IBM Jazz || Thomas Neudert (IBM)


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Thomas Neudert (IBM): IBM Jazz

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IBM Jazz || Thomas Neudert (IBM)

  1. 1. IBM Software GroupIntroducing IBM JazzThomas Neudert – IBM Rational Software Innovation for a smarter planet © 2011 IBM Corporation
  2. 2. IBM Software Group | Rational softwareTraditional software delivery environments limit productivecollaboration: Islands of People, Process and Information  Little to no project visibility Data locked in proprietary APIs Poor process and workflow integration High maintenance and administration costs Persistent functional, geographic and organizational silos 2
  3. 3. IBM Software Group | Rational softwareOur customers have invested in a diverse set of ALM tools... Traditionally, each tool came Tool A with its own Work Items Tool B UI - Web and desktop DB UI presentations of views and tasks Planning LOGIC DB Logic – Workflow, process, UI search, query, scale, security and Tool E LOGIC collaboration SCM Storage – Availability, traceability DB UI Privacy, backup/archive LOGIC Resulting in... DB UI Brittle integrations LOGIC DB UI Tool C Silos everywhere Tool D LOGIC Reporting High cost to maintain and administer Build Management Proprietary APIs How do you solve this? 3
  4. 4. IBM Software Group | Rational software 4
  5. 5. IBM Software Group | Rational softwarePredictability and ConsistencyLifecycle collaboration, powered by automation to govern software quality Collaborate Automate Report Collaborative, continuous, Automating labor-intensive Moment by moment and comprehensive activities reduces time-to- understanding of software information sharing reduces market and increases quality and project defects predictability metrics for immediate corrective action TEAM SERVER 5
  6. 6. IBM Software Group | Rational softwareJazz:A platform for software integration and collaboration Integrated, loosely coupled Logic User Interfaces Data Models Workflow Administration Open Product Product Product Source A B Third-party Solutions C Product products D Process Workflow HTTP/REST Shared Platform Services Real-time, transparent access to project data, risks and progress Innovation for a smarter planet
  7. 7. IBM Software Group | Rational softwareTeam collaboration across silos www• Silo’d teams; disconnected data • Unified team shares linked data• Important discussions are lost to email - • ALM environment tracks what is project records are missing the “real important for delivering reason” for decisions • “Am I blocking others” • “Are others waiting for my approval” Every artifact is a web link. Traceability is automated as you perform work. Empower teams AND provide flexibility to utilize resources from anywhere. 7 Innovation for a smarter planet
  8. 8. IBM Software Group | Rational softwareRational Team Concert provides … Unified Work Items, A unified client UI Planning, SCM, Build Mgmt, Reporting Work Items Single UI, storage and Planning process Reduces Cost of Ownership SCM Administrative costs Training/Adoption Customizations Reporting Build Management One Tool! With unified storage DB LOGIC 8
  9. 9. IBM Software Group | Rational softwareThe Foundation of Collaborative ALM Rational Rational Requirements Team Concert Quality Manager Business expert collaboration Core team collaboration Quality team collaboration Elicit, capture, elaborate, discuss "Think and work" in unison and provide Coordinate quality assurance and review requirements real-time project heath plans, processes and resources Association Changes; notification Requirement linked Tester finds defects,Analyst to work item generates work item Tester REST API REST API Requirements Defects closed Defect status Quality Management against requirements Management REST API Change & Configuration ManagementArchitect Developer 9 9
  10. 10. IBM Software Group | Rational software Collaboration fosters business alignment & high quality Requirement links foster clarity Developer Rational Team Concert AnalystRequirements Tester Rational Quality Manager Developers link to requirements from work-items Testers link to requirements from test plans and test casesAnalysts communicaterequirements with links todevelopment and test plans 10 10
  11. 11. IBM Software Group | Rational softwareCollaboration fosters business alignment & high qualityDefect links speed time to resolution Tester Analyst Developer Requirements Rational Quality Manager Rational Team Concert Test Execution Results link to defects Defects can link to requirements Defects link to Test Execution results 11 11
  12. 12. IBM Software Group | Rational softwareReal-time dynamic planning • Plans live outside • Plans fully integrated with execution of ALM environment • Continuous planning • Manual, error-prone updates • Instantly see the impact of changes • Separate from team activities to delivery dates and assignments What is the impact of business trade-offs on our current delivery dates? 12
  13. 13. IBM Software Group | Rational softwareProvide both agile and traditional views on a plan Gantt chartsTaskboards Roadmap charts Support any planning method Enable success w/ transparency 13
  14. 14. IBM Software Group | Rational softwarePlan Snapshots - Compare plans over time How has my plan changed over time? What is the quality of our planning? Did we make our date because we changed the plan and/or our estimates?
  15. 15. IBM Software Group | Rational softwareSee and manage the big picture for releases, roll up progress and work load 15
  16. 16. IBM Software Group | Rational softwareTeam and project work breakdown - easily rebalance and self organize 16
  17. 17. IBM Software Group | Rational softwareOpen dashboard mashupsOpen Social Gadget support Rational Team Concert can integrate with any product that supports Open Social Gadgets (Google Gmail, etc..) Rational Asset Manager integrates with RTC using dashboard mashups.
  18. 18. IBM Software Group | Rational softwareRTC for Scaling AgileTeam Concert scales vertically to unprecedented heights 31,000* users inside IBM More than 750 users / month being added Just one admin per 1,500 – 2,000 users Maximizes performance on the smallest to the most powerful machines Example: Small deployments require little more than a PC with 2 GB of RAM and a P4 or better processor * Approximate as of Oct 2010 18 18
  19. 19. IBM Software Group | Rational softwarejazz.netCreating a higher-fidelity connection to our customers Suppose we did our development out on the Internet? A transparent software delivery laboratory where you can... Get answers and insights directly from engineering Communicate with the development team Track the progress of builds and milestones Get the latest product trials and betas Join developers and product managers in discussion groups Submit defect and enhancement requests
  20. 20. IBM Software Group | Rational software