture.
    • Designers / Heroes: Ralph Lauren, and Versace.
    • Credits & Thanks: To Mr. Brinson for all of his help, and my wonderful mother for believing in me.
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    • Name: Ti Zhou
    • Area Of interest: Fashion design
    • Inspirations: Arts & popularity (Mental & Physical), simple & humor, perfect & fault. Black and white as basic color, bright or complementary colors as accent.
    • Designers / Heroes: Cristobal Balenciaga as women’s clothes, Hedi Slimane as men’s clothes.
    • Credits & Thanks: Everyone concerned about me, especially my parents, friends, and teachers.
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    • Name: Chelsea Bennett
    • Area Of interest : Apparel Design, Fashion Textiles and Technologies, Textile Marketing and Communications
    • Inspirations: I was inspired by the rotten and destroyed idea of urban decay and the love and devotion idea of romance. I applied a hard and soft edge to my collection by mixing brass bullet shells with romantic silhouettes. All of my designs are symbolic of power, but still have a feeling of love and compassion.
    • Designers / Heroes: My mom, who helped bring out my creativity and my grandma, who gave me my first sewing machine.
    • Credits & Thanks: Thank you God for giving me the ability and strength to create my collection. Thank you dad for buying all my materials, Thanks to my friends who modeled and helped me put my collection together, and thanks to everyone else who has been supportive.
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    • Name: Julia Oakes
    • Area Of interest: Sewing and creating all sorts of things.
    • Inspirations: Existence, the beautiful world around us.
    • Designers / Heroes : Anyone who can be themselves.
    • Credits & Thanks: My family, my friends, my models, my teachers, the production class, and everyone else who has supported and put up with me along the way.
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    • Name: Angela Brown
    • Area Of interest: Woman’s wear
    • Inspirations: Urban houses, layered with romantic vines. The natural vertical flow of the vines inspired a lot of my ruffles to stand upward and not downward. Colors like stucco, brick, wood or cementations siding, purple or red trumpet vine, passionflower, chocolate vine and of course a poisonous green.
    • Designers / Heroes: Badgley Mischka, Donatella Versace
    • Credits & Thanks: To my merchandising team for all their help and cooperation, friends and family for all their support, and of course Mr. Brinson for all his help through out this whole process.
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    • Name: Tiffany Landon
    • Area Of interest: Changes everyday. But, you can’t go wrong with good food, good music, and good people.
    • Inspirations: I pull my inspiration from everything. It could come from anything: someone walking by; a beat in a song; when I’m out sailing with my family; when I’m having a drink with a friend.
    • Designers / Heroes: My family have always been my hero's. But, Chanel for classic style especially when Karl Lagerfeld signed on. Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana are also two of my favorite designers.
    • Credits & Thanks: My family, friends, and teachers .