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VirtualESC - making posters



Instructions & images on building, uploading images, joining groups for access to building (on the ESC island in Second Life); information on profiles and other features included.

Instructions & images on building, uploading images, joining groups for access to building (on the ESC island in Second Life); information on profiles and other features included.



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  • More pictures are in the image folder; indicates where you can build if you are in the group
  • Be sure you are part of the group with building rights.
  • Be sure you are part of the group with building rights.
  • Be sure you are part of the group with building rights.
  • You can make objects and slide different textures onto each “face” – or side of the object. You must have the textures in your inventory. You can either upload images/textures at the cost of $10 Lindens for each image or you can use the images in Library > Textures
  • You can learn a lot in Second Life by seeing how things are constructed.
  • Each item / object (called primsfor primitives in Second Life); the About Land feature (right click the land > click About Land)

VirtualESC - making posters VirtualESC - making posters Presentation Transcript

  • Learning to make posters with images – for presentations & meetings in Second Life
    • An application of virtual building and saving; creating groups for students for building
    • At the end, materials on making profiles and learning tips in Second Life
  • This is the building area
    Here’s the ESC “sandbox”
    Find the building area – once on ESC islands click World > World Map > click-and-drag map till you see the view above > double-click the grassy area to be teleported there; right click the land to see boundaries & owners
  • Rights to build – for you & for students
    You need to be in theEmpire State College in SL group to be able to build (see menu to the right)
    You need to be invited to this group – send a request to for an invitation if needed – send your avatar’s name
    0nce you are in this group, you can invite other avatars that are near you by right-clicking on the avatar > Group > locate this group > click Invite; the other avatar must Accept the invitation
  • Learn more about who owns land & what rights you have
    Right click the land > About Land > click through the tabs to learn about ownership & about building considerations
  • Uploading images
    You need to have $10 Lindens for each image; get Lindens from your workshop leader
    Click the Inventory icon on the right of the SL screen > + (at the bottom) > find the image on your computer > click Open > accept the prompts to save image on your computer
    Images can be: digital photos, scanned images, PowerPoint slides saved as JPEGs
  • Starting to build
    Right click the land > click Build
  • Once the Building Menu opens
    1. click the desired shape
    Click the desired shape
    Click the ground (the indicator turns to a magic wand)
    2. click the ground
  • Practice moving object w/ the arrows
    Use directional arrows to move the object
  • Open Inventory > slide desired image (texture) onto object
    1. Open inventory
    2. Locate image > click-and-drag onto desired “face” of the object
  • Rotate objects as you make them
    Rotate object by clicking Ctrl on keyboard, when the arrows are present > turning the wheels
  • Make posters that show websites
    Bring websites onto your object
    Bring in a website, by clicking Select Face > clicking the desired face > Texture > + at bottom > typing in website > clicking OK
  • Put websites on only one face
    To insert or remove media, be sure to have only one face selected
  • The media settings
    Type web address here
    Type web address in Home Page area > click OK
  • A facsimile of website is displayed
  • Name objects that you want to save
    Always name objects you want to keep – right-click object > General > type name
  • Take objects into your inventory
    After naming objects, right-click then click Take or Take Copy (leaves out the original); it is put in your inventory with the name you have given
  • Pulled saved objects out of inventory
    Open Inventory > located saved object > click-and-drag it onto the ground
  • Remove unwanted items
    Right-click object to bring back the menu > Delete (removes the item)
  • Interesting extras
    Create a profile & learn more about land ownership & building
  • Getting Started: let people know you
    Click People on the right side > My Profile > Profile
  • Now, provide your background
    Click Edit Profile > complete the prompts about yourself & interests
  • You can even have another name over your avatar’s head
  • Right click buildings to learn about the “prims” that made them; a prim can have a single color or can be made from images (textures) that fill the shape
  • How much you can build?
    Every parcel can only have a defined amount of “prims” – the individual building blocks that parcel owners and groups can use
    If you right-click the land and then click About Land > Objects, you will see how many prims are available and are in use