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Second Life - basic applications & meetings
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Second Life - basic applications & meetings


Slides that were used in the VirtualESC meeting on 6/6/11

Slides that were used in the VirtualESC meeting on 6/6/11

Published in Education , Technology , Business
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  • 1. VirtualESC –Affinity Group
    -- Treasure Hunt winners; some basic features in and uses of Second Life
    -- June 6, 2011 – 2:30 – 3:30
  • 2. Agenda
    Treasure Hunt winners -- $1,000 Lindens
    Sitting / World Map / camera adjustments
    Talking: via headset / via text
    Saving meetings – text / machinima
    Basic applications & examples
    Meetings via images
    Meetings via website
    Designing . . . what is in your future?
    from the elegant (28 Union) to importing images (MAT Science Center)
  • 3. Treasure Hunt Winners - $1,000 Lindens each
    Sunshine Lionheart – most interesting location
    Michael301 Mancini – best hairdo
    LysaBurnstein – best outfit
  • 4. Basics
    To adjust view & voice-zooming: hold Alt on your keyboard > bring mouse over object to view/hear > click > zoom in & out with mouse wheel
    To see all ESC locations: click World (at screen top) > World Map > click-and-drag around the map > double-click to be teleported to a location on the map
  • 5. ADJUSTING SPEECH: click Me (top of screen) > Preferences > Sound & media > open Input/Output > test headset
    Toggle on & off Speech at screen bottom; it is green when active; turn off when not using to avoid feedback
    Text chat at screen bottom; similar to Elluminate
  • 6. Saving meeting interactions
    Text chat can be saved to computer
    Save action too (machinima): www.fraps.com
    But it takes a good bit of space; image capturing
    Save sound: http://audacity.sourceforge.net/
    Having “context” & community at a distance is a huge advantage
    and, yes, it can be VERY synchronous, but other options too
  • 7. Testing the different ways to work with meetings
    Make or get a large cube / a box
    Change the textures (images) in the box:
    Create images in PowerPoint & bring into SL as textures
    Drag-and-drop images onto the box
    Create a website / wiki that is linked into the box
    (details on implementation are in the wiki)
  • 8. Getting / sending notification
    Reading what is next to you; text chats
    “Friending” others
    Sending message – when online / when offline
    Many ways – start with the following:
    Right-click an avatar; make