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Envision IT - SharePoint 2013 Web Content Managment
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Envision IT - SharePoint 2013 Web Content Managment


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SharePoint is a powerful web content management platform that gets even better with the 2013 release. ​In this seminar Envision IT explores what's new for SharePoint 2013 Web Content Management. See …

SharePoint is a powerful web content management platform that gets even better with the 2013 release. ​In this seminar Envision IT explores what's new for SharePoint 2013 Web Content Management. See more of our events at

Published in: Technology, Design
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  • 1. SharePoint 2013Web Content Management
  • 2. Joe Seguin, Director of ConsultingServicesErik Moll, Business DevelopmentManager/Cloud Microsoft CanadaPeter Carson, PresidentPeter Mackenzie, VP SalesWho Are We?
  • 3. AgendaIntroductionsOffice 365SharePoint 2013 – What’s New OverviewWhat’s New in Web Content Management?DemonstrationLicensingQ&A
  • 4. Focused on complex SharePoint solutions,Envision IT is the “go-to” partner for MicrosoftSharePoint, building integrated public web sites,Intranets, Extranets, and web applications thatleverage your existing systems anywhere over theInternet.Envision IT
  • 5. Products
  • 6. Transform how you run yourbusiness with Office 365
  • 7. What’s New inSharePoint2013
  • 8. What’s New in WebContentManagement
  • 9. Easier Page Authoring With Cut and Paste
  • 10. Design ManagerNew way tobuild masterpages andlayoutsSharePointDesigner nolongerrequiredEdit andpreview inany HTMLeditorAutomaticallycreates theassociatedmaster pageand .aspxlayoutsPackage intoa DesignPackage WSPfordeployment
  • 11. Snippet GallerySelectcomponentssuch as searchbox ornavigationcontrolConfigure itspropertiesPaste thesnippet intoyour HTMLmaster page orlayoutChangessynched toactual masterpages andlayouts toconvert toSharePointcomponentsCan be used byany web designtool
  • 12. ChannelsMap channelsto mobiledevices orbrowsersAlternatemaster pagescan beassignedPage layoutscan include orexcludecontent basedon channel
  • 13. Managed NavigationSite navigationdriven bymanagedmetadataSEO-friendlyURLsConnect sitenavigation tobusinessconceptsrather thansite structure
  • 14. Display TemplatesUsed tocustomize thepresentation ofsearch resultsNo more XSLT!!!Three templates• Control – Overallstructure of searchresults• Group – Showgroups of results• Item – How eachresult is presented
  • 15. Content Search Web Part• Replacement forContent Query WebPart• Also no more XSLT!!!• Returns results as JSON• Rendered withJavaScript and CSS• Can customize resultswith display templates
  • 16. Image Renditions• Display uploaded images inpredefined sizes, widths,and crops• Multiple renditions storedin document sets• Content author can createrenditions (including crops)in the browser
  • 17. Cross-Site Publishing• Reuse content between different sites, including sitecollections and farms• Catalogs can surface lists into publishing sites onto acategory page and item pages• Can be surfaced through the Content Search WebPart• No need to create and publish web pages• Create custom, friendly URLs• Metadata based navigation base
  • 18. Cross Site PublishingJob PostingJob PostingJob PostingJob Posting
  • 19. CatalogsResultsConsistentDisplaysManagecontent inone placeNo needto createpagesNo needto formatMetadataNavigation
  • 20. Category Page Item
  • 21. SEO Enhancements• Friendly URLs• Home page redirects• XML sitemapsautomatically generatedand updated• Custom SEO properties
  • 22. Variations and Multi-Lingual• Export and import content for translation inXLIFF format Pages Labels List items Navigation• Bing translation service comes with activeSharePoint 2013 license
  • 23. ProcessRequirementsInformationArchitectureWireframesCreativeDesignsBuild It
  • 24. Search
  • 25. Licensing
  • 26. SharePoint Licensing– 2010 vs 20132013 Intranet Extranet Internet SitesInternalUsersSharePointServer + CALSharePoint Server + CALSharePoint ServerExternalUsers*N/A SharePoint Server2010 Intranet Extranet Internet SitesInternalUsersSharePointServer + CAL SharePoint Server + CALOrSharePoint for InternetSites (FIS)SharePoint forInternet Sites (FIS)ExternalUsers*N/ANote*: External users means users that are not either your or your affiliates’ employees, or your or your affiliates’ onsite contractors or onsite agents
  • 27. Questions?
  • 28. Thank You!…and Go Leafs!