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Enyclopedia of Life Presentation (PDF)
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Enyclopedia of Life Presentation (PDF)


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This is a general overview of the Encyclopedia of Life (, how to contribute to EOL and educational resources.

This is a general overview of the Encyclopedia of Life (, how to contribute to EOL and educational resources.

Published in: Technology, Sports

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  • 1. A free online biodiversity resource
  • 2. What is the Encyclopedia of Life?The Encyclopedia of Life is a collaborative effortamong scientist and the general public to bringinformation together about all 1.9 million namedand known species, in a common format, freelyavailable on the internet.
  • 3. E.O. WilsonBiologist, Harvard UniversityImagined a web page for everyspecies. His wish was granted atthe 2007 Technology, Educationand Design (TED) Conference.
  • 4. Encyclopedia of Life (
  • 5. Searching for species on EOL Search using common names, scientific names, tags or a full text Google search. Chose your selection here:
  • 6. Species Pages
  • 7. Detailed table of contents
  • 8. Multimedia and MapsMaps from global museumand observation data
  • 9. Links to digital literature Biodiversity Heritage Library
  • 10. Contribute
  • 11. Create a user accountIn order to contribute you need to create a free user account on EOL. You can createan individual account or have an account for your class or a group. Once you loginyou can begin contributing to EOL
  • 12. Adding CommentsYou can ask questions or provide opinions by adding comments to images or text sections.Curators, information providers, and EOL visitors will be able to see and respond to yourcomments, so this is a good way of pointing out problems or requesting additionalinformation. You do not need to login to view comments. Click here to view comments Click here to add a new comment
  • 13. Tagging ImagesAdding tags to images will help you and other people to sort through the wealth ofEOL information and find things more easily on the site. Once you add a tag, you canthen search using that tag.
  • 14. Tagging images is a great way to organize species pages of interest to you. Theseimages were tagged with “CSI” for “Crime Scene Investigation”. They are insects thatare used in forensic investigations.
  • 15. Adding TextShare your knowledgeAny registered EOL member can add text to EOL species pages. Look for the Add NewContent link at the bottom of the TABLE OF CONTENTS. Unless you are a registered EOLcurator, new text will initially appear with a yellow background indicating that it is not yetpart of the authoritative EOL collection. Curators will review your submission and willpromote suitable content to trusted status.
  • 16. Images and text contributed by thegeneral public appear with a yellowbackground to show that they have notyet been reviewed. 16
  • 17. Contributing Images and Video
  • 18. Upload images to your Flickr account, add a “machine tag” and post to the EOL Images Group on FlickrTutorial available online at:
  • 19. Add Photo Information • Photographers Name (or group name) • Species Name • Location found
  • 20. Image appears on EOL with a yellow background,indicating it has not yet been reviewed
  • 21. When the image is reviewed by a curator theyellow background may be removed
  • 22. EOL Learning + Education
  • 23. Field Guides Content and images on Field Guide are drawn from authoritative information from EOL species pages
  • 24. One Species at a Time PodcastsIncludes podcast audio, Meet the Scientist feature pages, related educational materialsand intriguing extras.
  • 25. Google Earth Quiz
  • 26. Whyreef : A Virtual Coral Reef
  • 27. More InformationEncyclopedia of Lifewww.eol.orgEOL Learning + Education Flickr Group Encyclopedia of Life project is supported by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthurFoundation and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and many partner institutions.