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Open Letter to the Film Industry
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Open Letter to the Film Industry


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I am working on this theory that there are "because of" brands and services and the opposite to it, "in spite of" businesses. The film industry is one of the examples for an "in spite of"-business. …

I am working on this theory that there are "because of" brands and services and the opposite to it, "in spite of" businesses. The film industry is one of the examples for an "in spite of"-business. Being a movie junkie, I buy their stuff like crazy, but not because of the way they present it. In fact, they keep annoying me and if i wouldn't be so lazy, i would have become a pirate, probably. This is just a good opportunity to vent and maybe even introduce some marketing basics into the discussion about media distribution.

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  • 1. Dear
    Film Industry

  • 2. beforewestartwiththepresentation
  • 3. WARNING
    The following presentation hasbeenpublishedbymyself, but that does not mean that every thinkable right concerning anything in that presentation has been handedovertoanyone. For example, recording anything i say during a presentationofthis deck or capturing any image of the slideswhile I am showingthemmightormight not beunderanycopyrightprotection. I simply do not know. I just wanted to show that it may feel strange for someonewhoexpectscontent, oractuallyevenhaspaidforcontent, to be told – first thing – what he cannot or should not do with it. If you want to build fruitful relations to end consumers, it may be a better choice to treat them not as potential criminals first; and if so, explain to them why that is. A simple „thank you for purchasing“ before showing that warning may be nice. However, to make a text like this more scary, some figures along with currency signs should be shown. For example, I couldcometoyourcompanyandpresentthis deck for
    250,000 US$
    With some negotiation, i might even settle for less. You may give it a try.
  • 4. I hopeyoutook 20 secondsor sotolookatthatscreen.
  • 5. I couldhaveevenput in somemorelanguageversionsof it.
  • 6. But thatcouldhavebeenboring.Let‘sgettothepresentation.
  • 7. In a moment.
  • 8. Do not miss moregreatstuffthat I published
  • 9. Right outof Berlin, Germany…
    „i will usethat in myowncompany“
  • 10. … comes a great deck …
    „Featuredpresentation“ on slideshare.nethomepageOver 2000 views after 3 days
  • 11. Check outInfluenceofsocialmediaon marketingcommunication
  • 12. Out now!
  • 13. I thinkthepointcameacross.
  • 14. Didn‘tit?
  • 15. Fromtheguybehind
    „Influenceofsocialmedia on marketingcommunication“
  • 16. comes a new, refreshingmasterpiece
  • 17. Check outWeb 2.0 andbigcorporations
  • 18. Slideshare Top presentationoftheday
  • 19. Annoying?
  • 20. We‘renearlythere.
  • 21. Onemorequestion.
  • 23.
  • 24. Youinvested time towatchthepresentation so far.I gaveyounothing.Feelsbad?
  • 25. Customers investtime andmoneytoget a DVD orBlueRay.
  • 26. Each time theyuseit, youmakethemgothrough an experiencelikethis.
  • 27. So let‘sgettothepoint.
  • 28. producedwith
  • 29. on a machineby
  • 30. whenpresented on theroad, on a machineby
  • 31. published via
  • 32. and on myownblog
  • 33. under heavy usageof
  • 34. and i just likethatbrand.
  • 35. Are you still there?
  • 36. Anyvaluefroma bunchoflogosbeforetheactionstarts?
  • 37. Now i wouldliketoplaysomeannoyingmusic in a menuandrevealthatthepromised „specialfeatures“ aresomemorecommercials.
  • 38. But thatwouldn‘tbe fair. In the end, welovegreatmovies.
  • 39. So hereare a fewtipsforthefuture.
  • 40. You will probably not put an end topiracyandincreaseyourmarginsby 20%.
  • 41. But wouldn‘titbeniceifpeopleboughtyourstuffbecauseofthewayyoupresentitand not in spiteofit?
  • 42. DO
    • Treatcustomerslikesomeoneyouvalue
    • 43. Appreciatethattheybuyyourproducts
  • 44. DON‘T
    • Annoycustomerswithbehaviourlayed out in thefirst 35 slidesofthis deck
    • 45. FromoneofGermany‘sleadingblogs:
    a pirategetsthis
    and a payingcustomerthis
  • 46. DO
    • Builddirectcustomerrelations –theymightbeuseful in a futurewith non-physicalmoviedistribution
    • 47. Andtheseare also the „non-pirates“, bytheway
    „Arrrr, You must be a pirate, then!“
  • 48. DON‘T
    • Tell people not tosteal. Nooneelsedoes.Becausepeopleknowitalready.
  • 49. DO
    • Work on a standardthatmakesitpossibletousepaidcontent on different devices
  • 50. DON‘T
    • Dictatewheretostorecontentandwhichdevicetouse
  • DO
    • Publishfortheniche
    • 51. Yourfutureis in longtail, too
    The TonightShow‘sself-pleasuringbearbehindthescenesouttakes
  • 52. DON‘T
    • Artificiallydepleteaccesstoyourstuffwith „regioncodes“ in a worldthatdoes not knowbordersanymore
    • 53. Wedon‘twantto block friends in Facebookbecausetheyalready talk about24 Season 8 a yearbeforeweseeit
  • DO
    • Usepackagingas a marketingtool just likeanyother FMCG industrydoes
  • DON‘T
    • Overdo it.
  • DO
    • Appreciateuserinvolvementandfreepromotionwhenreallycreatingsomethingnew out of original, copyrighted material.
  • DON‘T
    • Hunt down everyonewhouploads a trailer. Samples mightactuallybegoodforsales.
  • 54. The End
  • 55. Thankyouforyourpatience.
  • 56. There‘smorewherethatcamefrom.
  • 57. Thispresentationisimpossibletoshowwithroyalty-freeimages. I tookthelibertyofintegratingpicturesfrom all overthe web.
    If I usedyourpictureandyouwantmetotakeit off, please email ,
    I will do so immediately. Thankyou.