Confession of an Unconference. Digital Lessons from


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Confessions of an Unconference. Presentation to Online Marketing Galway #omig in the Harbour Hotel on the digital lessons of the social media unconference Congregation #cong13

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  • My name is Eoin Kennedy and this evening I am going to share some of the digital marketing insights from an Unconference I organised at the end of November last year.
  • I am a hypocrite. 100%. Now let me tell you why. For over 5 years I have walked into lecture rooms, shut the door, blasted through 140 slides and spoken for 4 hours non stop. Consider that in a weeks time if you are engaged you will remember 10%Why I am hypocrite – well I know it not a great idea but I still do it.
  • But there is redemption.For a long time I have suspected that this way of passing knowledge is very efficient but probably not the most effective.In November I saw the light.
  • Sponsored eventBlog your way inEveryone equal
  • Email addresses change so often but LinkedIn was constant and they could easily check who you are.Ask for tweets, compos themDid not expect that excellent early posts would create such a problem
  • Share on own assets then promote through LinkedIn groups and google+. Try to get kick start comments and likes.
  • In conference from the first post. Share and @attendeeSocial = 70%; Twitter 56%, Facebook 22.9%, LinkedIn 17%, Google+1.24%, First news site 12th & 19thTop post education focusedSumall, SocialBro, Sprout Social, Topsy
  • Online discussion picked the eventual hashtag
  • Tweets from influentials really work when they mention peoples name. Many people want to seem interested to impress the influencer but wont take action. John Merriman quotes the importance of highly influential individuals to create change/action but Paul Adams in grouped is probably more accurate in that you need to influence smaller groups.
  • 50 participants
  • Mailchimp. eBook shared.
  • Dunbars number. Amount of people you can manage in your real network.November 2014.
  • Confession of an Unconference. Digital Lessons from

    1. 1. Confession of an Unconference. The Digital Lessons.
    2. 2. Image:
    3. 3. Image: College Church
    4. 4. • Village. • No tickets. • Everyone spoke. • 4 Themes. • Huddles of 10. • Coffee shops/bars. • Mixed groups. • 50.
    5. 5. Getting off the ground.
    6. 6. Getting off the ground.
    7. 7. Getting Off The Ground.
    8. 8. In conference.
    9. 9. In conference.
    10. 10. In conference.
    11. 11. On the day.
    12. 12. Post Conference.
    13. 13. Post Conference
    14. 14. Digital Footprint Expected Unexpected 57 Blogs submissions 27Audioboos > 2000 & RT Tweets 1 Google Hangout Animated Video Trending 3 video Interviews 4 Podcasts 60:40% Male/Female 80+ Flickr photos 10+ Blogs 7,000+ Visits OnsiteFacebook Comments 20,000 Page Impressions Real World Connection
    15. 15. #cong14 150
    16. 16. Where to get me. @congregation13/@eoink