Selection types of objective test


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Selection types of objective test

  1. 1. SELECTION TYPES OF OBJECTIVE TEST Prepared by: Moseños, Apryl Rose M. Acknowledgement: Measuring and Evaluating Learning Outcomes: A textbook in Assessment of Learning 1 & 2
  2. 2. SELECTION TYPES OF OBJECTIVE TEST Included in the category of selection type are the following:  Arrangement type  Grouping type  Matching type  Multiple choice type  Alternate response type  Key list test  Interpretative exercises
  3. 3. ARRANGEMENT TYPE  Terms or objects are to be arranged by the students in a specified order.  Example:  Arrange the following planets according to their nearness to the sun, by using numbers 1,2,3,4,5. _Pluto _Mars _Venus _Saturn _Jupiter _Earth
  4. 4. MATCHING TYPE  A List of numbered items are related to a list of lettered choices.  Example:  Match the country in column 1 with its capital city in Column 2. Write letters only. COLUMN 1 COLUMN2 __1. PHILIPPINES A. WASHINGTON D.C __2. JAPAN B. JEDDAH __3.UNITED STATES C. JERUSALEM __4. GREAT BRITAIN d. MANILA __5. ISRAEL E. TOKYO F. NEW YORK
  5. 5. MULTIPLE CHOICE TYPE  This type contains a question, problem or unfinished sentence followed by several responses.  Example: The study of values is: a. Axiology b. Logic c. Epistemology d. metaphysics
  6. 6. ALTERNATE RESPONSE TYPE  A test wherein there are only two possible answers to the question. The TRUE or FALSE format is a form of alternative response type. Variations on the true-or-false format include yes-no, agree- disagree, and right- wrong.
  7. 7. Example:  Write TRUE, if the statement is true; False if it is false. ____1. Lapu-lapu was the first Asian repulse European colonizes in Asia. ____2. Magellan’s expedition to the Philippines led to the first circumnavigation of the globe. ____3. The early Filipinos were uncivilized before the Spanish conquest of the archipelago ____4. The Arabs introduced Islam in Southern Philippines.
  8. 8. Modified True/False : -Indicate whether the statement is true or false. If false, change the identified word or phrase to make the statement true.  Magellan was the first Asian to repulse European colonizers in Asia.
  9. 9. KEY LIST TEST  A test wherein the student has to examine paired concepts based on a specified set of criteria.
  10. 10. Example:  Examine the paired items in column 1 and column 2. on the blank before each number, write: A. if the item in column 1 is an example of of the item in column 2 B. if the item in column 1 is a synonym of the item in column 2. C. if the item in column 2 is an opposite of the item in column 1; and D. if the items in column 1 & 2 are not related in any way. Column 1 Column 2 ____1. capitalism economic system ____2. labor intensive capital intensive ____3. planned economy command economy ____4. opportunity cost demand and supply
  11. 11. INTERPRETATIVE EXERCISE  It is a form of multiple choice type of test that can assess higher cognitive behaviors. According to Airisian(1994) and Mitchell(1992), interpretative exercise provides students some information or data followed by a series of questions on that information. In responding to the questions in an interpretative exercise, the students have to analyze , interpret, or apply the material provided, like a map, excerpt of a story, passage of a poem, data matrix, table or cartoon.
  12. 12. Example: Examine the data on child labor in Europe during the period immediately after the Industrial Revolution in the continent. Answer the questions given below by encircling the letter of your choice. YEAR NUMBER OF CHILD LABORERS 1750 1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1820 1800 3000 5000 3400 1200 600 150 Table 1 CHILD LABOR in the YEARS RIGHT AFTER THE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION IN EUROPE 1. The employment of child labor was greatly used in_____. a. 1750 b. 1760 c. 1770 d. 1780
  13. 13. ESSAY TEST  T his type of test presents a problem or question and the student is to compose a response in paragraph form, using his or her own words, and ideas. There are two forms of essay test: BRIEF OR RESTRICTED and EXTENDED.
  14. 14. BRIEF OR RESTRICTED ESSAY TEST  This form of the essay test requires a limited amount of writing or requires that a given problem be solved in a few sentences.  EXAMPLE: Why did early Filipino revolts fail? Cite and explain 2 reasons.
  15. 15. EXTENDED ESSAY TEST  This form of essay test requires a student to present his answer in several paragraphs or pages of writing. It gives students more freedom to express ideas and opinions and use synthesizing skills to change knowledge into a creative idea.  Example: explain your position on the issue of charter change in the Philippines.
  16. 16. According to Reyes (2000) and Gay(1985), the essay test is appropriate to use when learning outcomes cannot be adequately measured by objective test items, nevertheless, all levels of cognitive behaviors can be measured.  Choosing the type of test depends on the teacher’s purpose and the amount of time to be spent for the test. As a general rule, teachers must create specific tests that will allow students to demonstrate targeted learning competencies.