The social champion

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Activating the social employee

Activating the social employee

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  • 1. The Social Champion Employee Activation 1 Social Media Service Group
  • 2. Social Organizations and Businesses Think Different FROM: • Mass Media • Control and Push Messaging • Institutions to distribute and connect • Issue Management • Deadlines • Just the Facts • Powerful Media • Target Audiences • Announce/All answers • Top Down • Corporate Spokesperson 2 Confidential 11/12/2012 TO: • Individualized Information • Conversation, Connections, Stories • People and Relationships to connect and build • Rapid Response/Agility • Real Time • Facts and Feelings • Powerful Networks • Communities • Listen and Collaborate • Leadership and Bottoms Up too • Empowered Employees and subject matter experts Global Marketing
  • 3. The Social Business...a journey back in time …
  • 4. The Neighborhood Business Great Business Fundamentals • Think back 60+ years ago • What made the neighborhood businesses thrive? • Think about your favorite family restaurant – local to where you lived and grew up • What practical and pragmatic approaches did they take to satisfy and build loyal customers? • Can we achieve the same customer intimacy and success today? Global Marketing
  • 5. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Personal Convenient Listen; Conversations High Trust Confidential, Subject to Non-Disclosure Agreement Global Marketing
  • 6. Business grew and succeeded based on word of mouth and they still do … more so with the social Web Global Marketing
  • 7. A different business approach to social media We need to build one-to-one trust-based relationships with customers, partners and team members. 7 Confidential
  • 8. It’s Neighborhood Business Back to the Future Social Media Services Group
  • 9. Customers and businesses are in this together… 9
  • 10. More than ever – a company’s brand is influenced by what consumers are saying about the brand An everyday employee is 2x more trusted vs. Chief Executive (Edelman Trust Barometer, ‘13) Confidential 90% trust recommendations from people they know. 70% trust consumer opinions posted online 14% trust advertising (Nielsen) How companies market, sell to and support their customers is changing… What roles do employees play this transformation? How do you activate employees?
  • 11. The world of brand loyalty has changed customer-initiated touchpoints between transactions, and the creation of value beyond just product The traditional marketing funnel is being usurped by the loyalty loop. New paradigm: Social commerce The purchase decision is informed by ‘WOM” (friends, influencers) and brand loyalty. FRIENDS Old paradigm: e-commerce THIRD PARTY 11 Confidential, Subject to Non-Disclosure Agreement SMEs Article: How Top Brands Pull Customers into Orbit, Mark Bonchek, Harvard Business Review 2012
  • 12. Mass Social Media Market External Community External Community External Community Community Hosted Communities Support External Community Mastery & Use Affinity Ideation External Topical Experts Extranets Internal Internal Networks / Workgroups Enterprise Global Marketing Collaboration
  • 13. How companies organize for social media: • Holistic: Everyone is in customer service and support and any employee who wants to be social is enabled • Dell & Best Buy’s Twelpforce are examples Source: Survey of 140 Corporate Social Strategists, Altimeter Group, November 2010 13 Confidential 10/28/2013 Global Marketing
  • 14. Some customers are here… 14 Global Marketing
  • 15. …more are here 15 Social Media Services Group
  • 16. ….very few are connected and lit up Social Businesses
  • 17. Not just a campaign, but in harmony across the fabric of a company Product Development • Feedback Loop • Early Warning • New Product Ideation Sales • Collaboration • Thought Leadership • Blogs Marketing • Demand Forecast • Lead Generation • Message Reach Online Presence • Ratings & Reviews • Communities • Customer Stories Communication Customer Service • Listening • Support Widgets • Outreach Confidential • • • • Rich Media Brand Reputation Influence Reputation
  • 18. Key Challenges Leadership buy-in Scaling beyond a dedicated team Content, content, content Building influence Community strategies ROI
  • 19. … employees are your company’s rock stars 19
  • 20. Amplification is not enough Source: 20 Confidential Global Marketing
  • 21. 21 Image thanks to Hugh McLeod @Gapingvoid Global Marketing
  • 22. From News & Events to Storytelling with Meaning 22 Global Marketing
  • 23. Beyond Publication and “Telling” to Sharing and Connecting 23 Global Marketing
  • 24. Image thanks to Hugh McLeod @Gapingvoid Global Marketing
  • 25. The Program’s road needs to be paved Global Marketing
  • 26. Building the foundation 26 Global Marketing
  • 27. Leadership Support “Engaging in honest, direct conversations with customers and stakeholders is a part of who we are, who we’ve always been. The social web amplifies our opportunity to listen and learn and invest ourselves in two-way dialogue, enabling us to become a better company with more to offer the people who depend on us.” –Michael Dell 27 Social Media Services
  • 28. Establish effective governance, policy and strategy 28 Confidential Global Marketing
  • 29. Companies need to guide team members participation in the social media space via education 29 Global Marketing
  • 30. Stronger platforms empower 30 Global Marketing
  • 31. Then what? * Councils * Communication * Listening * Events * Internal Social Media * Advanced Programs 31 Confidential Global Marketing
  • 32. Measuring 32 Confidential 10/30/2013 Global Marketing
  • 33. Let’s start engaging… 33 Confidential 10/28/2013 Global Marketing
  • 34. Eric Nystrom Director, Social Media Services Grou Rishi Dave | Inside @ericnystromsays Out