SL startup for MALET students


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An example of some basic skills introduced within the MALET program.

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SL startup for MALET students

  1. 1.  Begin by downloading Second Life  Then sign into Second Life using the Advanced Mode the first time Signon w/ your avatar name & the password
  2. 2. You can move around in virtual spaces in a number of ways Walk using your arrows or click Move on the screen bottom & choose other ways to navigate Be sure to practice walking, flying, and running – it is easy for kids but harder for adults – here’s a 1 min animation Move gives you access to many ways to get around – run, walk, or fly
  3. 3. You can sit on a number of objects Right click a chair > click Sit Here
  4. 4. You can zoom your camera & take / send Snapshots Click Alt on your keyboard > click on your avatar (the icon turns to a magnifying glass) > use the arrows on your keyboard to move around; use your mouse scroll-wheel to zoom in/out . Press ESC if you get stuck, then use this over. Practice – you will need to zoom in on other avatars when they are speaking. Here’s a link to a 1 min. animation on viewing. In the next slide, you will see me taking a picture.
  5. 5. You can communicate by taking & sharing SnapshotsJust like before on the top of the screen, click World > Snapshot > select the wayyou want the Snapshot to be saved; save it on your computer with a name /location that you can find. The link again
  6. 6. Find more locations by using World > World Map – here’s the link to World Map & teleporting features)This is your avatar location Double click any area to move directly there; you may want to teleport to a location where you see other avatars
  7. 7. Testing listening in Sound Pod; a pod is on the upper right of the ESC island The sound testing pod is here; walk into the Science Center
  8. 8. Testing your own speaking You can see the green waves; be sure you are zoomed out far enough to be able to see them we you take a picture. And, yes, even avatars can get caught with their eyes closed for a picture.
  9. 9. Pictures of the green waves – I did this with PrintScreen & copy/pasting into the PowerPoint – here’s the link
  10. 10. You can see the Me > Preferences > Sound & media menu too; you can test the sound this way; lots more info on sound is here