EOL Highlights for Educators


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Tools and resources for educators from the Encyclopedia of Life (eol.org)

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EOL Highlights for Educators

  1. 1. Highlights for Educators
  2. 2. What is the Encyclopedia of Life? The Encyclopedia of Life is a collaborative effort among scientist and the general public to bring information together about all 1.9 million named and known species, in a common format, freely available on the internet. http://eol.org/
  3. 3. Content Partners EOL serves species information from authoritative content partners, individuals scientists, citizen scientists, students and the general public. Below are some of our content partners: ..and many more
  4. 4. EOL Highlights for Educators • • • • Species information Multimedia Podcasts + Google Earth Tours Tools, Games and Resources
  5. 5. Search for Species Information at EOL.org
  6. 6. Taxon Pages Information for each species on EOL is aggregated from hundreds of content partners into a common template called a Taxon Page. Each tab on the taxon page contains different content. Tabs
  7. 7. Media Images, video + sounds can be found in the Media Tab. Media Tab
  8. 8. Podcasts + Google Earth Tours • 5 minute audio stories about scientists in the field studying biodiversity • Fun extras (audio, multimedia and facts) • “Meet the Scientist” interviews • Many of our podcasts have accompanying Google Earth Tour videos Available at http://education.eol.org/podcast
  9. 9. Tools, Games and Resources
  10. 10. EOL Collections You can create your own customized collections of species pages, images, videos, maps (the list goes on!) on the Encyclopedia of Life. You can also annotate and share collections. You can use these collections to: - Create customized Field Guides from information on the Encyclopedia of Life to use online or print to take out in the field. - Create a fun species Memory Game or Bingo game. - Create an observational checklist with help from our partner iNaturalist.org.
  11. 11. Field Guides Create customized Field Guides on iNaturalist.org from information on the Encyclopedia of Life to use online or print to take out in the field. Can be made from a list or an EOL collection. Field guides also display species observations. Try the BETA version here: http://www.inaturalist.org/guides
  12. 12. Observations Do you want to make and share observations? Or, do you need help identifying something you have found? EOL and iNaturalist have teamed up to provide these capabilities for EOL Collections. You can also add observations by using the iNaturalist iPhone App, available for free at the iTunes store. http://eol.org/info/disc_inaturalist
  13. 13. Memory Game This is the classic game of Memory where you click on 2 boxes in a row to show the picture underneath. Remember where you saw a species and try to find its match! NEW: In addition to speed improvements, you can now also play against Elephas, the computer with a good memory. You can make a Memory Game using any EOL Collection. http://fieldguides.eol.org/memory/#
  14. 14. Bingo Game Use the EOL Bingo to create an online or print format Bingo game using images from an Encyclopedia of Life Collection. http://fieldguides.eol.org/bingo/
  15. 15. Topics in Biodiversity Looking for a place to get started with EOL? Start with these introductory articles to learn more about life on Earth. http://eol.org/info/discover_articles
  16. 16. More Information Encyclopedia of Life http://eol.org/ Discover EOL http://eol.org/discover EOL Education Apps http://fieldguides.eol.org/ Contact us: education (at) eol.org