BLT systems Inc. [] IR summary
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BLT systems Inc. [] IR summary



We are going to make 'Auto patent invalidity report system' to end the Patent War.

We are going to make 'Auto patent invalidity report system' to end the Patent War.



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BLT systems Inc. [] IR summary BLT systems Inc. [] IR summary Document Transcript

  • Search Engine for Patent Invalidation Using Big Data CEO : Shawn Eom ( What problem does your company try to solve? There are more than 3,000 NPEs around the world. A number of NPEs are attacking Korean companies by means of threatening or bring lawsuits. Many multinational companies are also aware of Korean companies with the fear of losing their market. Patent infringement claims have been cultivated in those circumstances lasting at least 10 years. In the end of 2013, patent litigation increased three times by number than 2011. Therefore, we are dedicated to stop this patent war so as to create more creative atmosphere for tech-based companies. Describe your service in one paragraph. We provide a patent invalidation tool that helps companies decide which registered patent of its competitor is invalid. By doing so, we are to reduce patent disputes in industries, thus giving opportunities to techbased companies to cope up with threats of NPEs effectively. Who are your competitors? Google Patents (plz check our PDF) and more. How will your company make money? - Free trial (for first 3 use) - $50 for 1 use / $500 for 1 month / $5,000 for 1 year How will your company do business development and marketing? - We are going to promote to patent attorneys, and Corp's IP manager - Already have target DB and good at Social Marketing (Linked in) / Attend international fair What tools/frameworks/services do you use to build your service/application/game? - Hadoop, Map Reduce, R, Nutch (crawler), Sencha Interface Who are the members of BLTs? 4 members. 3 graduated Seoul National Univ. & 1(CTO) graduated Cornell Computer Science (Master) check