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Twitter changed the day after I delivered this course but there might be some helpful pointers

Twitter changed the day after I delivered this course but there might be some helpful pointers



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Twitter for business Twitter for business Presentation Transcript

  • Twitter  for  Business  Eoin  Kennedy  Consultant  Online  Strategy  &  Communica7ons    
  • • Introduc)ons  •  started    • Reasons  &  Types  of  Twee)ng  • Key  facts  • Twi:er  basics  –  Anatomy  • Twi:er  Strategy  • Management  tools  • Twi:er  Uses   • Lead  genera)on   • Events   • PR  • Reputa)on  • Monitoring  • Examples  
  • ©Elucidate 2011twit·terverb / twitər/1. (of a bird) Give a call consisting of repeated light tremulous sounds2. Talk in a light, high-pitched voice - old ladies in the congregation twittered3. Talk rapidly and at length in an idle or trivial way - he twittered on about buying a new workshop4. Make a posting on the social networking site Twitter - many active bloggers are twittering more and more these days
  • Microblogging – What is it?• Blogging in short form.• Similar to texting.• Ability to send and receive messages.• Ability to follow and be followed.• Archive information.• Conversation and interactivity.
  • 12 Reasons to Tweet?1.  Generate Awareness2.  Seek and Create Media Opportunities3.  Foster Loyalty.4.  Launch Viral Campaigns.5.  Manage Reputations.6.  Promote Products or Services.7.  Network with Influentials, Stakeholder and Customers.8.  Extend Event and PR Participation.9.  Monitor Trends & Breaking News.10. Recruiting.11. Thought leadership.12. Drive traffic to website.
  • ©Elucidate 2011 Types  of  Tweets  •  An  observation  •  What  you  are  reading  •  What  you  are  watching  •  What  events  you  are  attending  •  Your  content  •  Someone  elses  content  •  Chat  with  someone  •  Retweet  what  someone  has  tweeted  
  • ©Elucidate 2011 Figures,  doesn’t  it  •  3  yrs,  2  months,  1  day  –  the  time  it  took  from   the  first  tweet  to  the  billionth    •  1  week  –  time  it  now  takes  for  a  bn  tweets  •  140  million  –  tweets  sent  per  day  (Feb)  •  177  million  –  tweets  sent  per  day  (Mar)  •  456  tps  (tweets  per  second)  –  Michael   Jacksons  Death  •  6,939  tps  –  4  seconds  after  new  year’s  Japan    
  • ©Elucidate 2011Twitter Stats
  • ©Elucidate 2011Twitter Stats
  • ©Elucidate 2011 Twitter in IrelandAn estimated 385K Irish adults have a twitteraccount.159,000 tweets per day.22% >10 tweets = 85% of all tweets.
  • Good  things,  when  short,  are  twice  as  good.  UserName=Twitter Handle=NB. Setting Up• Not random • Personalise• No numbers • Picture/Logo• No underscore • URLs – dedicate landing page • Background
  • ©Elucidate 2011 Terms•  Following•  Followers•  Lists•  @ - Mentions•  RT – ReTweets –  MT (modified) or –  HT (hat tip)•  D username – DM (Direct Message)•  # hashtag
  • ©Elucidate 2011My Twitter World
  • ©Elucidate 2011RT
  • ©Elucidate 2011URL Shortening
  • ©Elucidate 2011@messages
  • ©Elucidate 2011Changing Backgrounds
  • ©Elucidate 2011My Tweets
  • ©Elucidate 2011My Tweets
  • ©Elucidate 2011My Tweets
  • ©Elucidate 2011My Followers
  • ©Elucidate 2011Following
  • ©Elucidate 2011Lists
  • ©Elucidate 2011Creating Lists
  • ©Elucidate 2011@Mentions
  • ©Elucidate 2011Your Tweets RT’ed
  • ©Elucidate 2011Favourites
  • Building a Strategy Internal• Overall business objectives.• Social and Twitter objectives. • Credibility• Describe success. • Brand perception • New products• What you need to succeed. • Generate sales• How to mitigate the risks. • Negative commentary• Timings and budgets.• Measureable, results, timely • Behaviours • Length •  Demographics • • Link back to business objectives •  Term •  Psychographics •  Goals and messages per different audience
  • What’s next!Mapping• Competitors Plan• Keywords/Key phrases• ID commentators Communication• Key SM • Listen/Engage/Monitor• Reporting • Content Streams Evaluate • Metrics • Agile • Map and shareTeams and Collateral Channels, Assets, Tactics• Multi agency • Review tools/Tactics• Multi Department • Social Currency• Crisis Plans • Conversationalists• SM Guidelines • Asset creation• Content • Integrate• Capability
  • ©Elucidate 2011Some Humour
  • ©Elucidate 2011Some Humour
  • ©Elucidate 2011 Exercise  -­‐  Offline  •  Pick  twitter  handle  •  Tone  of  voice  •  Define  social  currency  •  Build  editorial  calendar  •  Keywords  for  your  industry  
  • ©Elucidate 2011 Exercise  -­‐  Online  •  Find  someone  with  over  1,000  followers  in   your  industry.  •  Find  hashtag  for  industry.  •  Set  up  list  for  5  following.  •  Favourite  one  post.  •  RT  influencer  comment.  •  Get  Klout  Score.  •  Find  5  new  people  to  follow  via   (TwitterSearch,  TweetGrader,  Twitter  Who   to  Follow,  Bloggers,  @following)  
  • ©Elucidate 2011 Management  Tools  •  Third  party  platforms.  TweetDeck,  HootSuite,   CoTweet  •  Multiple  columns  and  alerts.  •  Always  on  
  • ©Elucidate 2011 Lead  Generation  •  Dedicated  Twitter  landing  page  on  profile.  •  Tweet  links  to  good  content.  •  Monitor  industry  search  terms.  •  Participate  in  Twitter  chats.  •  Connect  blog  to  Twitter.  
  • ©Elucidate 2011 Twitter & Event Management•  Set # hashtags.•  Show tweets on screen.•  Share lists•  Connect/network in advance.•  Report, monitor, promote, respond•  Twitter apps
  • Journalist Changing Habits•  71% of Irish journalists use Twitter as a news source•  Mentions of Twitter in the Irish media increased from 16 mentions per month in January 2008 to 2,058 references in March 2011.•  27% of mentions were related to entertainment•  27% of mentions were related to politics•  28% of mentions were related to sport Media now use Twitter for Source: (Kantar PRII) • Looking for leads and spokespeople. • Pushing and discussing the story. • Radio taking Twitter comments on air. • Use as basis for breaking stories. • Personal insight. • Splintering of relationships. • Direct commentary. • Need to follow, monitor and engage. • DM pitches.
  • ©Elucidate 2011 Reputations Matter•  Klout•  Tweetlevel•  TweetGrader•  Peer Index Engagement = Key Search Rankings
  • ©Elucidate 2011Monitoring tools? Take your pick. King = Twitter Search
  • ©Elucidate 2011Ongoing Activity for a typical engagementcampaign:Monitoring 2 or 3 times per day across allyour online properties.Responding to any pressing comments asthey arise/as you notice them.Twitter is an ongoing conversation React inreal time if you can.Posting on blog according to your schedule.Eg. Once per day/twice per week.Analysing Data once per week. Looking fortrends in how people find, use and interactwith your site & social media properties.Analysing Content once per week to seehow ads, content, etc. are performing
  • ©Elucidate 2011 Award Winning Twitter AccountsMarke)ng  &  Sales   CRM  Grace  App  –  @graceapp   Wheelworx  –  @wheelworx  La  Cucina  –  @italianfoodie   What’s  On  NI  –  @whatsonni  My  Lunch  IE  –  @mylunchie   Tourism  Ireland  –  Realex  Payments  –   @discoverireland,  @realexpayments   @gotoirelandgb,  @gotoirelandus  Silicon  Ireland  –  @siliconireland   Eircom  –  @eircom  Newstalk  106-­‐108  –  @newstalkfm   Irish  Weather  Online  –  TV3  Xpose  –  @TV3Xpose   @iweatheronline  Blacknight  –  @Blacknight   Blacknight  –  @blacknight  Curious  Wines  –  @curiouswines   We  Are  UPC  –  @UPC_HelpsYou_IE   Vodafone  Ireland  –   @vodafoneireland   Social Media Awards
  • Social TV?
  • ©Elucidate 2011Some Humour
  • ©Elucidate 2011Some Humour
  • ©Elucidate 2011 Twitter  -­‐  Take  Away  •  Organically  increase  followers  and  following   numbers  (aim  for  a  balance)  •  Track  discussions    •  Monitor  •  Think  about  what  you  could  have  tweeted  last   week   –  how  will  you  fit  it  in  to  work  process  •  Increase  @  and  RTs  •  Care  with  connecting  accounts.  •  Grow  Twitter  Reputation  (why  would  I  follow  me)   –  Notes  from  events  good  place  to  start  
  • ©Elucidate 2011 Twitter Take ways1) Listen to others first.2) Have conversations.3) Help your followers out as much as you can.4) Introduce and connect others.
  • Eoin K ennedy e nk o i n @e o i@e o i n k