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manifesto full update


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  • 1. Mid Term update – HE Governor campaign
  • 2. Introduction
    I’m now Halfway through my term as Environmental executive officer, and at the end of my term as Further Education Governor. Having moved on to Higher Education (HE) I now find myself standing for a second term as Governor in the latter sector.
    Here is an update to my original Environmental Manifesto, both updating you on progress and new pledges; and, as the year goes on how some have developed.
  • 3. Section 1: Mid term Pledge update.
  • 4. Project Picasso
    • Participation In the Community And Soft Skills Outcomes, is a project devised by the colleges change teams as a pilot this academic year and if successful, college wide the following academic year.
    • 5. The pilot is working in tutorial groups throughout the year.
    • 6. The website logo and other materials were completed as requested.
    (Like the logo below)
    A webpage, logo, and basic videos have been developed. The work has now been passed on.
    “To Create Community”
  • 7. Environmental Work
    • There is a fledgling student Eco warrior group as well as a strong staff group.
    • 8. As part of the project team, my pilot has helped steer the college from 7.6% recycling to peaking at over 70%.
    • 9. Due to a low uptake at fresher's, large scale talks have been scrapped. However I am speaking in tutorial sessions, and with the success of the last year Eco-Warriors are reaching new heights.
    “To Improve Our Working Environment”.
  • 10. Environmental Work
    • Liberte fitness have yet to be contacted, this is a venture I will take up in the warmer spring weather. When I will try and arrange trial sessions for free with our sports officer.
    • 11. “Connecting with Norwich's World class sustainable research such as the John Innes centre and the UEA.” – In the second half of my manifesto my new pledges will display how I now plan to expand with Eco Warriors.
    • 12. Norwich’s bid was unsuccessful and the city of culture prize went to Londonderry, however the college backed the bid every step of the way.
    • 13. “To Promote City College among Norwich’s Elite in environmental work alongside Norwich county councils ‘Normal for Norfolk’ campaign. And seek the UK’s first ‘green skills’ qualification to be taught in city college.” As you read this the college and our project team are making a ‘sustainable living’ module that will be an optional choice module in Btec’s and other courses.
    “To promote sustainability.”
  • 14. Student Top Talks
    • With open invites to students, staff and relevant external sources to attend, student top talks is a fresh version of those hosted at st Andrews house.
    • 15. There will be presentations and open discussions on issues concerning the college, including each of our college weeks, such as ‘Green Week’ and ‘LGBT’.
    • 16. Opening with the 5C’s talk in the autumn term (City College Co-Curricular Chat)
    “To Inspire and Lead.”
    I am currently leasing with members and staff and students to found out a method where these would prove successful.
  • 17. Student Representation structure.
    • I’ve consistently forced the advertising of the 14-16 Exec officer, in the student magazine and around our advertising. Soon the position may be filled.
    • 18. “The creation of student ‘change teams’ to work within the college strategy and the creation of a college senate, to stream line discussions and idea proposals in higher management at CCN.” When the new change teams are launched in January I will make sure at least one is entirely student based.
    • 19. The creation of a st. Andrews house Exec officer or equivalent position to create stronger, inter-campus relations.
    • 20. “Events, such as ‘Sab on a sofa’ and ‘Tea with Tom’ to create a friendly approachable relationship with students.” – The sabbatical officers have adopted this and are running sessions soon.
    • 21. “Creation of a speech bubbles wall in the AA corridor showing student opinion.” I will look into completing this in conjunction with a new pledge (see section two).
    “To shout your whisper.”
  • 22. Student Voice
    • I recently led and advised on a vegetarian campaign and one to obtain a student bar.
    • 23. I will continue to voice problems and answers to students. Taking any issue to staff and college management. Including any new campaigns.
    “To Inform And Advise.”
  • 24. Student Jobs
    • I have continued to work with local business leaders and local MP’s for better job prospects. for students.
    • 25. “I will Pilot on a collaboration with Endsleigh Insurance, as an area of good practise, to lead the way for FE colleges.” –They came to Fresher’s Fair and will continue to work with the college.
    -”I will help run a pilot scheme on youth employment with Tribe.” This Begins this autumn.
    “To Fight For Your Future.”
  • 26. Societies
    • The Eco group is few in number but we are recruiting many and very quickly, with aims to be City College’s biggest society.
    -The prayer room is open but not well advertised – see section two.
    -”Student Vegetarian / Vegan group and campaigns.” – see section two
    - (One to watch out for) This year is my research phase for my three year plan to possibly implement a house’s system within city college (think Harry Potter’s Gryffindor) . The aim is to create more inter school relationships and community development within City College. – see section three
    “To Create Pride And Community.”
  • 27. Finance
    • “A Dragons Den type forum for students who want to sell items in the new Chapelfield store.” – This will be discussed in Student Parliament.
    • 28. “Clear help and support for all students within City College’s demographics, regarding the Parliament vote on Higher Education Fees this year.” At Fresher’s I signed up 50 people for the demonstration which I’ll be at in London.
    • 29. A proposed 5% profit margin for college run cafe’s (for example, inspirations, and debut) with 2.5% of the margin going to the student union and reinvestment in the hotel school respectively. –see finance section 2
    “To Inspire and Lead.”
  • 30. National Collaborations
    • The College cleared up the details of courses with UCAS with no need for interjection from me.
    • 31. The College now uses the open facilities, but I will continue looking into making this free.
    -”In collaboration with other colleges I will help form an Independent Complaints body for all Further Education students, similar to the long standing Higher Education equivalent.” See section two.
    • The Exec exchange is being organised by our current sabbatical officers.
    • 32. Having left my ambassadorial role, I do not believe Youth Parliament can benefit the college, so I have discontinued this pledge for now.
    “To Pioneer And Lead”.
  • 33. City College Going Global
    -In collaboration with the NUS I plan to obtain places abroad, in places such as China, Japan and Brazil. This will be for students at City College to work voluntarily, all expenses paid. These places will be awarded to exceptional students, and competition winners throughout the year.
    See section two
    “To Reward And Learn.”
  • 34. “To Give Opportunity.”
    Personal targets:
    • “Doubling the college level of recycling.” Not only have I helped double the college’s recycling I’ve helped increase it ten fold.
    • 35. “Increasing College wide participation in all activities.” With more Reps, societies and Exec officers than ever, the Student Union is stronger than ever, with many more people participating.
  • Section Two
    Higher Education Governor
  • 36. Mid Term update – HE Governor campaign
  • 37. Environmental Pledge
    Now that with the Eco Warriors I’ve brought college recycling up to over 70% (from 7.6%), we believe this is acceptable for the time being. This year our new focus is energy reduction, and even with our aim of 20% reduction it will prove a lot more difficult. However it will be done:
    Mass recruitment of staff and students.
    Collaboration with the UEA. Huge publicity, a website, a new logo, a newsletter, and more.
    College wide competition, and a place at the world skills London, showcasing Eco-warriors to up to 40,000 visitors a day.
  • 38. Campus Pledge
    With more and more students at City College, it’s time we think creatively about common areas, and our café’s where the college is loosing thousands to the surrounding city’s facilities. Although this is a matter of choice for students, we can still improve our campus:
    Helping create a HE only study and relaxation area in the Information store.
    I will continue perusing the college for a student bar.
    An independent student café (see financial section)
  • 39. Communications Pledge
    The problem with any institution is it’s ability to talk to its people on the ground. Although I will continue to talk on a personal level with students, I believe better advertising is needed. Here are the three advertising schemes I have for this Mid-term:
    Eco-Warrior recruitment internally, with the possibility of external advertising.
    Advertising for the College’s chapel, so students know where to pray, and contemplate if need be.
    I will push to advertise and publish the ‘HE only’ zone in the Information store. By proposing a logo and poster scheme.
  • 40. Financial Pledge
    Undoubtedly we have a strong student union, if not the best for a Further Education college. But I want us to be the best in the country, above University Unions, and in a capitalist society that comes down to money. The next step for a student union, is expanding into it’s own business’. The average University union generates two-thirds of their income outside of their block grant, and we can do the same.
    A Tithe on college student services (debut, hairdressing etc.) Which will be split equally between the respective school and the Student union.
    Beginning a turnover for the magazine, and Eco warrior turnover.
    Buying up and launching Student Union services:
    • See next page.
  • Financial Pledge
    • A student run café, - what you ask for, gets served.
    plans include taking over the unsuccessful Mondo’s Café and replacing it with ‘sufo’ (Student Union Food Outlet)
    • Taking over the College’s stationary shop, and adding a Post Office facility, for banking and mailing.
    • 41. Class and College hoodies of your design, colour and choosing, as well as other college merchandise.
    • 42. Using the Unions storage space, setting up a ‘freecycling’ platform accessed through the eco warrior website. Where you can exchange anything from an old text book to an old bike, for an item of your choice –for free!
    • 43. Selling Union stock online through Amazon, like old text books and furniture, if they don’t get used in Freecycling.
    • 44. Student Union Cinema, yes you read correctly. Using the forum and college facilities to see the latest films, at affordable prices.
    • 45. Reimbursing students who become financially disadvantaged
    by attending a student union event. (Like a society meeting, not party’s)
    • Monetising the Union Magazine through advertising.
  • Research Pledge
    The Student Union needs to begin taking annual surveys in different areas, to give evidence based, rather than opinion based results on student services. These surveys will be fully visible to students and I believe they should be in the following areas:
    Student Experience
    CCN Students at Work
    CCN Emissions Survey – This shall be part of the Eco Warriors Energy Pledge.
  • 46. Reward Pledge
    There are 14-16, FE and HE awards. Now I will push for an annual Student Union award ceremony.
    These will be awarded at the Forum, with an evening dedicated to their achievements. Societies can also set up their own awards ‘Debater of the year, Eco warrior of the year.’
    • Campaign of the year
    • 47. Campaigner of the year
    • 48. School rep of the year
    • 49. Class rep of the year
    • 50. Sports student of the year
    • 51. Society of the year
    • 52. Services to a society award
    • 53. Service to the community award
    • 54. Union Alumni Award.
  • Nominated for NUS student representative of the year 2010. Nominated for AoC Student of the year 2010.