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Vatika ci

  1. 1. Enviro Now | October2011Dear Residents, we at Vatika City are committed to continuously improve our service delivery so as to meet your needs. Thisnewsletter is our Endeavour to offer yet another platform to bring Enviro Team and Vatika City residents together.Residents ViewsGardenia Street– Gardenia Street is an important approach lane for residents of Aster, Accacia, Primrose, Marronier and Sovereignblocks and it has been planned to be made one-way however, implementation will happen after the project team leaves the premises.This will ensure that heavy vehicles carrying raw material do not travel all over the city. Till then all residents are requested to bear withus and adhere to traffic rules.Wrong Parking –Designated parking slots with appropriate parking stickers have been allotted to all the residents, the guard on dutyensures that only cars with stickers enter the basement. Though it is noticed that residents park wrongly which at times is not under thecontrol of the security guard. Therefore, as an added facility the guard will maintain details of the car parked wrongly whichsubsequently will be provided to the residents to sort matter thereafterCommunity Signages –Common area signage’s have recently been placed as reminders for everyone to follow speed limits, do notpluck flowers, keep city clean etc. It’s an appeal to all residents to kindly follow these simple rules and contribute in making Vatika Citya beautiful place to live in.Water Testing Report –We wish to inform you that water purification procedures are working fine in the City and water testing fromGovernment authorized laboratories is done quarterly. The last test report was circulated via email to the residents in the month ofAugust 2011. Going forward copies of the test reports will be placed on the notice boards every quarter.Improvement in the Electricity Supply –Since electric supply to Vatika City is provided by DHVBN substation through an 8 km longfeeder line, there have been number of faults in the feeder line during the last summer/monsoon months. To overcome this recurringproblem we have instituted a systematic defect investigation and repair action plan. As per the plan, the defective Grid Operatedswitches, ABC cable junctions, coupling assemblies, earthing equipment and insulation isolators in the transmission lines are beingchecked and repaired/replaced. The feeder line is now under regular surveillance by our special task force, which has reduced trippingfrequency resulting in less DG sets usage. This has reduced the overall costs and has enhanced availability of power from DHVBN.Improvement in Security Services –A number of measures have been initiated by us for improvement in security services. Thecontrol of all access points is now with one Security agency to improve accountability. Security supervisor strength has beenaugmented to meet the requirement. Regular training on soft skills and duty awareness is being imparted. Review of the guarddeployment and reporting procedures have already been carried out. Please remember that the Security staff is there for your safety,we seek your cooperation to allow them to fulfill their duties.
  2. 2. Iris RowsSlates on Façade –Vatika City has been lately facing a problem of slates falling off from the façade raising safety concerns. It hasalways been our endeavor to maintain the world class ambience and look of Vatika City. Hence, it was decided that an alternativemethod/material be used to give the same look as slates on the façade but with assured safety. It was with this aim that the removal ofslates was initiated. We are still in the process of identifying the correct solution and a number of methods have been experimentedwith. We assure you that our designers and architects will use the best and safe alternative to maintain the world class looks of the city.Enviro InitiativesPress Coverage of the EventFire Drill – Recently a fire fighting drill was organized in Vatika City with active participation of the Gurgaon Police, Fire brigade andAmbulance services. As part of the drill, Fire fighting capability of the system installed in the City was tested and drill of search team/firefighting team and casualty evacuation team was practiced. A demonstration of fire extinguisher usage was also conducted for theresidents. We are grateful to Mr Sihag, Chief Fire Officer Gurgaon who addressed the gathering and gave a small talk on the fireprevention and fighting techniques.
  3. 3. Independence Day CelebrationsDiwali Mela and Dandiya NightYoga and Tennis Classes –Enviro organizes regular Yoga and Tennis coaching classes in the City for your benefit. Classes areconducted three days a week at nominal charges. Yoga batches commence at 7:30 am on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Thereare two batches of Tennis coaching, three times in a week starting at 4:30 pm. For details please contact Mr Deepak Das, EventManager (M-9871748922).Central Security control Room –A Central Security Control room has been set up to remotely keep an eye on critical security areaswith the help of CCTV cameras that have been installed at strategic locations in the City. The objective is to ensure early detection andto organize quick action / relief in an event of any exigency. This control room is operational 24 x 7 .Central Client Service Cell –A central client service cell has been constituted to address client concerns and henceforth there will be aone point contact for all your complaints.All residents are requested to register complaints at ourClient Service Cell no - 0124-4976840.The complaint registration number will be automatically sent to your mobile, which would be the reference number for feedback.Rectification work on registered complaints would be carried out as per the predetermined time slots.Operational HighlightsDamage to the Children Play Area by Irrigation Department –Status of children play area which was recently damaged by Irrigation
  4. 4. Department and proposed further action are given below as communicated by Vatika Ltd., the Developer of Vatika City.“ A few yearsago, during our rounds to Vatika City, we noticed this piece of land and decided to apply for permissions to use this space as achildren’s play zone area which in turn freed the parks within the colony as green areas vis-à-vis constructing play areas within them.Importantly, this piece of land, sandwiched between Uppal Southend and our colony could have become a dwelling space for migrantlabor had Vatika not applied for the necessary permission, later on Permission was applied for and granted to Vatika by the WaterSupply Department. The permission includes erecting of fences, concreting surfaces, and making use of the space as long as there areno permanent structures”. We request the residents to refrain from communicating to various unrelated authorities which may onlyprolong or affect the validation of permission already in place. The common purpose is to maintain the space well and use it as a playzone.ATM and Retail –A retail area is under development in the western corner of Vatika City. The retail shops have been allocated andvery soon you will have Archies, Nivedyam, Needs Supermarket operational to name a few. Space for an ATM ex HDFC bank has alsobeen earmarked near the exit gate and this ATM will soon be functional.Vatika City EntranceEntry Tags for Vehicles –The new entry gate with an automated boom barrier has been opened for use w.e.f 15 Jun 2011. This boombarrier has a dedicated lane to facilitate unrestricted entry to residents and will help us to strengthen the security system. The boomoperates automatically by sensing a Smart Tag fixed on the windscreen of the resident’s vehicles. One tag is being issued against eachallotted parking. Approximately 50% of the residents who have purchased smart tags so far are presently availing the facility of theautomated boom barrier and enjoying unrestricted entry into Vatika City. We request all residents to procure Smart Tags and make useof the automated boom barrier. This will improve quality of life and make Vatika City a safer place to live in. Smart Tags are available tobe purchased from the Facility Office on all working Days from 1000 Hrs to 1700 Hrs @ of Rs. 475.00 per first tag and Rs. 265.00 foradditional Tags.Critical CAPEX RequirementsInstallation of ARD in Lifts –Automatic Rescue Devices (ARD) have been planned to be retrofitted in 66 lifts at Vatika city, which werewithout ARDs. Subsequent to negotiations, we have placed an order on OTIS (the OEM), to undertake the retro fitment task. Theimplementation of the purchase order is under process in a phased manner and is expected to be completed soon. In view of theabove, it is reiterated that the apartment allottees deposit their contribution towards ARD expenditure @ Rs 3.22 per Sq Ft. by duedate.STP –We would like to re-iterate that STP (Sewerage Treatment Plant) was installed at Vatika City as per directions of the regulatoryauthorities since this was made mandatory and the treated water is re-cycled and used for horticulture/irrigation. We would like to thankthe owners who have already paid their contribution of the expenditure and would request all others to do so @ Rs 3.30 per Sq Ft ofsuper area by due date.DO’s and Don’tAdherence to Traffic Rules Within the City –Additional traffic signages for ease of traffic flow within the complex are being put up
  5. 5. wherever required. It is requested that traffic rules be adhered to by all members and an example be set up for outsiders to emulate.Vehicle Parking –Parking of vehicles to be done in designated areas only. Residents are requested not to park their vehicles in theareas earmarked for guest vehicles.Security Passes for Servants –Kindly ensure that all domestic servants/drivers are in possession of valid security passes.Conduct of Drivers –Drivers have been found loitering around the complex during their free time. Security staff has been instructed tocheck such occurrences and restrict their movements. Driver’s rooms have been made available for their convenience. It is requestedthat the drivers be suitably counseled to adhere to security instructions.Discipline of Servants –Kindly intimate the Facility Office in case services of any household servant are being terminated by you ongrounds of discipline/misconduct.Handling of Pets –It has been experienced that some residents are allowing their pets to dirty common areas such as green areas andlift lobbies. We would request you to kindly train your pets and take them out to designated areas only.enviroindia.inFor any enquiries, you may reach us at: