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Copy All Line Sets
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Copy All Line Sets


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This is Presentation about New feature of Copying Line Sets while Copying the Sales Order, Introduced in Release R12i of Oracle Appliaction.

This is Presentation about New feature of Copying Line Sets while Copying the Sales Order, Introduced in Release R12i of Oracle Appliaction.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. 01/30/15 1 How to Copy All Line Sets Between Sales Order
  • 2. 01/30/15 2 Introduction  This presentation is about how to copy the lines Sets between Sales Order via Copy Operations (New feature offered in R12).  I am Oracle Apps/BPEL/Workflow Analyst and blogger with 14+ Years of Experience.   Blog –
  • 3. 01/30/15 3 Line Sets In R12 Oracle has introduced a new feature, where you can copy the Line Sets (fulfillment/Ship/Arrival) while copying the sales order. New feature will be of great help to customers where they have very large sales order with Line sets. Till now user has no option , but to copy the sales order without sets and then manually added line to the sets in new-copied sales order , this process is very tedious and time consuming if the # of lines Order are large and these lines belongs to multiple Sets. But with new functionality their job is really very easy.
  • 4. 01/30/15 4 Create Order and add Lines to Line Ship Set  Lines Sets
  • 5. 01/30/15 5 Create Order and add Lines to Line Fulfillment Set  Lines Sets
  • 6. 01/30/15 6 Sales Order with Lines in Ship and Fulfill Line Set  Lines Sets
  • 7. 01/30/15 7 Create New Order by COPY existing Sales Order  Lines Sets
  • 8. 01/30/15 8 Line Copy Window has New Checkbox for Line Sets  Lines Sets
  • 9. 01/30/15 9 Select Option to Display New Order After Copy  Lines Sets
  • 10. 01/30/15 10 Select Ship/Arrival & Fulfillment Line Set to be Copied on New Sales Order  Lines Sets
  • 11. 01/30/15 11 New Messages has Introduced to Indicates if Copy Line Set process is Successful or Failure  Lines Sets
  • 12. 01/30/15 12 Browse the Copied Sales Order.  Lines Sets
  • 13. 01/30/15 13 Line Ship and Fulfillment Sets are Copied Successfully in the New copied Sales Order.  Lines Sets
  • 14. 01/30/15 14 Topics of Discussion  Lines Sets
  • 15. 01/30/15 15 Q&A  Feel free to contact me for any question related to this Topic