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  • 1. USER’S GUIDE for SPC HIGH EARNER Version 3 For Administrators Only By Omotere Ebenezer Tel: 08086697100, 08035173259 NO 60, Shop2, Akinola Road, Iyana Ipaja, Alimosho, Lagos. All Rights Reserved © 2014, SPC HIGH EANER ADMIN GUIDE. Click here to register for cheap web hosting service Page 1
  • 2. DEDICATION This e-book is dedicated to God Almighty. And my Parents, Mr. & Mrs. Omotere. SPC HIGH EANER ADMIN GUIDE.Click here to register for cheap web hosting service Page 2
  • 3. TABLE OF CONTENT NO Contents Pages 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 Obtaining and Installing SPC 4 SMS Menu I cons 9 Admin Settings 10 SMS Report 16 Credit Members 17 Manage Members 17 Members Statistics 18 System Tool s 19 Generate Vouchers 20 Manage Vouchers 21 SMS Summary 21 SMS Alerts 22 Add API 23 Edit API 25 Query Numbers 26 Manage Debtor s 26 Advertisement 26 SPC HIGH EANER ADMIN GUIDE.Click here to register for cheap web hosting service Page 3
  • 4. OBTAINING AND INSTALLING SPC HIGH EARNER VERSION 3 I congratulate you for buying this version of SMS Portal Creator, Version 3. Let me seize this opportunity to inform you that SPC is Joomla Most Popular and Most Accepted SMS component. This is because it comes with unbeatable functions that make it unique and easy for both the Administrators and the Users alike. This component comes with some modules that can be used to enhance its functionality and also add value to it. Can you see you have joined the Nigerian Millionaire Club? You keep earning income from this component even when you are fast asleep. If you have not get a copy of this component, you can do so by logging on to to pay and have the Installation Package links sent to you. After receiving the Installation Package links by mail, click appropriately to download, and then visit the backend of your site, enter your admin username and password to login. Point cursor to Extension and click Install/Uninstall. Click browse to select the downloaded component and click upload file and install thereafter . SPC HIGH EANER ADMIN GUIDE. Click here to register for cheap web hosting service Page 4
  • 5. Thereafter follow the same process to install the SPC MENU CREATOR and all modules that co me with the component. SPC MENU CREATOR: This module saves you the time and energy you use navigating your back end creating menu items. With this module, All SPC Menus are created automatically. After installation of this mo du le, you can set the name to be represented by each menu item to make your site unique. For instance; you can change COMPOSE SMS to COMPOSE MESSAGE etc SPC HIGH EANER ADMIN GUIDE.Click here to register for cheap web hosting service Page 5
  • 6. GSM NUMBER CREATOR: This is another menu that adds value to your bulk sms site. With this module, your clients can generate realistic Phone Numbers and SMS can be sent to them. Kudos to Mr. Leke Ojikutu (Lojik) , MD/CEO Afrisoft Interactive for this as it is his personal initiative for better performance. To download this, log on to and click the Bonus Module Menu SPC MOBILE: This is a fantastic module that automatically creates the mobile version of your site and detects mo bile devices automatically. This is included in the SPC installation package, just install, set and enable it. You may need to set the authorized Admin ID in the front end after installation and activation of the module. You need to do this so that the module recognizes those users as soon as they logged in and add admin menu to Users Menu for them. The default Joomla Admin I D has been fix for you (default is 62) , you may need to add more if you have more than one Administrator on your site. SPC HIGH EANER ADMIN GUIDE.Click here to register for cheap web hosting service Page 6
  • 7. SEND SMS MODULE: This is a module developed to allow your clients to send SMS on any joomla site using the sms balance they have on your site. You just have to download the module, install it on your client’s site and configure with your clients username and password on your site . This module is al so free . Visit www.smsportalcreato to download it. OTHER FACILITIES THAT NEED EXTRA PAY MOBILE APPLICATIONS: Mobile Applications are now available for your site! Have you ever noticed this each time you visit the Admin Settings Page of your site? This is another unique and unbeatable feature of this component. The advantages of these applications are that they interact with users’ phones directly to extract pho ne numbers to be used for sms. Hence, the stress of SPC HIGH EANER ADMIN GUIDE.Click here to register for cheap web hosting service Page 7
  • 8. writing down of phone numbers is eliminated. These applications are customized for your site alone and they are designed for Blackberry, Android, Windows phone, Symbian and Web OS but you will have to pay for it. Contact us for details on how to get this. DESKTOP APPLICATI ON: This is also customized for your site and any user can download it. It does anything that can be done on your site. Contact us for details on how to get this. SMS ROUTING SERVICE: One o f the unique features of this component is that it allows multiple API to be used. This multiple API can be switched to each other at any point in time. This facility allows you to use multiple API from different providers at the same time. It means that you can use API A for MTN, B for Airtel, C for Glo etc. Contact us for details on how to get t his. SETTINGS AND USES After successful installations of the SPC Component and Menu Module, point your cursor to Menu and click Main Menu. Then, add a Menu for the Component to work. Then click save Place your cursor to Extensions and click Module Manager, open the Login Module and set Login Redirection Page to SPC Menu so that each time anybody login they will be redirected to see the SPC Menu Icons. Note that users see Icon Menu from COMPOSE SMS to PERSONAL SETTINGS but Admin sees all Icon Menu. Both Icon Menu and Menu list as displays in the SPC Menu links to the same page. SPC HIGH EANER ADMIN GUIDE.Click here to register for cheap web hosting service Page 8
  • 9. SPC HIGH EANER ADMIN GUIDE.Click here to register for cheap web hosting service Page 9
  • 10. This E-book is composed to explain how you as an administrator can optimize the use of this component without the need to contact any other person. So we start from the Admin Setting s ADMIN SETTINGS This inter face should display Your SMS balance , Total SMS units in member accounts, SMS balance in S MS provider account. Your SMS balance: This is the SMS balance that you have on your account as an administrator. It is different from the site SMS balance. This is the only page on your site where you can see your sms balance with your provider and this can only appear after you have added a well configured API and use it as the default API. Note: This is what you get if your API is not well configured. 2905 SMS balance in SMS provider account: Total SMS units in member accounts: This is the summation of your sms balance and that of your users. This means that if you have 1000 units in your Administrator account, user A ha s 145 units, user b has 5835 units and user c has 5 units. The total sms units to be displayed here is 6840(1000+5835+5). SMS balance in SMS provider account: This is the total sms balance you have with the bulksms site you have used as your default. Remember, you have to register on a bulksms site you will like to buy from and use your user details to configure your API. See ADD API for details . As the administrator o f your site, you need to set some certain actions that will be used by you and your users. ADMIN SETTINGS: Here you can set four things here: 1. The number o f SMS Units to be freely given to each registered member and useable immediately after first login (Minimum is 1). 2. To track down your users and show how caring you are about their Bulksms Account with you. This component has an inbuilt alert so that sms will be sent to users upon reaching your desirable minimum numbers of SMS units. So you need to set minimum sms units a member can have before the sms is sent to them. (default is 100 units) 3. As it is known that Joomla Registration page does not have a field for phone number, you can now set whether or not your clients must enter their phone numbers before they do anything on the site. Putting it to yes will also enable the component to automatically save phone numbers of your members so that you may have access to them and send sms to them by clicking the “ type recipients ” drop down in the compose menu page. You can identify this with members in the p ho ne book option. 4. Setting this to yes will allow you and your members to customize name when sending sms provided they have stored the phone numbers with names. See the MANAGE PHONEBOOK for details SPC HIGH EANER ADMIN GUIDE.Click here to register for cheap web hosting service Page 10
  • 11. NOTIFICATION MESSAGES: This is the place where you set the system messages to be sent when certain action is performed o r when certain level is reached. The content of these field s can be customized with username, name, emails, GSM Numbers, order amount, order units using the co de on the top o f the field. SMS sent here may be deducted from your account (Admin Account) or from the User Account. SMS Sender ID for system messages: This is the Sender ID that SMS will be sent with whenever any of the above system message is sent. Default is Bulk SMS, you may need to customize it to the name of your website for easy identification Member ID for admin user (Credit will be deducted from this account for birthday and missing you messages): This is the sms account on your site that you will like the system sms to be deducted from. You may need to change it to your 62, the default member id. See USER MANAGER at the backend for details. If this ID is not correct, system messages that may need t be sent from the account will not be sent. Email Address for system emails: When a SMS is sent, also email is also sent. Fill in the gap with the space with the email address you would like the email to be sent with. Append this text to all outgoing SMS: Any text you put here will be sent with all SMS sent from your site. It is advisable not to fill this field. SPC HIGH EANER ADMIN GUIDE.Click here to register for cheap web hosting service Page 11
  • 12. SPC HIGH EANER ADMIN GUIDE.Click here to register for cheap web hosting service Page 12
  • 13. GATEWAY API: SMS Portal creator gives you the privilege to use mo re than one API, it gives you the freedom to choose any provider at a point in time. See ADD API to Add an API to be selected here. Prevent Modifications to default API (IRREVERSIBLE): It is advisable not to change this to true except that you don’t want to change the default API in the future except that you are configuring for a reseller whom you want to use your API alone. Every other setting may be considered OK. NAIRA PAYMENT GATEWAY: Do you want you want your customer s to pay you online? Then you need to set Naira Payment Gateway. Setting this will allow your customers to pay you with Verve or Master Card regardless of the accounts o r Banks they operates all over Nigeria. You need to register an account o n voguepay , obtain your Merchant ID and paste it on the field provided for it on the component after enabling it, selecting the button colour will help to customize further. Also to maximize the use of this, you need to register as a corporate entity. SPC HIGH EANER ADMIN GUIDE.Click here to register for cheap web hosting service Page 13
  • 14. Not only on your bulk sms site, you can use voguepay to receive payment on any websites including donations, offering and tithes for churches, it can also be used to receive payment even if you do not have an existing website.
  • 15. COST AND NUMBERS: Everything here has been set as an example for you and explained, just make sure you don’t give any space between one selling price and the other and there should no t be any repetition. MOBILE SETTING: Remember, this component comes with Mobile Module. This module creates an automatic mobile version o f your site and it recognizes mo bile device as soon as it is used. The only settings that needs to be explained here is that, since SPC automatically differentiates users and administrator and assigned appropriate menu to them, you will need to set the number of administrator(s) that can have access to administrator menu here by filling the fields with administrator id you wish to use. See USER MANAGER for details. This is necessary if you want more than one administrator to access your site using mobile devices. Obtain the user id from the backend o f your site and separate them with comma. SPC HIGH EANER ADMIN GUIDE.Click here to register for cheap web hosting service Page 15
  • 16. ADDITIONAL SETTING: SPC High Earner comes with four colours theme, default is black (i.e. what we use for this example). Other colours are Blue, Red and Green. To change to any of these colours just delete the default co de and in ser t your appropriate co de that matches your colour. You can copy your desired colour from the Index Page (28) here or follow the link that comes with your SPC HIGH EARNER Leave other settings in default except your site emails that should be filled The style sheet CSS is at the end of this guide, change to your desired colour if you like. SMS REPORT: Everybody will like to get a feedback of the sms used. SMS Report is the menu that allows you to export the details of a particular user in CSV for mat readable in Excel Spreadsheet. The report can be for Phonebook, Members, Message History, Voucher and Transaction. SPC HIGH EANER ADMIN GUIDE.Click here to register for cheap web hosting service Page 16
  • 17. CREDIT MEMBERS: When members paid into your account, they would like you to credit their account immediately after confirming the payment. This menu allows you to approve the crediting a member who have made an order by clicking and filling the BUY SMS Member Menu. Also, you can credit a per son who have not made an order manually, by filling the u nits, tick paid o r credit if the per son is not paying fully o r has not paid at all, then enter the amount unpaid, enter the name or select from the list MANAGE MEMBERS: You have a lot to do here. Click view to see the user’s details, click edit to edit and click delete to delete the user details. The edit button : You can change the User ’s Phone Number, Add or Subtract sms balance, help members to remove sig nature from their account if they are complaining o f sending a unit of sms and it deliver s as two. More importantly, you can set special cost to a particular user different from other users’ cost, you can also assign special API to a particular u ser, blocking a user from sending sms to a particular country and or network is another feature that makes SPC High SPC HIGH EANER ADMIN GUIDE.Click here to register for cheap web hosting service Page 17
  • 18. Earner unique. Let me remember to inform you that you can assign a Reseller url to your reseller here. This allows that reseller to have delivery report for each sms sent. Please note that you cannot change user’s id, password or activate a user here, you may need to do that through the backend. Your customer s may complain that they have not received activation link in their email after registering, you will just have to lo gin to the backend of your site ( ), with your admin login details, click user manager and search for the user, click the user’s name to edit, then change the “ Block this User” to NO and click save. SPC HIGH EANER ADMIN GUIDE.Click here to register for cheap web hosting service Page 18
  • 19. MEMBERS STATISTICS: This menu specifies the sms sent by each member as well as the sms credited to each member’s account within a stipulated period of time. If no time is stipulated, it exhibits such for the day in question. SPC HIGH EANER ADMIN GUIDE.Click here to register for cheap web hosting service Page 19
  • 20. SYSTEM TOOLS NEW MESSAGE FOR MEMBERS: when you click this menu, a field crops up for putting a message that will appear to all users when they log in. It is necessary when there is a need to give a specific information, advert or greetings to all your users. To do this for individual user, click inform in the manage member that is ascribed for the user. CLEAR ALL PENDI NG MESSAGES: This is where you can clear the message you have created. You do this when you consider those messages expired. CLEAR ALL SPECI AL COSTS: This is where you clear special cost assign to members and they are left with the default cost. CLEAR ALL SPECI AL API: You can delete all special API assigned to members here DELETE ALL SPECIAL TRANSACTIONS: This is where you clear all unpaid transactions members have made by clicking BUY SMS and enter units but did not pay on time. This is necessary to allow relevant transaction to be identified and approved. DELETE DRAFT MESSAGES: All draft messages can be deleted here DELETE ALL PENDING ALERTS: This is where you delete all pending sms alerts assigned by users DELETE ALL USED VOUCHERS: You can clear your Voucher space here by deleting used ones. GENERATE VOUCHERS: You can generate vouchers and give it to your members to use instead of crediting their accounts directly. The first field is to determine the numbers of Voucher Pin you wished to generate, followed by the prefix in form of letters or numbers or both and then the number of sms units to be assigned to each voucher. You can specify if you want it to be SPC HIGH EANER ADMIN GUIDE.Click here to register for cheap web hosting service Page 20
  • 21. delivered to a specific email for future reference. To view the generated vouchers, click MANAGE VOUCHERS from the Ad min Menu. Note that Recharge Vouchers are usable immediately after generated to the maximum units of sms balance you have with your provider. MANAGE VOUCHERS: This is where you view and delete individual vouchers. The first column is for the Username of the u ser of the voucher, follow by Voucher Code, then by Status, date and whether to leave and to delete the voucher. If a voucher has been used, the username of the user is placed in the username field and the status show used, the used column should show the time and date the voucher was used. SPC HIGH EANER ADMIN GUIDE.Click here to register for cheap web hosting service Page 21
  • 22. SMS SUMMARY: You can use this form to generate SMS traffic for a particular user within a particular period. It also displays their transaction history within that time. If the fields are left unfilled. It displays such for that day. SPC HIGH EANER ADMIN GUIDE.Click here to register for cheap web hosting service Page 22
  • 23. SMS ALERTS: Have you ever received love, inspiration alerts from your preferred networks? This is where you can create it for your users. You first add category. Your category can be jokes, love, jobs, quote etc and you can create as many categories as possible. Please follow the accepted format as stipulated here. COMPOSE ALERTS: This is where you compo se the alerts message and specify its category. SPC HIGH EANER ADMIN GUIDE.Click here to register for cheap web hosting service Page 23
  • 24. SUBSCRIBE ALL MEMBERS TO SMS ALERTS: Anything you tick here is applicable to all members except if there is no message composes to it. SPC HIGH EANER ADMIN GUIDE.Click here to register for cheap web hosting service Page 24
  • 25. ADD API: Except after the introduction o f SPC High Earner , no component allows users to have freedom to select providers o r have multiple providers on their site where they can select any provider they like at any time. API NAME: You may use the name of your provider as your API name for easy identification HTTP API: API is programming statement that link two or more sites or system together. In order words, API is the link between your site and that of your provider. CHARACTERI CTICS OF BULKSMS API : A good API for Bulksms site must have The Web Address of your Provider, Your user name on your provider’s website, Your password , Sender, Recipient and Message. If your provider is using SPC High Earner or SMS Portal Creator Version 1 or 2, you may not ask for the API as all the above version component comes with similar API language and can work on one another. See the sample for SPC High Earner Version 3: http://localhost/sample/components/com_spc/smsapi.php?username=xxx&password=yyy&sender= qqq&recipient=www&message=test See the sample for SPC High Earner Version 3: http://nameofwebsite/components/com_smsreseller/smsapi.php?username=xxx etc You need to replace the above API as follow Localhost=www Sample= the name of your provider website e.g. username= The username on your Provider’s Website password= The Password to the username sender= @@sender@@ recipient= @@recipient@@ message= @@message@@ After replacing and fill this, your site should be able to send SMS API RESPONSE ON SUCCESS: put ok for SPC powered site, otherwise contact your provider. API RESPONSE CONFIRMATION: Choose contain for SPC powered site otherwise contact your provider ACCOUNT BALANCE API: This is the API that interacts with your Provider API to get your sms balance you have on his sit e Example: http://localhost/sample/components/com_spc/smsapi.php?username=xxx&password=xxx&balance= true& Change appropriately. I f the sms balance you are having on your site is different from the SPC HIGH EANER ADMIN GUIDE.Click here to register for cheap web hosting service Page 25
  • 26. one you are having on your provider’s site, it means there is a problem in the configuration settings. Usually, the error balance is 2901 DELIVERY URL:This is what you give to your reseller to get Delivery Report or you obtain it from your provider to get delivery report. When you obtain it, click PERSONAL SETTINGS on your provider site and paste it in the field RESELLER URL. all That’s EDIT API: This is where you can edit you API. Remember, you need to edit your API when you change your password on your provider’s site. SPC HIGH EANER ADMIN GUIDE.Click here to register for cheap web hosting service Page 26
  • 27. QUERY NUMB ERS: This is one of the beautiful features o f SPC High Earners. You can query your database to get pho ne numbers for any location, categories, events etc. Your database will be scrutinized and all phone numbers used in the past r elating to your query will be provided. MANAGE DEBTORS: immediately you credit a member and thick Credit and fill figure in “…if so ld on credit”. The debt details automatically appears here and you can click to see details or remind with the message you have programmed for it Specially made for your Site USER’S GUIDE for all your Site Users It explains those Menu Items that are meant for both Administrators and Users. The Menu Items are Message History, Transaction History, Phone Book Manager, etc. It makes your Bulk SMS site to be easy, convenience and hitch free to use Visit or Call +2348086697100, +2348035173259 for details SPC HIGH EANER ADMIN GUIDE.Click here to register for cheap web hosting service Page 27
  • 28. Join the site that delivers! With 100 – 200 sms/sec. your customers will always smile to order for more … As a Reseller, you buy SMS @ N1.30/Unit & sell for as high as N2 or N3/Unit. No set up fee, Free API! Now, let’s face the reality; Not all sites have the facilities listed above, some don’t even have the capabilities to use most of the said facilities, this can be because they are not using the updated SPC Version or t heir component have been have been intentionally set not to function properly, whatever the case may be, there is a way out but before I discuss this, let me go by the archive to illustrate specifically what the problem you might be facing is. • If your site does not present the SMS Menu Icon as shown on page 9 when you logged in, this means that your site has not been upgraded to Version 3 and some of the Menu Items will not be there. You may need to contact us to upgrade your component while your database is not tampered with. This means that all your members still login and have access to all their information including Message History, Phone Book Managers and so on • If your site cannot use more than one API i.e. you can only send SMS with the site of the person who designed your website. Then the only solution is that you contact him and tell him to enable the component to use more than his API otherwise, create another Bulk SMS site. We can d o this for you within 5 days for just N25000 • If you want some o f the important modules like GSM Number Generator, Mo bile theme, SPC Menu Creator etc. Then, contact us. • If you want your Bulk SMS site to be a mini Social Networking site whereby users will be able to interact, chat and make friends, then contact us • If you want cheap website for your business or church and want it to be ready within 5 days, then contact us Contact Us PHILMORE CAFE NO 60, Shop2, Akinola Road, Iyana Ipaja, Lagos. 08086697100, 08035173259