Money Matters Board Game
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Money Matters Board Game

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The aim of the game is to • To speak about money matters by revising money-related vocabulary.

The aim of the game is to • To speak about money matters by revising money-related vocabulary.

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  • 1. LEVEL: Intermediate (B1) TYPE OF ACTIVITY: Group competition SKILLS: Reading and speakingAIM • To speak about money matters by revising money-related vocabulary.LEXICAL AND GRAMMATICAL AREA • Vocabulary related to money matters. • Second conditional.TASKPlaying the Money Matters board game in groups of three or fourplayers.PREPARATION AND MATERIALS • Make a copy of the Money Matters board game per group. • Make a copy of the two sets of cards in different colours: the Question cards and the Speaking cards. Each deck contains thirty cards. • Every group must have a die, and a counter per player.TIMING+ 50 minutes.PROCEDURE • Divide the class into groups of three or four players and give each group: the Money Matters board game, the two decks of cards, a die and three or four counters, as appropriate. • Players decide who starts the game by rolling the die. The player who gets the highest number goes first. Players take turns continuing clockwise. • Players throw the die and move their counter as many places as the die shows. • Players must do what the square where they have landed says. If they land on a square with an interrogative sentence, they must answer the question. • If players land on a square with a question mark, the other students must pick up one Question Card and ask him/her a question. If the answer is correct, the game proceeds. If the answer is wrong, the player returns to his/her previous position. • If players land on a square with some bank notes, they must pick up one Speaking Card and speak about the given topic for two minutes. If the player’s speech lasts less than two minutes, he/she goes to his/her previous position. If not, the game proceeds. • The first to get to the finish square is the winner of the game. After picking up the cards, they should be placed on the bottom of the pile, face down so that it may be used again.
  • 2. What would 2 minutes Do you like you do if going you had ₤ 1 bargain million? hunting? hunting? What would 2 minutes 2 minutes you do if the What would shop assistant you do if gave you too you found much change? ₤ 500? 500? What would Is the lottery 2 minutes you do if a national your best pastime? pastime? friend were a Why / why gambler? not? 2 minutes 2 minutes “The rich are Should2 minutes always teenagers get a monthly happy”. happy”. Do allowance? agree? you agree? Give reasons. Would you ever take out a loan? holiday loan? 2 minutes Why / why What would not? you do if you were a beggar? beggar? Would you 2 minutes ever give money? away money? Why / why not?
  • 3. What word means “amount of money that you If you are in the ______, you owe more borrow to buy a house”? money than you have. than MORTGAGE RED What word means “the largest amount of “the What word is missing in the following money you can win in a game decided by sentence? chance”? “He ______ me £100 that I wouldn’t do it” JACKPOT BET “machine What word means “machine which you put Finish the proverb:money into and gives you money if three of the ”. “Money doesn’t grow on ______ ”. same picture appear”? FRUIT MACHINE / SLOT MACHINE TREES What verb means “take money out of a bank If you are ______, you have no money. account”? BROKE WITHDRAW WITHDRAW What expression means “the result of chance What word is missing in the following and you don’t have any control over it”? sentence? “Against the ______, he won the lottery twice” ______, won LUCK OF THE DRAW ODDS
  • 4. A new ______ of the bank has been opened in highest- Which is the highest-value note that you can Liverpool Street. get in Sterling pounds issued by the Bank of England? England? BRANCH FIFTY- A FIFTY-POUND NOTE What word means In the past, a sterling pound was equal to 20 … “to have to pay money back to someone”? someone”? a) ounces b) shillings c) pences TO OWE SHILLINGS this? What is this? I ______ my CD player to Dave and I havent got it back yet. yet. LENT A PIGGY BANK What is this? I had to take out a ______ to buy my car. car. LOAN A COIN / A PENNY “amount What expression means “amount of money charges The shop charges lessthat parents give regularly to their children”? children”? ______. if customers pay in ______. CASH POCKET MONEY
  • 5. We left a ______ because the waiter was really A beggar asked for some spare c______. friendly. friendly. CHANGE TIP What is this? this? What word means “a bank account in which you keep money that you want to save for a period of time, and which pays you interest on the money you have in it”? SAVINGS ACCOUNT A CHEQUE “a What word means “a machine outside a bank The ______ is a system in Britain in whichthat you use to get money from your account”? account”? people try to win money each week by guessing games. the results of football games. CASH MACHINE / CASHPOINT / ATM (AUTOMATED TELLER MACHINE) POOLS “an What word means “an amount of money that When his grandmother died,you must pay to the government according to according he ______ a fortune. etc.your income, property, goods etc. and that is services”? used to pay for public services”? INHERITED TAX “the What word means “the money that you earn The ______ for the meal came to £75, from your work or that you receive from including wine. investments, etc”? investments, the government, etc”? BILL INCOME
  • 6. Spanish lottery.Talk about Spanish Christmas lottery. Talk about the most generous person known you have ever known. credit Talk about credit cards: Can the lottery ruin your life? Give reasons. pros and cons. cons. Talk about online banking: Would you lend a friend £1,000? advantages and disadvantages. Why / why not? Talk about the meanest person e- cons. Talk about e-shopping: pros and cons. known. you have ever known.Should teenagers work to get money? Talk about the luckiest person Give reasons. known. you have ever known.
  • 7. If you hit the jackpot, what would you do? Talk about the unluckiest person known. you have ever known. Does money make the world go round? happiness? Can money buy happiness? Give reasons. Give reasons. Is money the root of all evil? “Women waste more money than men”. men” Give reasons. agree? Do you agree?“The“The more you earn, the less you spend”. spend”. Should students get a loan to pay for their Do you agree? studies at university? Give reasons. Is it good to give money as a present? present? Talk about the advantages and disadvantages Why / why not? of gambling.
  • 8. If you won the lottery, “Having a job is like winning the lottery”. would you quit your job? Do you agree?Would you ever commit a crime for money? Which is better being a saver or a spender? Why / why not? Give reasons. Could you live without money? “Health is better than wealth”. Give reasons. Do you agree? A Yiddish proverb says Should housewives / househusbands you“With money in you pocket, you are wise, get a salary? Give reasons. handsome and you sing well, too.” Do you agree? Why / why not? If banks didn’t exist, “The best things in life are free”. would we need to invent them? Do you agree? Why / why not?