Bangladesh (বংলাদেশ)


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Bangladesh (বংলাদেশ)

  1. 1. Welcome to the Presentation Bangladesh বাাংলাদেশ :: The Happiest Nation in the World ::
  2. 2. Discover the Color of Life
  3. 3. Geography of Bangladesh : Location: Southern Asia, bordering the Bay of Bengal, between Burma and India. Geographic coordinates: 24 00 N, 90 00 E. Map references: Asia Climate: tropical; mild winter (October to March); hot, humid summer (March to June); humid, warm rainy monsoon (June to October)
  4. 4. BangladeshFACTS: Population: 138.4 million Urban Population: 36% GNP Per Capita: $370 Religion: Muslim: 80% Hindu: 12% Christian: 5% Official Language: Bangla & English Buddhist: 2% Others: 1% Area: 147,530 Sq. Km Major Sports: Cricket, Football & Ha-Du-Du Capital: Dhaka
  5. 5. Cultures About the Colors of Bangladesh... Photographer: Mehdi Hasan, Mymensingh Medical College Postgraduate Student
  6. 6. The festivals of the Happiest Nation Festivals play major role in every Culture! There are several festivals in Bangladesh; - which are full of Joy, Love and Unity……….
  7. 7. BangladeshFOODS & Cakes:
  8. 8. BangladeshFOODS & Cakes:
  9. 9. Education:About the Education system in Bangladesh...
  10. 10. Education system of Bangladesh -Undergraduateeducation of various duration (two to four years) is offered to students aged 18+ at a numberof public and private universities, degreeand honors colleges, technical colleges, and specialized institutions. -Students can enroll in suchcolleges or Universities for obtaining a formal 'pass' Bachelor degree(15th Grade) whichis a Three-yearlong course, or theycan obtain a formal 'honours' Bachelor degree (16th Grade) which is a four-yearlong course.
  11. 11. Education system of Bangladesh -Post-graduate education, normallyof a one- to two-year duration, is provided at universities and affiliated colleges and institutions under National University.
  12. 12. Campus: About the Campus Life & Environment of study.....
  13. 13. Experience another Life beyond the Door! -Some moments apart from the study with friends, makes one more encouraged and practical
  14. 14. Experience another Life beyond the Door! -That’s what we callLife beyond the Door!
  15. 15. Wonders of Bangladesh: Bangladesh is known as “The Best Kept Secret of Asia”
  16. 16. Wonders ofBangladesh… •Bay of Bengal – Best Whale spotting * Guide Tours – Best tour operator * Sunderbans – The largest Mangrove forest. * Pahela Baishakh– Best national festival * Srimongol, Sylhet – Tea Spot * Jamuna Bridge – 11th Largest Bridge * St. Martins Islands- One of the Most Spectacular Holiday Spot! * Mynamati- Most important Buddhist Archeology. * Panthapah, Dhaka –best shopping at a stop light.
  17. 17. AmazingBangladesh: • Birthplace of Micro Credit • Birthplace of International Mother Language day (21st February) • Jamuna Future Park- Largest Shopping Mall in Asia • Cox’s Bazar- World’s Largest Beach • Parliament of Bangladesh- Worl’d Most Spectacular parliament • Royal Bengal- Majestic Beast in the World. • 3rd Largest National Museum • 2nd Largest Water garden city…… and many more
  18. 18. Photo Portfolios: Some of the Landscape Photography of Bangladesh Cox’s Bazar: The Longest Beach in the World.. Another Wonder of World!
  19. 19. Photo Portfolios: <<< BashundharaCity(The Largest ShoppingMall ofSouthAsia) ^ ApolloHospital,Dhaka The5th Largest hospital inSouth Asia
  20. 20. Photo Portfolios: <<< FortofLalBagh, Dhaka ^Bhasani planetarium, Dhaka <<< Zia Crecent,Dhaka
  21. 21. Photo Portfolios: <<< TypicalBoattransportationin Village ^Potenga Beach, Chittagong
  22. 22. Photo Portfolios: <<<The Shaheed Minar (Bangla: শহীে মিনার Shohid Minar) is a national monument in Dhaka, Bangladesh, established to commemorate those killed during the Language Movement demonstrations of 1952. National Martyrs' Memorial is a monument in Bangladesh. It is the symbol of the valour and the sacrifice of those killed in the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971, which brought the independence of Bangladesh from Pakistani rule
  23. 23. Photo Portfolios: <<< Father of the Micro-Credit…
  24. 24. Photo Portfolios: <<< BoatRace,Dhaka ^ TraditionalKitefight, Dhaka <<< TraditionalCow Fight
  25. 25. Please feel free to ask any QUESTION that you want to ask about Bangladesh! Thank you very much