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  • 1. Mission Statement: Greenfoot Global is dedicated to marketing products that leave our planet greener, provide our customers substantial savings and offer our independent entrepreneurs a sustainable long term business opportunity. WELCOME TO GREENFOOT GLOBAL
  • 2.
      • Company
      • Products
      • Markets & Trends
      • Timing
      • Comp. Plan
      • = Success!
    Timing Markets & Trends Comp. Plan UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY Company Products OPPORTUNITY For YOU!
  • 3. The Right Leadership, Right People with the Right Product
    • Was an Affiliate Marketing Company Since 2009
    • Just now launching
    • Debt Free Company (with substantial financial backing)
    • Embracing Technology (Encouraging on-line marketing)
    • Just starting International Expansion
    • Over 150 years of Corporate & Field experience
  • 4. The Corporate Dream Team and it’s still growing!
    • Ralph Flynn - 43 years as President and/or CEO
    • of numerous Networking companies.
    • Jeb McCandless - Former COO of USANA Corp.
    • with over 25 years in management & consulting
    • Bill Hyman - 32 year MLM veteran, published
    • author, trainer / speaker
    • Mary Ann Hyman 19 years in Networking,
    • published author.
    • Plus an entire team consisting of our CFO, Head of Legal, Head of IT, Customer Service Managers
  • 5. Everyone is looking for simple way to go green! This is a game changer! A first to market product that will revolutionize the industry!
    • What if there was a product that could:
    • Lower vehicle emissions by as much as 75%
    • Improve performance & power of your engine
    • Extend the longevity of your engine
    • Allow you to use lower octane fuel
    • AND . . . Did this all for FREE !
    Results may vary based on temperature, road & traffic conditions, vehicle and engine age, and operator variables. However, if you do not save more money than the cost of the product, we provide a full 100% money back guarantee. PERFECT GLOBAL PRODUCT
  • 6. “ The World’s 1 st Multi-Vitamin for your Engine!!” Approved for use in: gasoline, ethanol, diesel, bio-diesel and any mix of hydrocarbon fuels 100% Money Back Guarantee! Made in the USA Simply add EnviroTabs To every tank of fuel and see the Benefits for yourself! EPA Registered INTRODUCING… EnviroTabs
  • 7. EnviroTabs is a Combustion Chamber Catalyst It creates a proprietary catalytic coating on the combustion surfaces of the engine once in the combustion chamber It allows the fuel to burn quicker and therefore more completely! More fuel burns in the power stroke, therefore less burns in the exhaust stroke Your fuel burns more efficiently creating a host of benefits:
    • It’s good for the environment & Saves you Money!
    • No need to use expensive premium gasoline
    • Prolongs Oil Life!
    • Increases Horsepower !
  • 8.
    • The technology is Patented and has been tested for
    • over 40 years with intensive road testing & commercial use
    • $250,000 tier one test to receive EPA registration
    • By Law Can Not Invalidate Any Vehicle’s Warranties
    • Magnusson Moss Act 1978
    • Worldwide Insurance Policy ($1,000,000 .00 Coverage)
    • Composed of 100% active ingredients, no diluents or fillers
    • Actually extends the life of your engine
    Yes - EnviroTabs is EPA Registered & 100% Safe! EPA Registered IS IT SAFE?
  • 9.
    • Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx): 15 - 25%
    • Carbon Monoxide (CO): 15 - 20%
    • Sulfur Oxides (SOx): 35 - 50%
    • Hydrocarbons (HC): 25 - 30%
    • Particulate Matter (DPM): Up to 75%
    • Stack Smoke 50 - 90%
  • 10. With just a 10%* Increase in Fuel Mileage 20 MPG Average x 10% Increase = 22 MPG 2 MPG More x 20 Gallon Tank = 40 More miles per Tank Normally takes you 2 gallons to go 40 miles 2 gals. of gas at $2.50 per gal. is $5 x 10 Tablets / Pack = $50 in Savings Save up to $50 in gas with each pack that costs as little as $20! Results may vary based on temperature, road & traffic conditions, vehicle and engine age, and operator variables. However, if you do not save more money than the cost of the product, we provide a full 100% money back guarantee . SAVES YOU MONEY AT THE PUMP! Would you BUY a $50 bill for $20? Could you SELL a $50 bill for $20?
  • 12. EPA Registered WORLDWIDE TESTING
  • 13. Green is no longer a color, it’s a Movement!
    • A Global Trend we may never see again!
    • And NOW you can capitalize on this monumental wave!
    Be part of the SOLUTION to the POLLUTION! “ The Green Wave is sweeping the business community. Environmental problems and challenges can be turned in to GOLD.” - Daniel C. Esty MARKETS & TRENDS
  • 14. 1.) Retail Sales 2.) Fast Start Bonuses 3.) Binary Commissions 4.) Matching Bonuses 5.) Leadership Coding Bonuses Get paid up to 5 different ways COMPENSATION PLAN
  • 15. Earn up to a 30% profit for simply talking about the benefits of EnviroTabs RETAIL SALES / ONLINE / OFFLINE YOU
  • 16. You earn Fast Start Bonuses based on the Product Pak you bought and the Product Pack you sell to your new Distributors FAST START BONUSES FAST START BONUSES YOU
  • 17.
    • Linear Income
    • Exchange a unit of time for a unit of money
    • If you do not work, you do not get paid
    • Paid on only your own efforts
    • Leveraged Residual Income
    • Allows you to be paid on the efforts of hundreds if not thousands
    • Get paid again for the work you did once
    • Imagine making money 24/7 even while you sleep!
    You be the judge - Which would you prefer? LINEAR VS. LEVERAGED INCOME
  • 18. 300 GSV on one side 600 GSV on one side AND When you have 900 GSV, with at least 600 GSV on one side and 300 GSV on the other side… you “CYCLE” Every time you “Cycle” you earn a $50 Cycle Bonus! CYCLE BONUSES Left Side Right Side YOU BINARY CYCLE BONUSES
  • 19. CYCLE BONUSES And 300 GSV on your Smaller Side When you have 600 GSV on your Strong Side ALL Unused Volume Carries Forward to Next Pay Period! YOU EARN CYCLE BONUSES
  • 20. CYCLE BONUSES You can cycle multiple times per pay period as your organization starts to develop! Personally Sponsored Spill Over Distributors from upline efforts Sponsored by your Downline You can cycle up to 200 times per Week per Business Center Remember, GSV is created by ALL downline sales! Not just your own! YOU BINARY STRUCTURE
  • 21. Bob YOU Sue 2 nd Gen. 20% 3 rd Gen. 10% Reaching higher Ranks allows you to earn on deeper generations of Matching Bonuses Personally Sponsored 1 st Generation 20% Spill Over Distributors from upline sponsoring Sponsored by your Downline 2 nd - 3 rd - 4 th - 5 th Generation Ken Joe Tim Kim 4 th Gen. 5% Lets say you promote to “ Presidential” 2 nd Gen. 20% Jim 3 rd Gen. 10% Ron 4 th Gen. 5% Jill 1 st Gen. 20% Will 5 th Gen. 5% MATCHING BONUSES YOU
  • 22. Paid to Infinity Up to $60 / Pak Up to $15 Executive Coding Bonuses amounts are determined by the type of Product Pak sold to a Greenfoot Global Distributors and are paid to unlimited depth! Any representation or guarantee of earnings would be misleading. Success with Greenfoot Global results only from successful sales efforts, which require hard work, diligence, and leadership. Your success will depend upon how effectively you exercise these qualities. . YOU $15 $15 $15 $15 $15 Vice President $30 $30 $30 $30 $30 Up to $30 Sr. Vice Pres. $45 $45 $45 $45 $45 Up to $45 Presidential $60 $60 $60 $60 $60 Up to $60 LEADERSHIP CODING BONUSES
  • 23. He appears to be on a mission buying up Network Marketing companies because he now owns three! “ Best money I have ever spent.” - Warren Buffett Corporate America’s - New Sales Force - Fortune Magazine “ Despite the sputtering economy, independent contractors are re-energizing the U.S. retail industry, through the art of direct selling.” (Network Marketing) “ The direct-selling industry, with U.S. sales of nearly $28 billion, is exploding, with almost 12 million Americans participating in the industry.” LOOK WHAT EXPERTS ARE SAYING
  • 24. Where do you want to be when Greenfoot goes vertical? TIMING IS EVERYTHING Stability Critical Mass Formulation Momentum
  • 25.
      • Company
      • Products
      • Markets & Trends
      • Timing
      • Comp. Plan
      • = Success!
    Timing Markets & Trends Comp. Plan IT’S ALL HERE! POSTION YOURSELF FOR SUCCESS! Company Products OPPORTUNITY For YOU!
  • 26. $49.95 Website & Training Fee BECOME A GREENFOOT GLOBAL DISTRIBUTOR Lock in your position Right Away! Step One YOU Includes: Website, Shopping Cart , Support & Training for an entire year! PLUS . . . you can purchase Greenfoot products at wholesale!
  • 27. The Leader Pak gives you the greatest income potential TD Kits = Test Drive Kits with a 10 Tablet Pouch, Informational CD, Booklet and more Step Two Optional Product Package YOU CHOOSE YOUR OPTIONAL PRODUCT PAK LEADER $599.00 30 TD Kits = 200 PSV Receive up to $150 in Fast Start Bonuses PLUS 3 Bus. Centers! Best BASIC $199.00 10 TD Kits = 100 PSV Receive up to $50 in Fast Start bonuses Good BUILDER $399.00 20 TD Kits = 150 PSV Receive up to $100 in Fast Start Bonuses Better
  • 28. Up to $10K / Week Sign up 4 yours is FREE! 3 Times the Money for Twice the Work Up to $10K / Week Up to $10K / Week WHY GO WITH THE LEADER PAK? LEADER $599.00 30 TD Kits = 200 PSV Receive up to $150 in Fast Start Bonuses PLUS 3 Bus. Centers! Best
  • 29. As a Global Opportunity we will be doing business all around the world! . . . and you were here first! TAKE ACTION TODAY!