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Locations in Second Life that you might want to visit - what could you do here?

Locations in Second Life that you might want to visit - what could you do here?

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  • 1. TOUR OF STEAMPUNK Matt Hibbard
  • 2.  When I first got there I met up with a bunch of students including Tracy, Sandra, Sean, and a few others. I quickly got separated though.  Not sure if it is my internet connection speed (lag) or just my processor being overwhelmed, but Steampunk is a busy place and something slowed my computer down tremendously.  Push the key to move forward, and 3 seconds later my avatar would actually move. This made navigating very difficult
  • 3.  Because of this lag, I fell into the sewer and couldn’t figure out how to get out.
  • 4.  While trying to get out I found that somebody actually created “places” in the sewer system.
  • 5.  After I got out I saw a trolly going by so I tried to actually get in it by clicking on it and selecting “sit here”. It Worked! I went for a ride.
  • 6.  In fact, I was able to ride on the top deck for a better view
  • 7.  On my own trying to find interesting things, I was feeling lonely…until I turned around and saw Sean and Sandra!
  • 8.  Sandra was having navigation issues as well and got caught spinning in circles and had to disconnect. While she was gone I looked at the pictures on the wall. I am Scottish, so this was actually quite interesting.
  • 9. I got separated from Sandra and Sean again and never did run into anybody else the rest of the night. Well that’s not true, I ran into some non-students. More on that later.
  • 10. I discovered some really cool machines, like this windmill.
  • 11.  There was a really tall structure next to the windmill, so I decided to fly over to it.
  • 12.  This turned out to be an observation tower that you could sit in and choose which level to rise to. I obviously went to the top.
  • 13. I could get myself into this contraption but couldn’t figure out how to activate it. Probably a good thing.
  • 14. I actually played a tune on this.
  • 15. I tried taking this thing for a spin but got a message saying I didn’t have proper authority.
  • 16.  Holy cow, a machine manufacturing gears from molten metal! Awesome!
  • 17.  Look at this old clock. Wow! It’s getting late! I wonder if anybody in our class is still here in the city?
  • 18.  Found a bowling alley. It actually works!
  • 19.  Not too bad for my first time bowling in SL
  • 20. After I left the bowling alley, I came across two other people, not students in our class.  It didn’t take long for me to figure out what they were up to.  He was wearing pants but no shirt. She was wearing a see-through fish net outfit.  They were doing things to each other I didn’t know you could do in SL. And I really don’t think I want to learn how they were doing it.  Against my better judgment, I tried taking a picture to prove it, but somehow did not manage to save it properly so I can’t show it to you. 
  • 21.  Ignoring the last encounter, I had a blast at Steampunk. There was a lot to see and do there. I want to go back when I have a couple more hours of spare time.  It helped me realize the interactive potential in SL. Again, it would take somebody technically savvy to build these things, but I now have a better sense of what’s possible than I did before.