Present simple and continuous

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Present simple and continuous: Form and use

Present simple and continuous: Form and use

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  • 1. Present Simple and Present Continuous
  • 2. We use the simple present :
    • for things that happen REGULARLY .
      • I exercise in the mornings. I go to the gym every day.
    • for timetables
      • The stores open at 9:00 a.m. and close at 7:00 p.m.
    • for universal truths :
      • The Earth goes around the sun.
  • 3. THIRD PERSON SINGULAR SPELLING RULES a) General Rule: Add –s to most verbs stop work read stand stops works reads stands come speak comes speaks
  • 4. THIRD PERSON SINGULAR SPELLING RULES Change the – y to – i and add – es when the base form ends in a consonant + y . fly flies cry cries stay play stays plays study tidy studies tidies Do not change the – y when the base form ends in a vowel + y . Add – s
  • 5. THIRD PERSON SINGULAR SPELLING RULES We add ‘-es’ to the verbs that end in vowel, – ch , - s , - sh , - x , or – z or . cross lose buzz flash wish tea ch catch crosses loses buzzes flashes wishes teaches catches go goes
  • 6.  
  • 7.
    • The Present Continuous is used to :
    • express actions we are doing in this moment or what is happening right now.
      • I am play ing tennis with my friend.
      • Martha isn’t us ing the computer. She is tak ing a break.
      • Javier is do ing exercise in the gym.
    • describe pictures
      • In the painting, the two men are going out of the nightclub.
  • 8.
    • We can also use the Present Continuos to talk about our plans for the future.
    • I’ m work ing this Saturday. I ’m finish ing a report.
    • My mother is bak ing a cake tomorrow. It’s my birthday.
    • They aren’t go ing to the party tonight. They need to study.
    • James is play ing soccer next week. Would you like to come?
    • Tomorrow I’m meeting Peter at The Drunken Dunk.
    • Questions:
    • Are you go ing cycling tomorrow morging? Yes, I’m go ing .
    • Where are you stay ing in U. S. A?
    • I ’m stay ing at my mother’s house.
    • Are they go ing shopp ing tomorrow?
    • No, they are go ing swimming.