The 21st Century Mapping Agency


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Technology trends and developments at the Ordnance Survey @ British Computer Society Geospatial SG inaugural meeting, May 2006

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The 21st Century Mapping Agency

  1. 1. The 21st Century Ordnance Survey Ed Parsons Chief Technology Officer
  2. 2. Who is Ordnance Survey ?
  3. 3. Great Britain's national mapping agency
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  5. 5. Information, not just a map osgb10000005575721
  6. 6. • Uses cutting-edge surveying techniques to update and enhance database • Developing one of the worlds largest spatial databases • Continually introducing new ways to deliver GI to meet market demand • Active participant in global GI community initiatives • Worldwide reputation for championing innovation and technology
  7. 7. 99.6% Agency Performance Monitor 99.6 % of significant real-world features are represented in the database within six months of completion
  8. 8. Populating the database Aerial Survey 1 billion features GPS Field Capture “As built” CAD drawings
  9. 9. Exploiting the database Printed maps Digital Data Web Services Partners
  10. 10. Delivery online ..
  11. 11. Delivered by partners
  12. 12. Ordnance Survey key facts.. • Ordnance Survey is solely funded through the licensing of information products and services • 2005-6 Profit of £ 7.9m on a turnover of £117.7m • Nearly 55% of revenue is now from the private sector • Paid dividend £2.6m to UK Government stakeholder
  13. 13. Maintaining the National Geospatial database 21
  14. 14. GPS Antenna Centimetre accuracy Antenna Tablet PC RTK GPS Customised Field editing software GPS Receiver and Wireless Data modem
  15. 15. OSNET - RTK network Church Lawford Met Office Station
  16. 16. Pilot’s HUD Links to GPS & Inertial Measurement Unit £1m Flight Data Storage 3 x 300 GB RAID Disk packs DMC Sensor Equivalent 106 Megapixel 4 CCD Camera
  17. 17. The “new” geographic consumer..
  18. 18. Not your granddad anymore.. • Don’t remember life before the internet • Instant gratification • Issue rather than “political” motivation • Member of a global community..
  19. 19. where is everywhere..
  20. 20. Pervasive location GPS Absolute location RFID Relative location Ultra-sound/laser range finding
  21. 21. Web 1.0 & LBS where = peripheral
  22. 22. User Location enabled Application application Application Application Location API stack Portal toolkit Network Access
  23. 23. User Location enabled Application Application Application application Portal toolkit stack Location API Network Access
  24. 24. Where passive to active...
  25. 25. Enhanced situational awareness Distance to Police Station 120m Distance to Post Office 90m
  26. 26. Enhanced situational awareness Distance to Police Station 60m Distance to Post Office 40m
  27. 27. Enhanced situational awareness Video Copyright Edinburgh University 2005
  28. 28. Product Simplicity OS MasterMap Topo Land-Line OS MasterMap Address AddressPoint 1:10 000 Raster OS MasterMap ITN £ Landplan Meridian 2 Code-Point OSCAR AM TM OSCAR Superplan plots Landform Profile Plus OS MasterMap Imagery 1:25 000 Raster OS Streetview Code-Point polygons OS Locator 1:50 000 Raster Interest Points of Superplan data Vector 1:250 000Strategi Raster Raster MiniScale detail
  29. 29. Product Simplicity DLM 250K ? DLM 100K ? on ti sa £ li ra DLM 10K ? e en G Vector Source DLM Raster detail
  30. 30. On Demand OGC Web service “Thick”/”Thin” OS OS OS Customer Client Database Publishing Server OGC Web service “Thick”/”Thin” OS Partner OS OS OS Customer Client App Server Database Publishing Server
  31. 31. Location Based Services future.. where = a driver
  32. 32. Thank you..