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SharePoint Branding - Change Your Look


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A SharePoint Branding 101 session originally presented at SharePoint Saturday Silicon Valley, June 2012

A SharePoint Branding 101 session originally presented at SharePoint Saturday Silicon Valley, June 2012

Published in: Technology
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  • Transcript

    • 1. Your SharePoint Branding ExpertsSharePoint Branding: Change Your Look Eric Overfield SharePoint Branding Evangelist PixelMill
    • 2. Agenda• Introduction and Session Overview• What is Branding?• Branding Options in SharePoint• How Can We Apply Branding to SharePoint?
    • 3. Introduction – Eric Overfield, PixelMill• Founder and SharePoint Branding Lead, PixelMill• Working with SharePoint since 2004• Web Designer since 1998• Located in Davis, CA• Blog:• @EricOverfield•
    • 4. What Do We Mean By Branding?• Historically the practice of burning your mark (or brand) ontoyour products• One’s “Brand” became a trust mark• Brand recognition under many conditions • As in Print, TV, Radio, and Web
    • 5. Branding and the Web• Act of Applying one’s brand to the web, i.e. Corporate DesignGuidelines• Provide unified experience between web and non-web interaction• Fancy word for Web Design • i.e. The look and feel of the site, fonts, colors, layouts, images, etc
    • 6. Why do we Brand SharePoint?
    • 7. Does this Reflect Your Identity?
    • 8. How About Now?
    • 9. What Can Branding Accomplish?• Identifies your site• Consistent experience with other web presence• Drive end user Adoption • Improve the User Experience • Make it Personal • SharePoint can be Intimidating • Chance to Improve Features • Distinction between Indifference and Excitement
    • 10. Branding and SharePoint• SharePoint provides specific ways to apply a Brand• Logo• Themes• Custom CSS• Master Pages• Page Layouts• Javascript (jQuery)• and more
    • 11. Elements of a SharePoint Page• Master Page • General Site Elements• Content • Page layouts vs Wiki layout• Theme• Custom CSS, Images, JS, etc
    • 12. How Do We Get Started?• Determine your goals and Expectations• Build your team • Make a plan: More features = More time (Normally) • Based around your goals and plan (the more experienced the team, usually faster)
    • 13. Gather Your Site Requirements• Talk to End Users – What do they need to do with this site?• What kind of Site Template(s) will be used? • Collaboration, Publishing, Search, etc?• How much effort do you want to put into this?
    • 14. Multiple Ways to Brand SharePoint• How you are going to Brand depends on • Foundation or Server? • Site Template(s) you plan to use • Time requirements and effort
    • 15. Minimal Effort• Many useful OOTB options• No coding or SharePoint Designer required• Change the Logo• Apply a Theme• Build a custom Theme • Built in the Browser or in an Office product like PowerPoint
    • 16. Minimal Effort Demo
    • 17. Intermediate Effort• Semi-custom site with some web experience required• Requires some understanding of html and css• Use alternative css to apply custom CSS styles• Use SPD to make simple changes to a Master Page
    • 18. Intermediate Effort Demo
    • 19. Maximum Effort• For site that require unique layout• Other options will not cut it• Must have experience in html, css, SharePoint Designer, even JavaScript • Experience with Asp.NET a plus as well• Will include custom Master Page(s), custom CSS and custom Page Layouts• Good for: • Public facing sites • Heavily styled Intranet / Extranet sites
    • 20. Maximum Effort Demo
    • 21. Limits?• SharePoint can look like, and do, anything• Really•
    • 22.
    • 23.
    • 24.
    • 25. Tips and Tricks• Use a starter Master Page • (by Randy Drisgill) • sharepoint-master-pages/ (by Heather Solomon) • (by Eric Overfield)• CSS Reference Chart (by Heather Solomon) •
    • 26. Tips and Tricks• Books, get them, reference them • Professional SharePoint Branding and User Interface Design Wrox Programmer to Programmer by Randy Drisgill et al • Practical SharePoint 2010 Branding and Customization aPress by Erik Swenson • Pro SharePoint Designer 2010 aPress by Steve Wright• Make Your Own Versions of Files! Do not Overwrite Hive Files• IE Developer Toolbar and Firebug for Firefox
    • 27. The Must Have Tool for Branding Demo
    • 28. Summary• Branding SharePoint can be done• Branding SharePoint should be done• Level of customization based on requirements, time and experience • More experience if helpful, but resources exist• Before you get started, have a plan
    • 29. What We Didn’t Discuss• Requirements gathering process• Building a mockup of design first• Prototyping design in html without SharePoint• In-depth look at the difference between Site Templates• Branding My Sites or Search• Taxonomy and Governance, yes, they can effect Branding
    • 30. Your SharePoint Branding Experts Thank You Eric @EricOverfield