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  • 1. Top 10 Lessons from 2010:What we’ve learned about SEO in the past 12 months. Rand Fishkin, CEO & Co-founder, SEOmoz Dcemeber 2010
  • 2. #1: Social Sharing Influences Search
  • 3. Direct from the Source:Danny Sullivan: If an article is retweeted or referenced much inTwitter, do you count that as a signal outside of finding any non-nofollowed links that may naturally result from it?Google: Yes, we do use it as a signal. It is used as a signal in ourorganic and news rankings. We also use it to enhance our newsuniversal by marking how many people shared an article searchengineland.com/what-social-signals-do-google-bing-really-count-55389
  • 4. What Might Be in a Tweet Algo?• Number of Unique Tweeting Sources (Diversity)• “Author Authority” of the Tweeting Sources• Time of Tweet (QDF)• Connection Between Tweeter and Source Domain• Quantity + Quality of Retweets• Quantity of Clicks www.seomoz.org/blog/google-bing-confirm-twitter-facebook-influence-seo
  • 5. #2: Data Suggests Some Other Influences on Rankings, Too
  • 6. Social Sources, Mentions + More
  • 7. #3: Google’s Betting Heavily on Local, but Rankings are Less of a Mystery
  • 8. Increased Prominence of “Places” searchengineland.com/google-local-business-center-becomes-google-places-40307
  • 9. Algo Heavy on Listing Quantity + Consistency www.seomoz.org/blog/google-places-seo-lessons-learned-from-rank-correlation-data
  • 10. #4: 2010 Still Wasn’t the “Year of Mobile” + Mobile SEO is Becoming Less “Unique”
  • 11. Mobile SEO Very Similar to Web SEO
  • 12. #5: Link Spam Still Works (But for How Long?)
  • 13. How Can We Stop Buying Links When It Works?! searchengineland.com/key-takeaways-from-googles-matt-cutts-talk-at-pubcon-55457
  • 14. #6: Topic Modeling Likely Has aSubstantive Impact on Rankings
  • 15. Simplistic LDA Models Offer Higher Ranking Correlation than Any Other On-Page Metric www.seomoz.org/blog/content-optimization-revisiting-topic-modeling-lda-our-labs-tool
  • 16. #7: No One’s Taking Market Share from Google (Yet)
  • 17. Search Volume Growth Over Time
  • 18. #8: Google + Bing Have Similar Ranking Influences
  • 19. Google vs. Bing Ranking Correlations www.seomoz.org/blog/google-vs-bing-correlation-analysis-of-ranking-elements
  • 20. #9: Video, News, Blogs, Images, Social are All Providing Opportunity (and adding complexity)
  • 21. So Much Opportunity!
  • 22. #10: Organic Marketing is All Connected
  • 23. SEO in 2006: www.seomoz.org/dp/pro-webinar-dec-2010-organic-marketing
  • 24. SEO in 2011:
  • 25. Q+ARand Fishkin, CEO & Co-Founder, SEOmoz • Twitter: @randfish • Blog: www.seomoz.org/blog • Email: rand@seomoz.org