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Oaxacalifornia2013 3

  1. 1. Oaxacalifornia “La cocina es un lenguaje en el cual se puede expresar armonía, creatividad, felicidad, belleza, poesía, compleji dad, magia, humor, provocación y cultura.” - Ferrán Adriá
  2. 2. Tradición y modernidad, una historia ancestral, marcada por la conquista y el mestizaje, en contraste con la crónica de un territorio definido por una sociedad joven, en una dinámica que involucra una condición fronteriza, las migraciones constantes y la creación de tradiciones que afiancen el arraigo a una nacionalidad, son elementos relevantes en la relación culinaria “Oaxacalifornia”. - Viernes, 7 de Septiembre de 2012, El Universal
  3. 3. WHAT, WHEN & WHERE Oaxacalifornia 2013
  4. 4. Presenting the world famous cuisines and traditions of Oaxaca and Baja California to a new audience– including worldwide press & media-- here in Ensenada, Baja California, is the idea behind this cultural event. For three consecutive nights, Oaxaca's finest chefs will pair with Baja's finest chefs, pairing with Baja's freshest culinary products and with its sophisticated wines to create culinary wizardry. Baja California is home to Mexico's wine country...Oaxaca is home to Mexico's mezcal. Oaxacalifornia offers a chance to showcase each. Culminating the dinner series will be the Oaxacalifornia marketplace, featuring indigenous peoples and cultural activities from both regions of Mexico, as well as vendors, food makers, demonstrations, crafts and more.
  5. 5. Thursday, Nov. 21 Corazon de Tierra restaurant, in the heart of the wine country at La Villa del Valle inn and retreat. Chef Diego Hernandez and Chef/Owner Alejandro Ruiz. Friday, Nov. 22 Laja restaurant, just off of Highway 3, Ensenada-Tecate. kilometer 8, Valle de Guadalupe. Chef Jair Tellez and Chef José Manuel Baños. Saturday, Nov. 23 Manzanilla restaurant, adjacent to the ship port. Azueta Lieutenant Port Precinct 13, Ensenada. Chef Benito Molina and Chef Rodolfo Castellanos. Sunday, Nov. 24 OAXACALIFORNIA marketplace at the Viento complex, on Highway 1, Km.104 Tij-Ens Highway. Wednesday, Nov. 20 Hola, Oaxacalifornia! Exclusive Chef-Sponsor Reception
  6. 6. WHY To reinforce the positive image of Baja California and to heighten awareness of its products, resources and appeal, working in conjunction with Oaxaca. This event will achieve media visibility and coverage, and will showcase Mexico’s most magical states: Baja California and Oaxaca, both famous for their gastronomic and cultural richness. Additionally, the event will create awareness of Baja’s indigenous peoples and of Ensenada’s Oaxacan community. WHY Oaxacalifornia 2013
  7. 7. WHO Oaxacalifornia will offer events that appeal to both Mexican and American audiences and the hope is to increase awareness and visitation by the American community (recognizing that Ensenada still can achieve much more attention in North America as a culinary hub). WHO Oaxacalifornia 2013
  8. 8. HOW Press conferences Press releases issued by the event and posted through all association partners and websites and through PR Newswire. Online presence through social networking (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) Collateral materials and posters Organizers and participants will be featured in any TV and radio interviews that are obtained. All exhibitors, presenters, vendors, sponsors will be required to support publicity efforts. HOW
  9. 9. REQUEST FOR SPONSORSHIP & PARTICIPATION BY DISCOVER BAJA CALIFORNIA, THE BAJA SECRETARY OF TOURISM The organizers of Oaxacalifornia believe that this event will heighten visibility of Ensenada and Baja California and showcase the culture and cuisine of the region. Oaxaca is already known for its foods, arts and warmth – and so is Baja California, but we have greater potential to bring a whole new audience to our region to learn more! To this end, Oaxacalifornia seeks a diversity of partners including tourism and commercial sponsors.
  10. 10. This event underscores the promotion efforts of Baja California, reinforcing the positive image of this resource-rich state, its people and its culture. It supports the overall goals of promoting Ensenada and all of Baja California, its tourism, hotels, restaurants, cultural activities, artists, merchants and others.
  11. 11. This event brings immediate visibility and attention to SPONSOR partners, putting them in a positive light and increasing public awareness of high quality services and programs. It affiliates sponsors with Baja’s most highly regarded chefs and restaurants, and it aligns Ensenada with the cultural richness of Oaxaca.
  12. 12. This event will bring support to Ensenada’s Oaxacan community and to the indigenous Kumiai people of this region.
  13. 13. SPONSOR BENEFITS In return, the following benefits will be provided, and we guarantee additional benefits at every opportunity! Major sponsors of Oaxacalifornia will be prominently recognized on all printed materials and in advertising and media releases supporting the event. Oaxacalifornia will generate at least one PR Newswire release and a variety of other press releases both to California and Mexico media promoting the event, and linking to the sponsors website. Major sponsors will have a booth will have a booth at the Oaxacan marketplace to encourage travel to its cities, hotels and attractions, and to distribute its own materials. Sponsors will be recognized in social media activities generated by Oaxacalifornia. Access to upper level sponsors will be available to attend the event reception. Access to upper level sponsors will be available to attend the dinner events.
  14. 14. Eileen Gregory Lasbrisasdelvalle@gmail.com 646-156-8007 Carla White carlabwhite@gmail.com 619-318-5347 Valeria Rivas Envolturaroja@gmail.com 664-219-5356 CONTACT Thank you for supporting this event!