Time & Attendance Technologies for Tracking the Mobile Workforce


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  • EPAY is in the time and labor management business with an emphasis in dealing with complex and distributed labor organization. Our organization understands all of the challenges and limitations a company like yours faces as it relates to deploying new technology in the field, as well as managing and tracking it’s labor force.Our application drives two main benefits:Reduction in total labor costs by more than 5%Provides tools to assist your organization in lowering it overall risk facing compliancy issuesOtherDistributed labor can present many challenges. Yet, labor is probably your largest cost.Complex pay rules, shift differentials, employees working one task in the morning and a different one in the afternoon. Employees working at customer sites or moving from job to job.IT cannot fly around to configure and setup the sitesResources are not onsiteMost solutions are too costly and aren’t able to handle the data collection across many sites, nor the implementation to get all your sites up and running.
  • Our client base is very diverse with some of the largest manufacturing, retail, health care and services organizations as valued partners. One of the central themes we hear from our clients is that we can mirror the operating environment. Specifically we can handle all the various payroll permutations to ensure accuracy and compliancy for their organization. OtherSince 2001, We are an customer oriented technology company focused on delivering innovative efficient and effective solutions to our clients critical time and labor management issues.Our products and services are used primarily by companies with distributed labor force. Our installations are across many of the nation’s largest retailers, commercial properties, airports and sporting venues. Our clients represent industry leaders in: Janitorial/Building Maintenance – Healthcare –– Security –– Foodservice – Hospitality –– PayrollBlueforce flexibility is built-in; we meet your business needs without upfront custom costs
  • We are in the digital age where information is literally at our finger tips between smartphones and tablets. Have you ever been in conversation where someone poses a question and nobody knows the answer to it? What’s the first thing you do? You’re not looking to go to your computer any more. Maybe a couple years ago that was the case. But not in todays mobile information revolution In 2011, 91.4 million people in the US owned a smartphone compared to 63.2 million the previous year. That’s a 44% increase of users. A study done by comScore revealed that 7% of all US web traffic came from smartphones and tablets with 2/3 of that figure attributed to smartphones. Android OS has the largest market share of 46% with apple iOS with 28%How many people get email to your smartphone or tablet?How many people research from your smartphone or tablet?
  • So, great stats John. However – if we move into the TLM discussion which is important to our listeners, we really want to know who is using Smartphone today. These next few slides are demographics of smartphone users. These figures are important because it shows what percentage of cell phone users and what age groups and what their average income isLooking at this graph we see that nearly half of cell phone users use a smartphone
  • By age we see that the majority of people use a smartphone up to the age group of 55-64.Another trend you can see that there has been an increase of users at the very least of 10% for each age group excluding 65 and olderThe highest climb was in the 18-24 year olds with a climb of 18% with 45-54 year olds at 16%This trend will continue
  • By ethnicity. Each group is increasing.I’m not going to dwell on this too long.
  • Again we look at this trend as increasing and household income doesn’t matter.Users need to be connected. They need to share their facebook updates or jump onto linkedin. Check fantasy footballLook at their work e-mail. Read reports. Do research.- So these figures are great and you are saying, who cares. This is why you should care. POLLING QUESTIONDo you think the usage of smartphones by hourly laborers in North America will increase, stay the same, or decrease over the next two years?
  • So John, why are businesses are embracing mobile technology?Employees want to be productive and feel like they accomplish things during the day.And they are willing to bring their own devices to the workplace to help them. Juniper research shows that 150 million employees worldwide bring their own device to work and this number is expected to grow to 350 million by 2014. There are other benefits from going mobile as well. The above graph was a survey done by xcubelab.The largest factor at 73% is to increase efficiency in how your employee works. Giving them access to data in real time helps the employee make a quick decision rather than going up the food chain to make the decision.
  • So what are you seeing HR decision makers forecasting as the future usage of mobile technology?An ADP survey shows that large and mid-size companies see about 40% of its employees using mobile technology for everyday work activitiesWhile 50% surveyed feel that this number will continue to grow over the next 2 years.POLLING QUESTION: What do you see is the biggest benefit of using mobile technology to track your employees’ time?Automating time-trackingLow cost time-collection deviceKnowing where your employees punch in and punch out
  • So why do you want to consider integrating mobile solutions into your time and labor management?You might have a Mobile workforce thatwork at multiple locations andA time clock is just not feasible on siteThere is also a time saver by automating the time trackingAnd get rid of paper timesheets. Meaning you remove manual entry of timesheets to your payroll system and remove human errors.Also know where your employees are. You don’t want them clocking in early or late when they aren’t on site. GPS services are available on all smartphones
  • With that,EPAY Systems is pleased to announce Blueforce Mobile for the Blueforce™ TLM Solution. John, what makes our solution so great?Blueforce Mobile is a Native developed application available for both iPhone and Android devices.
  • Some key features of the application.Obviously the employee can clock in and out where their GPS coordinates are captured at that time.Also, as soon as the punch is made, it appears onto Blueforce. I will be give a live demo of this as well.If data services are not available there is an offline mode where employee can still make their punch and stored locally but will not be sent over until data services are restoredA key feature is that the supervisor has the ability to punch employees in as they see them, in a feature called group punch
  • So, John let’s wrap up with some of the key features of Blueforce Mobile
  • Time & Attendance Technologies for Tracking the Mobile Workforce

    1. 1. Time & Attendance Technologies for Tracking the Mobile Workforce EPAY Systems, Inc.EPAYsystems.comEPAYsystems.com
    2. 2. Introducing you to EPAY • Who is EPAY Systems? • Why are businesses turning to mobile solutions? • What are the benefits integrating mobile solutions into your time and labor management?EPAYsystems.com 2
    3. 3. EPAY is designed to meet the needs of your complex, distributed workforce • Reduce your labor costs by 5% or more • Keep you in control and in complianceEPAYsystems.com 3
    4. 4. In Time with YouComplex pay rules? Mobile workforce, union contracts, multiple job assignments?No problem! Uniquely flexibleEPAYsystems.com 4
    5. 5. Real Time Data Collection Data Data Export Collection 1 3 Payroll 2 Secure Web Management – Data Exchange Payroll ProcessorEPAYsystems.com 5
    6. 6. Smartphone Ownership • 44% increase in smartphone ownership • Smartphones to outsell PCs • 7% web traffic from smartphones and tablets • Android OS most popular with 46% market share iOS with 28% *Graph provided by GO-Gulf.comEPAYsystems.com 6
    7. 7. User DemographicsEPAYsystems.com 7
    8. 8. User Demographics By AgeEPAYsystems.com 8
    9. 9. User Demographics By EthnicityEPAYsystems.com 9
    10. 10. User Demographics By IncomeEPAYsystems.com 10
    11. 11. Why Business is Turning To Mobile Major business benefits driving mobile computing Increase efficiency Employee productivity Improved customer relations Increase sales Improve decision making Employee satisfaction Gain competitive advantage Reduce cost of doing… 62% 64% 66% 68% 70% 72% 74% Source: xcubelab.comEPAYsystems.com 11
    12. 12. Mobile usage will continue to grow 38% 52% of employees of HR decision makers think use mobile tech the employees’ use of mobile for workday will increase over next 2 activities, and years Large 42% 47% of employees use of HR decision makers think mobile tech for the employees’ use of mobile workday activities, and will increase over next 2 Mid-size years Source: ADP HR/Benefits Pulse Survey, July 2011EPAYsystems.com 12
    13. 13. Why Take Your TLM Mobile?Easy Time-Tracking for theMobile Workforce• For the employees on-the-go• Where a time clock is not feasible• Save labor costs by automating time tracking• Verify employee location via GPSEPAYsystems.com 13
    14. 14. Transform your Smartphone into a Time ClockEPAYsystems.com 14
    15. 15. Blueforce Mobile OverviewKey Features:• Employee Clock InOut• Supervisor Employee Group Punch• Capture GPS Coordinates• Integrate with Blueforce™ TLM System• Works in offline mode• Enter free from comments with punches EPAYsystems.com 15
    16. 16. Put Blueforce Mobile to Work for You Easy to Use • Users receive instant punch confirmation • Get real-time email and/or text alerts for late/absent employees • Help is just one click awayEPAYsystems.com 16
    17. 17. Put Blueforce Mobile to Work for You Hard to Outsmart: GPS Verification • Capture date, time, and GPS location • Punches made outside authorized worksite are flagged • Automatic backup plan if cell service is downEPAYsystems.com 17
    18. 18. Put Blueforce Mobile to Work for You Adapts to Fit Your Workforce • Configure for single employees or group • Managers can classify by location, task, or work ticketEPAYsystems.com 18