Extreme couponing


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Extreme couponing

  1. 1. Extreme Couponing (renamed Extreme Couponing: All-Stars for third season) is a scripted American reality TV series produced by Sharp Media
  2. 2. Extreme couponing is an activity that combines shopping skills with couponing
  3. 3. AIM To save as much money as possible while accumulating lots of goods
  4. 4. RESULT
  5. 5. TOP TIPS FOR COUPONERS 1. Organisation is key Throwing away coupons, finding expired coupons and forgetting coupons are the things you want to avoid doing. Make sure you keep all of your coupons in one place so you don’t lose them.
  6. 6. TOP TIPS FOR COUPONERS 2. Free in-store magazines Most of the major supermarkets have free in- store magazines that have coupons in them. As they are free, pick up more than one. If the coupons are useful to you, you can get the items at a discounted price every week you shop.
  7. 7. TOP TIPS FOR COUPONERS 3. Online couponing Coupons are all over the web. Joining company Facebook pages, checking brand websites and signing up to newsletters can put lots of coupons at your disposal.
  8. 8. TOP TIPS FOR COUPONERS 4. Be vigilant Products sometimes have coupons attached to them in the supermarket. Make sure you have your eye out for them!
  9. 9. TOP TIPS FOR COUPONERS 5. You don't have to spend them all at once Supermarket offers usually change every week and a lot of coupons last for a month or more, so it is worth hanging onto your coupons for the best deals saving you even more money.
  10. 10. TOP TIPS FOR COUPONERS 6. Store loyalty isn’t always the best Shopping in one store is not always the best way to go. If you wait for the product you have to go on sale, then you save more. These sales vary in different supermarkets so if it is cheap elsewhere, go there!
  11. 11. TOP TIPS FOR COUPONERS 7. Bigger bottles are not always the best Extra big 'value' products are not always the cheapest options, especially if you have coupons. It is always worth checking this as it may be better value to buy two smaller products with your coupons.
  12. 12. TOP TIPS FOR COUPONERS 8. Stockpile to save Don't be embarrassed to buy multiple non- perishable products when they are on offer and you have a coupon. These items won't go off so you can keep them for a while and it's great to know you have spares around.