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Beyond the school website, create a comprehensive web presence to reach international students was a presentation provided at the NAFSA Region XII conference in San Diego covering the topic of international student recruitment.

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  • Then of course there is social media. It’s still important to build out your own social media, but using a third party company can help direct individuals to your social through tags and such. And of course get your name out there, and maybe a lead through as well.
  • Beyond the School Website

    1. 1. Beyond the School Web Site – Create a Comprehensive Web Presence to Reach International Students
    2. 2. About Bryanna Davis – Marketing Coordinator, Envisage International • From Missouri – received a degree in Journalism • Studied abroad in Wales and taught English in Beijing, China • Responsible for digital marketing and social media efforts
    3. 3. About Us Our goal is to empower and encourage students to pursue an international education, and provide them with the tools they need to educate themselves and experience the world. • • • • Neptune Beach, Florida Started in 1998 Own the largest international student facing network • • • • • Reach - over 7 million students each year Business Units • Insurance • Loans • Leads and advertising
    4. 4. Agenda • Internal web presence • Your website, how students find you • External web presence • Third party websites, social media and search engines • The New School and UNF • Web presence • Best practices – what works, how to best utilize what you have • Q & A and Discussion
    5. 5. Web Presence “The appearance of a person or organization on the World Wide Web." How is it Measured? By the amount of sites an organization or individual has, including • The website • Social media profiles • Search engine rankings • Amount of search engine real estate
    6. 6. Why is Web Presence Important? Ability to reach millions of international student Compliments your travel and traditional recruiting efforts Brand awareness Contact from reach to enrollment Cost effective ROI It is how you are found and have an impact when students are searching for you or the programs you offer
    7. 7. Why is a Web Presence important? Over 50% of high school Juniors and Seniors say that the web played at least a significant role in the evaluation of an institution But 55% of students could not find the information they were looking for on a school’s website So 18% of students turn to independent websites to learn about cost and financial aid And 49% say independent websites are the best way to learn about an institution’s academic programs o 31% say blogs o 38% social media o 52% search College Week Live and Noel-Levitz, 2013
    8. 8. Why is a Web Presence Important?
    9. 9. Your School’s Website • • • • • • • • • • • • • Important Expensive Branding Communicate with: • Current students • Prospective students • Alumni • Faculty President’s message Mission of the school Admissions info Academics Programs and degrees offered Maps, directories, employment opportunities Athletics, events Parent resources, student government And that is the first page! Oh my!
    10. 10. Your School’s Website • One site created for all • Hard to navigate • Not completely relevant • Hard to find information • Out of date
    11. 11. How is Your School’s Website Found?
    12. 12. They’re Doing What?
    13. 13. Getting Their Information
    14. 14. Email Marketing
    15. 15. Giving Them Information The Way They Prefer
    16. 16. Make It Real
    17. 17. Giving Them Information The Way They Prefer
    18. 18. Beyond Your Site- Your School’s Social Media Presence • Extension of website • Upcoming events • News • Upcoming deadlines • Promoted from website and vice versa • Engage users to push through the funnel
    19. 19. Social Media
    20. 20. Your School’s Web Presence 33,300 Monthly Unique Visitors
    21. 21. The New School
    22. 22. Working with Third Party Online Marketing Companies
    23. 23. Working with Third Party Online Marketing Companies • Typically portal sites • Established SEO • Sticky • Some do microsites • Stand Alone • ? – How do they get traffic • Good way to expand your reach • Promote your social networks • Good way to expand brand awareness
    24. 24. What is your school currently doing?
    25. 25. What are a few improvement/updates you would like to see happen when it comes to your school’s web presence?
    26. 26. How to Grow your Web Presence • Hire outside help like Envisage International (us!), Hotcourses, Zinch or Hobsons… • Ask: • How will we be found • What methods do you use (SEO, PPC, Affiliates) • What are the benefits of social media • What blogs and content will you distribute • Know what your goals are (likes, leads, communications, brand) • Ask for help