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Since our inception in the year 2001, we have been relentlessly engrossed in offering the clients perfect pollution control products along with the services of their installation & effective operation. Further, our environmental consultants are here to solve any problem concerning Total Environment Management as well as to initiate different turnkey projects in industrial sectors. Apart from this, we also specialize in Equipment Procurement Contract (EPC) for water & waste water treatment plants

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  • s v engineers in chennai ( manufacture twin lobe roots air blowers in south india and provide service and overhauling, all brand air blowers SV/KAY/ EVEREST/ USHA/KULKARNI repairs & maintenance, air blowers of any brand. a six month warranty is guaranteed for any repair we undertake. we provide service with original equipment which will meet the requirements of standard air. we are well experienced to provide you with technical support both before and after the sale. we are well experienced staff for servicing a blower with all the solutions which will fulfill your needs. you will be satisfied with the working condition of the blower and also our services
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Sewage Treatment Plants Tamil Nadu India

  1. 1. Tamil Nadu, India<br />Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of Air & Water Purifying & Monitoring Products <br />
  2. 2. Tamil Nadu, India<br />About Us<br /><ul><li>Established in 2003 as a partnership firm
  3. 3. ISO 9001 certified company
  4. 4. Registered as SSI Unit
  5. 5. Also provides environmental consultancy services
  6. 6. Joint venture with a leading Malaysian EPC company
  7. 7. Have M/s GV Enviro Solutions & Engg I Pvt Ltd as our sister concern</li></li></ul><li>Tamil Nadu, India<br />Membership<br />Why Us?<br /><ul><li>Superior Quality equipment
  8. 8. Effective turnkey projects
  9. 9. Excellent after sales support
  10. 10. Capacity to meet immediate and bulk requirement
  11. 11. Customer focused approach
  12. 12. Competitive pricing
  13. 13. Timely delivery </li></li></ul><li>Tamil Nadu, India<br />Products<br /><ul><li>Sewage Treatment Plants
  14. 14. Zero Discharge Waste Water Recycling
  15. 15. Anaerobic Digestors and Biomethanation Plants
  16. 16. Environmental Consulting Services
  17. 17. Industrial Effluent Treatment Plants
  18. 18. Air Pollution Control Systems
  19. 19. Solid Waste Management Systems
  20. 20. Water Treatment Plant and Equipments
  21. 21. Desalination Plants</li></li></ul><li>Tamil Nadu, India<br />Sewage Treatment Plants<br /><ul><li>WasteWater Treatment Plant
  22. 22. Sewage Treatment Plants-3D view
  23. 23. Aeration Tank in Sewage treatment plant
  24. 24. Blowers in STP
  25. 25. Clarifier In Sewage Treatment Plant 125 Cu.m Per Hr
  26. 26. STP low profile(below ground level) FOR RESIDENTIAL COMPLEX</li></li></ul><li>Tamil Nadu, India<br />Zero Discharge Waste Water Recycling<br /><ul><li>Ultra Filtration System
  27. 27. RO Plant
  28. 28. Laundry Effluent Treatment Plant
  29. 29. Zero Discharge Ro Plant For Automobile Industries</li></li></ul><li>Tamil Nadu, India<br />Anaerobic Digestors and Biomethanation Plants<br /><ul><li>Electrical Panel
  30. 30. Chemical Dosing Systems
  31. 31. Chemical process Pumps and Nonclog sludge pumps
  32. 32. Screw Pumps</li></li></ul><li>Tamil Nadu, India<br />Environmental Consulting Services<br /><ul><li>Environmental Consultant</li></li></ul><li>Tamil Nadu, India<br />Industrial Effluent Treatment Plants<br /><ul><li>Effluent Treatment Plants
  33. 33. Sand and Pebbles
  34. 34. Activated carbon / Anthracite for WTP ETP STP
  35. 35. Filter Press
  36. 36. Bio Methanation Digestion
  37. 37. Anaerobic Digestion
  38. 38. Chlorinator
  39. 39. Agitator</li></li></ul><li>Contact Us <br /> Environmental Solutions & services<br /> Mr. G. Thirugnanam10/2, Fifth Cross Extension, Bharathi NagarCoimbatore, Tamil Nadu - 641 006, India<br />View Full Contact<br />