Fairphone - Unboxing and first impressions


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First impressions from the first day with a Fairphone. If you are not familiar with the concept, check http://www.fairphone.com/ - If you are not sure wether to buy one or not, check this presentation. #wearefairphone

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Fairphone - Unboxing and first impressions

  1. 1. or First impressions, Day 1
  2. 2. 1. Is it a “seriously cool“ smartphone like advertised? 2. Can it become my primary smartphone?
  3. 3. Unboxing & hardware It comes in a pretty cool, small & flat box. See iPad Air for comparison. If you grew up in Germany during the 70‘s & 80`s, where anything made outside its borders was considered inferior, bragging about “Made in China“ feels a little weird.
  4. 4. Unboxing & hardware Look & feel is great. The phone is heavier than my HTC One X+, but not too heavy – in fact, the few extra grams add a feeling of “rock solid work“ to that first impression. Especially the metal back cover makes it feel more valuable than all those plastic phones – most of them cost more than the Fairphone‘s 325 Euro price.
  5. 5. Unboxing & hardware They wrote a lot of stuff and the instructions are designed nicely, but as always I wouldn‘t read anything. A smartphone has to be fully accessible without instructions. The phone opens super-easily: it makes you wonder if the back cover won‘t fall off after some intensive usage. But for now - very cool. Also note the two SIM slots for two cards.
  6. 6. Unboxing & hardware Not so cool: the camera and the microphone stick out of the back cover. When the phone lies flat on a table, it wiggles massively. No cables, no earphones, because you have that stuff already. Probably. At least you get a postcard with a drawing of a charger .-)
  7. 7. Unboxing & hardware iPad photo of Fairphone in comparison to my 18-month-old HTC One X+, which was easily 70% more expensive at the time. They don‘t feel so different that you could say one is an “upper class“ and the other a “middle class“ smartphone. The fairphone can compete.
  8. 8. First experience Fresh design and a surprisingly fast loading battery. After less than 30 minutes it showed 76% I assume the battery was pre-loaded, this cannot be the standard loading time. When you start the phone, a pretty cool animation with music starts. Watch it here starting at 4:10 min: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sW3T5qOjkuE
  9. 9. First experience Set up is super-easy as you know it from other smartphones. Google Apps are not preinstalled, though. It is not so time-consuming as you might think, all the installations and updates work pretty fast.
  10. 10. Unique Features Nice feature – one of the home screens will give you quick access to your most popular apps. “Enjoy some peace“ – you can access a feature that makes it easy to completely mute your phone – no emails, no text, no notifications, no nothing. I think i will use that more during meetings than for some peace, but it seems useful anyhow.
  11. 11. Photos Fairphone Sufficient results, but nothing fancy. More problems with light/darkness than you are used to, but manageable. HTC One X+
  12. 12. Camera I guess it‘s the hardware that makes a camera expensive, because this one is loaded with software and features. Panorama photos, multi-angle-pictures, smile recognition, you name it.
  13. 13. Camera There‘s also a more-than-enough-offer of filters, editing features and whatever you can think of. I‘d still recommend Instagram, but that‘s the same with my current phone.
  14. 14. Screenshots Typical Android fun. You can design your home screens with apps and widgets. I seriously doubt close to 19 hours of battery time, but my first experiences are positive. You can easily attach anything to a text message, use up to 64GB SD card, and there‘s a full power file manager pre-installed.
  15. 15. Problems I had problems connecting the Fairphone to both my Windows 7 and Mac computers. They did not simply recognize the phone as a USB device. Although several Android devices were connected to the same PC already, I had to find & download new drivers for MT65xx. Then, phone and SD storage are accessible.
  16. 16. 1. Is it a “seriously cool“ smartphone like advertised? YES 2. Can it become my primary smartphone? MAYBE It really seems to be a seriously cool smartphone. Considering this is the first phone of a company that was funded by people like me through Kickstarter, it is way cooler than I expected. This thing is a competitive smartphone. And it works just fine. Plus it sends a message: You CAN build & sell fair products that are actually good AND not overpriced. I am not sure if it can replace my typical primary smartphone (that always comes from the 500 €+ range) since I use them for business as much as private, and I got very used to HTC sense over the years. But I am convinced enough that I will try this out in a not-so-busy week soon.