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Et pms leaflet

  1. 1. Enviro Technology Services plc Particulate Monitors and Samplers New product development, and the ability to introduce innovative monitoring solutions to a wide range of markets and applications, are the hallmarks of Enviro Technology’s business philosophy. Nowhere is this more visible than in the field of particulate monitoring and sampling. APPLICATIONS • Real-time ambient Enviro Technology offers the widest choice of particulate monitoring equipment air quality in Europe ranging from hand-held particulate counters and monitors through to monitoring (urban, network compatible, real-time ambient air dust monitors and gravimetric dust rural, roadside) samplers. For PM10, PM2.5, PM1.0, Sub-PM1.0 and TSP • Gravimetric sampling – single No fewer than three EU CEN 1234/1-compliant monitors and samplers are included or multiple filters in the product range: the single-filter ‘Kleinfilter’ (EU Reference Method), the 47/50 15-filter sequential sampler (utilising the ‘Kleinfilter’ pump module), and the SM 200 • Industrial hygiene combined beta-attenuation mass monitor with 40-filter gravimetric sampler. monitoring (Health & Safety) Continuous particulate analysers in the range include the SM 200 combined mass monitor and 40 Filter gravimetric sampler and the universally popular BAM 1020, • Indoor air quality monitoring (IAQ) both of which have been granted 'equivalency' status in the 2005-2006 DEFRA inter-comparison and are suitable for use on any UK and overseas air quality • Clean-room monitoring network, including the AURN. applications
  2. 2. Particulate Monitors and Samplers Real-Time Ambient Dust Monitors BAM 1020 SM 200 The BAM-1020 automatically measures and records The SM 200 is the most the concentration of airborne particulate matter in advanced real-time, particulate BAM 1020 real time using the field-proven beta-attenuation analyser/sampler currently proven EU technique. available. The instrument is equivalency* unique in that, in one Internationally approved (US EPA) and capable of small, bench or rack-mounted box, it combines a being calibrated against EU CEN 12341 Equipment real-time beta-attenuation mass monitor producing Gravimetric Standard, the advanced design 24-hourly averages of PM10 concentration AND a techniques and ultra reliable mechanism provide a 40-filter sequential gravimetric sampler collecting reliable, rugged and flexible system for the 24-hour dust filter samples. measurement of PM10, PM 2.5 and TSP. Tested alongside the EU Reference Method and Once set-up is complete, an integral meeting the requirements of CEN 1234-1 (Gravimetric microprocessor allows fully automatic operation Sampling), the SM 200 can be used for any dust whilst accurate measurements are assured by the monitoring application, including urban ambient air automatic calibration zero and span check quality monitoring, and is suitable and compatible for conducted before each cycle – a feature unique to use in monitoring networks such as the UK’s this instrument. This constant evaluation of Automatic Urban and Rural network (AURN). operation ensures the highest quality data recovery of any instrument of its type. Unlike some other dust analysers that, in the UK, require a multiplication factor to be applied to data Simple to operate and maintain, the BAM 1020 is due to the evaporation of volatile particles lost whilst suitable for stand-alone use or simple integration passing through the heated collection/measurement into a system set-up. unit, the SM 200 requires no such correction factor • Comfortably fits in compact in normal operation. roadside enclosures This is because the SM 200 does not heat the • Unique self-calibration check sample inlet, rather, the sample inlet is surrounded • 60 day unattended operation by an outer jacket in which air at ambient • On-board data logger enables temperature is drawn, thereby maintaining the logging of other sensors temperature of the particulate matter within the • UK Equivalent Method* inlet tube close to ambient. This results in non- volatilisation of any secondary particles that would • US-EPA Approved normally be driven off at higher temperatures. As the SM 200 also includes a CEN-1234-1 equivalent gravimetric sampler, measurements can be checked against the sampled filters as an additional quality control parameter. * UK EQUIVALENCE This is inherently more accurate than other techniques, and is unique in that the real-time monitor can be PROGRAMME FOR calibrated against the in-built gravimetric sampler on a regular basis, on site, therefore ensuring high levels of MONITORING OF data quality assurance and control. • MCERTS Approved • TÜV Approved BAM 1020 PARTICULATE MATTER • UK Equivalent Method* *Shown to meet equivalence criteria set out in the report on ‘UK equivalence programme for monitoring of particulate matter’. (See
  3. 3. High, Medium and Low Flow Particulate Samplers Single Filter “Kleinfilter” LVS-3 HVAS 3000 The LVS3 Small Filter Device is TA Luft and CEN The HiVol 3000 High Volume Air Sampler has EN 12341 approved for suspended particulate been designed with four principles in mind - long matter (SPM), PM10, PM2.5, all dust compounds life, minimal maintenance, ease of operation and and elemental carbon. The associated MVS6 superb volumetric flow accuracy. Small Filter Device is identical with the LVS3 but The HiVol 3000 provides a flexible sampling fitted with a 6m3 vacuum pump and is suitable platform for the sampling of PM10, PM2.5 or for the measurements of dioxin concentrations. HVAS 3000 Total Suspended Particulates and the monitoring With easy, 3-key, menu-guided operation and of basic meteorological parameters. equipped with µ-controller, both devices collect The sampler is microprocessor controlled and dust samples on filters in a standard, quality- incorporates ambient temperature and pressure assured manner. Activation, sampling duration sensors that are used to automatically maintain a and sampling intervals are pre-selectable and each constant volumetric flow rate of typically has a large, illuminated digital display. To facilitate 67.8m3/hr through a 20 / 25cm filter. long periods of monitoring without filter changes, an 8-fold Sampling System may be incorporated. The HiVol 3000 features internal data logging of temperature, barometric pressure and the volume of air sampled through the filter. Data from an optional wind speed and direction sensor may also be collected and stored. Logged data may be down loaded through the RS232 port. Current settings, status and total sample volume and run time may be viewed on its integral LCD display. S&L Single Filter “Kleinfilter” LVS-3 Sequential Sampler SEQ47/50 Rugged and of lightweight construction, the SEQ47/50 is designed for the outdoor sampling of all PM fractions and dust in all temperatures and environmental conditions. The unit is operated and controlled by integrated LVS3 or MVS6 samplers (Kleinfiltergeräte). The magazines for the blank and sampled filters are capable of holding 15 filters each. A cooled inlet system and enclosed sampled filter magazine ensures no loss of particulate volatile material. Filter holders are available for filters of 47 and 50 mm. The PM10 inlet accords to CEN EN 12341. Sequential Sampler SEQ47/50
  4. 4. Particulate Monitors and Samplers Portable Laser Particulate Air Samplers Analysers MiniVol Portable Air Sampler E-Sampler The MiniVol offers a versatile, cost-effective The E-Sampler is the most feature-packed solution for monitoring PM10, PM2.5, TSP and light-scatter Aerosol Monitor available. Whatever gaseous pollutants. Compact, lightweight and your monitoring need the E-Sampler will provide constructed from durable PVC, the MiniVol is accurate, dependable and relevant data. The ideal for sampling air quality in remote locations. E-Sampler is a dual technology instrument that combines the unequalled real-time measurement The unit will operate from either of light scatter with the accuracy standard of filter AC or DC power supply whilst an methods. The simple filter loading process testifies integral, rechargeable, lead-acid to the seamless blending of both technologies. battery pack will provide up to 24 E-Sampler sampling hours. The slim profile of the unit enables discreet Aerocet 531 mounting and the small size and Particulate Mass Monitor and Particle counting in low noise output makes it ideal for monitoring a single unit. The 531 combines hand-held air quality in the work place or public facility. portability with highly precise measurements. Data records are stored in memory and may be transferred to a PC using the supplied software or printed using the optional portable printer. A remarkably flexible, higher performance Aeroset 531 instrument featuring: • Operates as either a particulate counter or mass monitor • Battery-operated, hand-held • Two channel particle counter • PM1, PM2.5, PM7, PM10 or Total Suspended Particulates As a mass particular monitor, particles are detected, sized and counted in multiple size ranges. Mass conversion is made using standard conversion factors, or by using user-programmable factors based on unique conditions. The particle mass can be displayed as PM1, PM2.5, PM7, PM10 or Total Suspended Particulates. When configured as a particle counter, size-based particle counts are displayed as cumulative (counts above threshold) above 0.5 and 5.0 microns, the two most popular size ranges. Monitoring for Life EnviroTechnology Services plc Advanced Environmental Systems - Sales, Hire and Services Kingfisher Business Park, London Road, Stroud, Gloucestershire, GL5 2BY Tel: +44 (0)1453 733200 Fax: +44 (0)1453 733201 Email: