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Et enclosures brochure

  1. 1. Enviro Technology Services plc Housings and Enclosures Choosing the right enclosure is as critical as choosing the right equipment to go in it. By dealing with more than one supplier Enviro Technology has built up a NEW - ET RoadBOX now available range of standard enclosures that can be used for please ask for details many different applications. Colour, size and construction of the enclosure are all important. Making the right choice can assist in obtaining permission to site the enclosure in the preferred location; facilitate expansion of the monitoring capability of the station and provide the operator with a safe, comfortable environment in which to work. For those planning sensitive areas Enviro Technology offer bespoke enclosures with a variety of decorative finishes to match the architecture of the area. Strength, security and durability are three key features of all enclosures offered by Enviro Technology. Team this with accurate, reliable instrumentation and high quality service to create a first class monitoring station
  2. 2. Housings and Enclosures Roadside Enclosures The PR range of Roadside Enclosures are specially chosen for areas that are space sensitive. PR4/PR5/PR10: When locating a monitoring station at the roadside the safety of the pedestrian and the • Air conditioned motorist must be considered. It is important that the visibility of either is not impaired • Electrical distribution The PR4 and PR5 enclosures are ideal for housing equipment at the roadside. It is not just their low height and narrow footprint. They are fabricated from a tough GRP/plywood sandwich • 3 point secure and finished in any standard BS colour. These enclosures are supplied with protective cages locking around the air conditioning unit and sample inlet as standard as well as three point locking. • Tough GRP/plywood The PR4 provides a self contained solution for roadside applications requiring the • Vandal proof cages measurement of Oxides of Nitrogen and/or Particulate. (optional) It can be easily moved by two people and a van if short term monitoring at more than one • Standard BS colours location is required. • First Aid Kit Where a “walk-in” enclosure is preferred the PR10 is the answer. A full height of 2300 mm with a narrow base enables a full suite of monitoring instruments to be housed in an • Fire extinguisher enclosure that takes up only one car park space. • Non-slip vinyl floor The PR10 is also used in many industrial applications to house continuous emissions (PR10) monitoring equipment. Dimensions Gas Temperature Max no. Model (HxDxW) Store Controlled Anaylsers PR4 650 x 1100 x 1250mm Limited A/C 2 PR5 650 x 1500 x 1500mm Limited A/C 3 PR4 PR10 1200 x 2000 x 2300mm Yes A/C 5 Where size/space is a real concern please see Enviro Technology’s new range of Roadboxes. Alternatively contact our sales team with your requirements and we will do our best to meet them with a bespoke GRP enclosure to suit your individual needs. PR5 PR10
  3. 3. Mobile Monitoring Systems Heavy steel or lightweight GRP. TRAILERS: Within the range of trailer based options Enviro Technology provide two sizes of high security steel enclosures on one or two axles. Once on site the trailer has a battery • Air conditioned powered hydraulic system that lowers the body to the ground so that it looks like a steel storage container making it difficult to tow away. • Electrical distribution The ET250, 400, 500 are caravan type trailers that are easy to tow. They can take a • Internal & external doors for security full set of monitoring instruments and can be customised for specific applications. All trailer based enclosures comply with Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations • Steel or GRP 1986, as amended and the Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations 1989, as amended. • Vandal proof cages (optional) It is recommended that these regulations and the manual of the towing vehicle be consulted before taking to the road • Standard BS colours • Emergency light Dimensions Gas Temperature Max no. No. of Model (HxDxW) Store Controlled Anaylsers Axles • First Aid kit 700 Series 2500 x 1700 x 1800mm Yes A/C 5* 1 • Fire extinguisher 10 Foot 3000 x 2000 x 2000mm Yes A/C Up to 10* 1&2 • Towing electrics/ lights ET400 2950 x 1770 x 1970mm Option A/C Up to 10* 2 ET500 3550 x 1770 x 1970mm Option A/C Up to 10* 2 • Stabilising legs (GRP) *Subject to maximum towing weight restrictions Choose the equipment; choose the enclosure; choose Enviro Technology
  4. 4. Housings and Enclosures Static Enclosures For background monitoring sites and other applications where the dimensions of STATIC: the enclosure is not important there is a choice of four sizes. Each of these is air conditioned and has a separate gas storage area. • Air conditioned Fabricated from mild steel coated with “Plastisol” the static enclosures are available in green or grey as standard. Other finishes such as “anti graffiti” paint or vinyl are • Electrical distribution available at additional cost. • Separate gas storage For use in harsher environments these enclosures can be specified with additional • Steel/mild steel air conditioning units, extra insulation, snow deflectors and a UPS. • Vandal proof cages In common with all enclosures the wiring is to IEE 16th Edition and if required a (optional) third party certification service is available. • Colour on inquiry Roadside, kerbside, background, mobile or fixed: • Emergency light whatever the application Enviro Technology has the enclosure. • First Aid kit • Fire extinguisher • Spacious • None slip vinyl floors Dimensions Gas Temperature Max no. Model (HxDxW) Store Controlled Anaylsers Size 1 1800 x 1800 x 2300mm Yes A/C 5 Size 2 2440 x 2260 x 2115mm Yes A/C 5 Size 3 2745 x 2260 x 2300mm Yes A/C Up to 10 Size 4 3655 x 2260 x 2300mm Yes A/C Up to 10 Monitoring for Life EnviroTechnology Services plc Advanced Environmental Systems - Sales, Hire and Services Kingfisher Business Park, London Road, Stroud, Gloucestershire, GL5 2BY Tel: +44 (0)1453 733200 Fax: +44 (0)1453 733201 Email: Printed on FSC-certified 50% recycled stock using vegetable oil based inks